Blogs Roundup

November 18, 2011

Brother disapproves sister's love match in another 'honor' killing, Jordan.
04:23 GMT
Jordanian 18 year-old brother decapitates sister when he doesn't like her choice in men; Here's looking at Kuwait the morning after the parliament palava; Angry Arab comment on Syria.

November 17, 2011

Kuwait dives into the Arab regional fray by storming parliament.
15:21 GMT
Kuwait acquires a hashtag and a raison d'aitre to join the revolution against corruption; Designer medicines in a pharmacy near you; The Syrian revolution finds its way into an Apple application; And Benetton gets 'unliked' to boost its marketing.

November 16, 2011

Aliaa el Mahdi, Egyptian revolutionary blogger, laid herself before the cameras in protest at long-standing sexual harassment of female activists.
16:19 GMT
Egyptian revolutionary politics gets steamy; Lebanon Beats South Korea in Football (updated); Lebanon Beats Own Record in Political Farce; Internet tips and tricks, and more.
Out with the old Egyptian elections and in with the new 'reformed' electoral contest.
09:51 GMT
There is every reason to panic ahead of Egypt's imminent first post-Mubarak election, says Lynch, but don't; Is Lebanon's football victory a premature celebration by a very excitable nation? Early warning signs of fascism straight from Occupied Wall 'Pogrom'; And the 'art' of reading and writing transposed into the Sciences as the new 'maths and physics'.

November 15, 2011

Should the Hijab stay the preserve of woman folk? Men should try it before commenting or having a say, say some bold women in Egypt standing up to the hijab wave that threatens to make veiled changes post Mubarak Egypt.
14:30 GMT
Egyptian women on a mission to keep their women safe from the (forced) veil or hijab try to involve men; New York Times and Iraqi break dancing; a sleepless night with mosquitoes for company; One Wedding and 3 Suitors; And how to sculpt an apartheid state with a calculator.
King Hussein of Jordan ruled from 1952-1999, the year of his death. How would the Father of Modern Jordan have viewed these changing Arabian times?
09:49 GMT
Marking King Hussein's birth anniversary, and pondering how he would have felt about the new Awakened Middle East of 2011; Haifa Wehbe and Snoop Dog?; Solving Lebanon's electricity shortage chronic dilemma; And a gift that requires a manual and a will to learn and create.

November 14, 2011

How many slaves work for you? Find out by taking the survey.
15:00 GMT
Are you a slave-owner? Count your slaves!; Qatari Taxi drivers trained; And to settle or not to settle, (and we don't mean Palestinian land, but relinquishing singledom)-- from the diaries of a single Arab woman.
An Arab girl smoking Hookah, is it a shame?
09:42 GMT
Do Arab women have it hard? Miss World 2011 in photos- look, watch and stare! And find out what happens when you flush a toilet in the world's tallest building.

November 13, 2011

Tomorrow / Bokra official logo.
13:10 GMT
The world unites together for another song calling for peace. Thanksgiving in coming soon, will Arabs be part of the big turkey dinner?

November 12, 2011

Saudi female eyes can speak a thousand seductive words...
14:45 GMT
From Saudi girls flirting with their eyes to Lebanon's lost 7 wonder opportunity; Dealing with rejection; Settlers sabotage Muslim graves in Jerusalem; A guide to the Lebanon Twitter names; And Gaddafi's death and the hypocrisy of leaders who dined with him.

November 10, 2011

Nerds, geeks, swots, squares: monikers for the studious or bookish among us are not lacking.
21:26 GMT
This blogger once postulated that 'nerds make the best lovers' -- now, this her own sequel or rejoinder; Egyptian female candidates running for office have no hidden agendas, but must keep a hidden face; When Palestine meets Martin Luther King; Another day, another blogger-poet arrested in Arab lands; Pledging allegiance to a flag online; and Post-graduate reality 'bites' in Gaza.
Once the Radisson Hotel, last decade before that very hotel was targeted by suicide hotel bombings storming Jordan's capital. Now
re-named, after re-launch, as the Landmark Hotel.
11:55 GMT
Remembering the day that shook Jordan to the core -- the Hotel Bombings of Amman came about as 'terrorism' was already doing the rounds in the Middle East; a Bahraini makes the mistake of staying tuned to Twitter; A comedic sketch of Palestine's earth-shattering UNESCO move; And a sidelong glance at Algeria's Arab rule.

November 9, 2011

One man's wooden blocks for play or construction, another man's hazardous but compulsive snack: the eating disorder, Pica
15:32 GMT
Eating the unspeakable and inedible -- eating clay, wood, charcoal -- is not just a condition afflicting the pregnant, hormonally out of synch, or mouth-centered toddlers, but children through adults can indulge in 'mud'-pie & clay, in favor of cake; Sexism by Israelis is common among Ultra-Jewry; Ronald Reagan offers King Hussein special fish; A Homs Eid; And Lebanon Censors Hollywood names.
'Reverse marriage proposal': It's still a practice less common than the 'norm' anywhere, but is certainly one practically unheard of in the Middle Eastern culture that remains traditional and protocol-observing when it comes to marriage and gender roles.
10:56 GMT
An appeal to Arab women to start popping the question, if it's true love, and sweeping their good men off their manly feet; Fairuz coming to a place near you before Christmas!; Ordinary lives under siege in pictures of Gazans; Homs- and a glimpse at a Syrian protest broken down into what, when, where how; Copycat crimes against Apple 'committed' by Samsung, documented.

November 8, 2011

A tete-a-tete gets overheard and turns into a diplomatic 'upset'. Obama and Sarkozy speak 'cheekily' off the record.
15:56 GMT
When Obama and Sarkozy have a little tete-a-tete off camera, French journalists intercept and an embarrassing intimate chat griping about Bibi Netanyahu is leaked; World War 3; And a look back at Hajj.