Blogs Roundup

August 28, 2011

In New Delhi, history was made in Parliament August, 2011 by Anna-Hazare, the marathon faster who protested his people-right to have his voice heard.
10:53 GMT
Anna Hazare wins for the people, and breaks 13- day long power- fast, saying "No" to corruption in Indian government; If you didn't know yet and don't want to wait til his official biography's release next year, more low down on Steve Jobs' Arab American identity; People in photos of Tripoli, Lebanon (not Libya); Couch surf the Middle East; Hired help in old-time US & maids in Jordan today.

August 27, 2011

Condoleezza Rice and Muammar Gaddafi meet in Tripoli 2008; but the visit stayed in Gaddafi's heart a lot longer it would seem, if the photo album found in Gaddafi's den is anything to go by.
19:05 GMT
Gaddafi's secret stash of Condaleeza Rice photos reveals a crush or phot-album's worth of admiration; Homosexuals and Islam- a word from Kugle on coming out twice; Learning Islam independently of family; 27th August and those last holy nights of Ramadan; a look at the pro-Assad side; And Metrosexual or Gay?

August 25, 2011

Photo of Steve Jobs courtesy of Ali Lars. Who is the man behind the Mac.? And why are we so sad, if not surprised, to see his departure from the helm of Apple Computers.
13:44 GMT
Who is Steve Jobs? Get to know the MAN beyond the MAC; He's a Jolly Good Tyrant - rendition of the classic- jolly good fellow; Vienna's the choice Mecca for Muslims; Google plus is hotting up jump now on the bandwagon and see for yourself says Roba; and the Syrian struggle battled out in United States policy; Holiest night for Ramadan...
Stepping down, but not away from Apple's limelight: Steve Jones' biological or natural father is Syrian Abdulfattah Jandali, but 
he was raised by his adoptive parents in the United States.
10:34 GMT
Resigning from the Apple spotlight as CEO but stepping over to chairman on the Apple board: biologically half Syrian Muslim, Steve Jobs' demise saddens the world and our region; Lebanon's Internet Revolution is better later than never; Measuring Lebanon's internet against Kuwait's; Where on earth is Gaddafi; And the Arab internet uprising.

August 24, 2011

The allure of a wedding ring on a man's finger is sometimes not just for the bride: Affairs with married men are age old, 
but today's trend indicates that home-wrecking is less taboo and more en-vogue in Lebanese circles than yester-year.
12:47 GMT
Too many ladies, not enough bachelors: In some Lebanon circles, apparently, the ring on the left hand is 'in'- rather than married men 'out'; Can you tell the age of a shirt like a tree?; Americans on the world; Arab Art in Time!; 7 Mideast tech personalities to 'circle' on G +; The Norwegian is not a terrorist! Saving Mother Earth; And Spending millions on 'free' celebrities' wedding.
Tripoli of North Lebanon gets dragged onto the Libyan crisis map, just when we thought Beirut had become a place of peace.
10:12 GMT
Just when you thought Lebanon had nothing to do with this Middle East drama, 'Tripoli' drags it into the frame!; Renaming of squares is the revolutionary habit and Googlemap re-writes Libya; Finding the right mosque for you is like house-hunting; Saudi Arabia belly-dances; An American fasts Ramadan in Jordan; And 'Shower Crisis' steals attention from the region.

August 23, 2011

Colonel Gaddafi's wardrobe must be a treat to play dress-up with, one would imagine, going by the spectacle of color and variety, and tent-like cloths.
21:30 GMT
A Libyan rebel shares his fancy-dress play with Gaddafi's wardrobe; Libya V. Iraq- let it not be the same as the Iraqi invasion this time; Internet returns to Libya; And that superhero in Egypt "Flagman" is appearing everywhere.

August 22, 2011

Goodbye Gaddafi from all your 'fans'.
13:22 GMT
Goodbye Gaddafi, it's been memorable- traumatic for those involved, and cruelly entertaining for the rest; Keeping the Ramadan mood alive; and not forgetting that Somalia's hardships are not over just cause the media's covered them or Saudi is reaching out to them; Social Media's awakening backtracked; and Spiderman, aka Flagman, of Egypt is the people's hero
A scene from the movie He's Just Not that Into You, 2009.
11:34 GMT
Ladies, he's just not that into you! How to recognize if your man wants you; An Israeli voice and solution on Gaza; Dubai the New York of Arabia; It might be Ramadan 'n' all, but should we forgive reckless behavior and public damage; and know your real rose water from diluted versions.

August 21, 2011

A Madagascar lady sought a career in nursing and found herself playing house-doctor as a domestic servant in Lebanon.
14:07 GMT
All Lebanon and a touch of Egypt (via Palestine): How I became a maid, tells a Madagascar woman of her trap into servant-hood in Lebanon; Admitting to being anti-social and still Lebanese; Swimming and beach tips for Lebanon (not that the Lebanese need help at tanning and keeping cool beach side); Transport Do's and Don't's for Lebanon's traffic conundrum.
The smoking ban in Lebanon is good news for non-smokers who have to work in smoke-friendly environments.
10:29 GMT
The no-smoking ban in Beirut bodes badly for those who smoke only when in Beirut; A flight of fancy in advertising logo swapping to play with your default memory; What links the dead baby in Gaza to the bus shootings of Eilat? Trending tweets are anti-tweets and not 'liking' but hating; And a visual look at your genes.

August 20, 2011

Many have fallen foul of the camel tricks at the site of Giza at the Pyramids. The scorching sun can play a part in confusing you
into submission to scams that would not work on you in the cold light of day.
23:17 GMT
Tourism scams from Egypt and Jordan to Europe and America; A top 50 of websites is something for the internet addicts i.e. everyone, from kid to Teta (Gran); Is Gaza an occupied entity within an occupied entity? Racism among Israeli youth is rampant according to survey; Israeli airstrikes v Militant rocket attacks'; And things Arabs born in the '80s pick up from the movies.

August 18, 2011

Foreigners married to Saudis or other traditional Arab families can struggle to fit in, but a few tips can help smoothen out the awkwardness or culture clash in expectations.
22:35 GMT
A foreign woman married into the Arab way of life may need a few pointers to fit in without misunderstanding or cultural no-no's and faux pas; Lebanese men try to do it bigger and better than others using billboards and balloons to say 'I love you'; Ramadan gifts!; Urine leakage not just problem for older women- dry tips; Tinted windows banned, shades OK?
Forlorn Gaddafi- will he fight or flee as the US has already written him out, it looks like he is finally staring the end in the face.
12:03 GMT
In theatrical Gaddafi style will we see a dramatic departure? Will he fight, flee, or take a bow? An anonymous internal Libyan government source has leaked this breaking news and reveals that he intends to take his family and flee to Venezuela. But all is not quiet on the Egypt/ Israel front with trouble in Sinai kicking off. And Jordan's criminal tycoon's homecoming

August 17, 2011

Aliens in Lebanon's Colossal Roman ruins of Baalbak? A theory doing the rounds in Lebanon and a widely-held belief as 
presented by the History Channel.
17:28 GMT
Was Baalbak constructed by extraterrestrial life, and was it used by Aliens as a landing pad? Occupied or sleepy, or sleepy when occupied: The Palestinian condition; When 911 does not save your neck; Designer Shisha pipes; Another Beirut explosion is plain suspicious; And NATO's conspiracy against Libyan rebels uncovered!