Blogs Roundup

August 16, 2011

Photo taken as  example of TEACHING KIDS THE HOLY QURAN Blog by "Read with Meaning".  Children can learn of the characters 
and Islamic figures through lego.
13:33 GMT
A smart way to inspire kids into learning the events of the Koran- using lego figures and settings - tents and towns to depict Koranic history; A walk down Ramadan lane or Row; a teenage American girl sells her soul for a burger- clearly still to learn about self-restraint and denial from material pleasures.

August 15, 2011

Yob culture in England or 'hooliganism' is just as associated with the UK today as tea or the Queen is.
14:00 GMT
Just how different UK riots were from anything resembling the Arab Spring; It's Mary Day - a national holiday in Lebanon, or the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary to Heaven; A tale of two school girls (in a Coptic school); Remembering the Pakistani floods last year; Facebook as marketing tool can encourage entry to prize-draws- the benefits of 'like'.
Turtle Green cafe, Rainbow Street, Amman. Photo courtesy of Ali Al-Shaikhli 'MyShotzz! iPhoneography.'
10:57 GMT
How to do Ramadan - enjoying the month in style but without getting carried away by the extra cover charges or Ramadan deals; Ferraris for Enzo RIP; What do Saudi employers seek in a CV that's any different from the norm; Squabbling over left-over food.

August 14, 2011

How to flirt behind many closed doors: Flirtatious women in Saudi Arabia must be crafty- using the wiliness and guile of
the fairer sex.
14:00 GMT
How to flirt when separated by doors, walls and veils; The Wasta or Friendly Connection to a Job is not the preserve of the Middle East-here's looking at you, UK ; the new Lebanese movie by the maker of Caramel; Yoga while fasting; Paying respects to a pioneer woman minister in changing Egypt; And a pregnant Palestinian chocolate-craving woman is expecting a girl.
Many mainstream Middle-Easterners do not see the HIV pandemic as their problem or something they are particularly 
vulnerable to. It's easy to neglect this threat just now in the region with the revolutionary fever taking hold and people dropping
dead from that deadly contagion in Syria still.
11:49 GMT
HIV has not gone away in the Middle East just because we now have the far more media-trending people-power-flu virus spreading like wildfire; Procrastinating with work?- here's why, or indeed how!; Twitter facilitates Arabic right to left; how to read, and solve a problem like Syria; Are Saudi women exempt from the Mid-east pressure to look great?

August 13, 2011

Checking email when dead- not you but your loved ones or professional contacts who need information you would 'willingly' share.
14:19 GMT
Nowadays with a lot of our confidential security information locked into email accounts, people may need access once (God forbid) you are gone- unless you can log in from the heavens of course; What was with that Lebanon East Beirut explosion exactly; A girlfriend deals with her sexually abused boyfriend's dark past; Pedophilia in Hollywood; And more Beirut Spring tid-bits.

August 11, 2011

Blue Mosque, Turkey is the more popular name for Istanbul's Sultan Ahmed Mosque, due to the blue effect produced  by the stone.  Dubai now has its own Blue Mosque.
14:01 GMT
Ramadan delivers a mosque for Dubai; a glimpse at Stephen Hawking's universe devoid of faith, at this month of focusing on faith; the merits of the fruits salad; and what's in an iPhone 5, you may ask?
Britain's Turkish kebab shop owners chased rioters away with 'donor' knives and took community action to stave off ruin.
13:19 GMT
While London was burning, the Turks were fending their stores, and others', from ruin, and meanwhile many white Brits called for the army to quell the chaos through military force- but David Cameron was not Dictator enough; looking back at destruction of a bigger scale than fire can unleash- Hiroshima in pictures; and Jordan's King Abdullah is keeping his youth happy by talks.

August 10, 2011

Meet the parents: When a boyfriend brings you home to meet his parents- certainly in the Arab culture- it is not wise to show affection openly at this critical stage, much less when you are married!
12:28 GMT
The Do's and Don't's of meeting your boyfriend's Arab parents; A blogger commemorates own 10-year milestone of Ramadans fasted; Egyptians are old hands at protests- the Egyptian perspective on London riots; When you hold up Al Jazeera International against AJ Arabic; an Islamophobia plugs her latest anti-Islam offering; Surveying Ramadan through international images.
New parents who are still parented: how will this generation cope with parenthood?
10:59 GMT
In Lebanon, still living at home and eating Mom's cooking- what about when you become a parent? The digital community gets political with 'Mayor of the Internet'; Using sand to depict cultural heritage in Palestine; Pop tragedies of 2011; and recalling major events of 1981.

August 9, 2011

London demands the right to better upgrades on their phones and iPads.
20:21 GMT
While London rioters are trashing up their high streets, raiding phone and computer stores, the world remembers images of Egyptian protestors cleaning up after themselves! Tips for first-time divers; a tale of a salty Suhoor (or midnight snack); and finding Gays in Amman.
The Big Smoke: London's being looted and burnt.
09:51 GMT
The London Riots which made London's count as the Big Smoke, particularly last night, as people exclaimed: "London's Burning" and how they measure up to the Arab Spring; Back to musing on the Arab Uprisings; Somalia is still starving; and the Syrian regime is facing external Arab Opposition in the anti-Assad Arabian coalition.

August 8, 2011

Iraq-Iran War ended 23 years ago today: Iraq's Victory Day. Times have fallen since then.
14:10 GMT
The anniversary of Iran/ Iraq; On the counter revolution to keep the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egyptian power led internally by the man who Twitter mocked Islam; Syrian sources are far and few between but a soldier speaks out- whether he speaks truth or not; Traveling around the world in a minute; and Palestine is going back to basics.
Tracing the evolution of the internet - through Google- over time. This just from 2008 and already looking 'dated'.
08:49 GMT
World's first website celebrates its 20th birthday- 20 years today since the internet struck a 'revolutionary' chord in the Middle East; not losing sight of the bigger picture that is Palestine; What's the difference between a film and a movie? Mubarak was pro-Revolution Jan 25!

August 7, 2011

"Leave", say Israeli citizens in Hebrew and Arab- in recognition of the Arab revolutionary precedent that they follow.  Dubbed “Israeli Tahrir,” by some. Picture posted on YFrog from Twitter.
12:06 GMT
Israeli protests both claim to be more slick and professional than neighbors at Tahrir, but also do concede that the Palestine question needs to be addressed within these issue holistically; Whose Feminism is it anyway? The return of a food chain for 'hungry' Ramadan fasters, 'Clamping' down on VIP road users in the Gulf; and Mr. Bean's Back with more hair-raising escapades.