Blogs Roundup

August 6, 2011

A substantive segment of the male population in the Middle East will insist on marrying a virgin.
16:45 GMT
One blogger asks the question of males giving them particular scenarios of why the virginity was lost; Ramadan's top venues in Amman- What's hot, what's not? Gamers from Lebanon and Arabia can welcome in a new Cyber forum for gaming; A Palestine soap opera this Ramadan; And Muslim statistics on Shariaa penalties throw up surprises.

August 4, 2011

Garlic, this harmless looking plant bulb, can be social suicide.
15:49 GMT
Explanation of the root of the problem with garlic and straight-up solutions to alleviate the deadly smell; From Tahrir to Martyr: A picture story of Beirut's Martyr Square; An interview with an authority on Syria; Why Mubarak and Saddam's trials are not the same; Revving up the internet in Lebanon; And Ramadan rituals in Gaza.
Single White Females might have got a bad rap from the Hollywood film that focused on copycat and stalker behavior,;and
here in the Middle East, this contingent of society are a threat or at least not familiar territory.
13:40 GMT
If you're over 25, female and unmarried and in the Middle East, you're going to face a torrent of questions- so here's a taste; Car window tints are illegal, even in Arabia where the sun is scorching and conservative is understood; More classics from the advertising world of Lebanon; Harry Potter speaking Syrian:dialect: Is this a dubbing trick or a magic trick?

August 3, 2011

A man found 'smoked' to death in a locked air-tight room in his home in Dora, Beirut, with his Arguileh pipe.
13:55 GMT
Sad but true: a man was found in his bedroom in Beirut dead by Sheesha/ Arguileh/ Hookah, if you prefer; Angry Arab railing at the privileged Jewish faith compared to the suppressed, policed Islamic one; Raising millions, but still not feeding Somalia's starving young; Robert Fisk offers insights into the fate & fall-out of Mubarak on trial; and Dear Mr. President, with love Palestine.
Israel has a 'Middle Class', in the words of Haaretz, protest for change.
11:44 GMT
Israel joins the people power Mideast wave of protests- sweeping Palestine aside while it focuses on domestic middle class issues, as better housing; Another social media hoax Arab woman-identity investigated (Liliane Khalil); Remembering Kuwait's day of Invasion by aggressor Iraq; What's Saudi Arabia protesting or not protesting? And cross-dressing in Arabia.

August 2, 2011

Caffeine may not be the healthiest thing in high doses, but it does the job getting you through the day and is enjoyable a treat too. If you've got coffee on the brain during this fasting season, then here's some ideas for after sun-set!
13:49 GMT
At this fasting hour when a lot of you are without caffeine at work, here's fantasizing about coffee; How did Saudi Arabia kill the Arab Spring or at least take the spring out of its step; Background into the Charter for Compassion mission, and tying it into 30 kind deeds for Ramadan; A new mosque for Ramadan in Dubai; and some advertising wonders with LED in Times Square, NY.
Ramadan Lessons: 30 Days Challenge, Day 2- Smile!
11:33 GMT
Just because you are fasting doesn’t mean that smiling will kill you, says our Ramadan Challenger; There's room for more than one lesson a day in Ramadan- try Compassion; A flavor of childhood Ramadans in the UAE; Never too late; A little harsh word, and a dressing down, on Ramadan practices today.

August 1, 2011

Living on a tight budget when in a foreign country can be quite a challenge, and student life offers its own temptations when it comes to spending -- if it's not books, it's the latest technology and easy dining out, not to mention those Starbucks/ Caribou/ Costa coffees.
17:14 GMT
Saving money when studying abroad can be a challenge for Saudi students as much as the next; On the timing (not appropriate to any season) of the pre-Ramadan Syrian slaughter; and a Christian invited to Ramadan Iftar; or a Muslim searching for Ramadan in a Christian spot in the Middle East.
Testing the patience of the hungry and irritable can lead to road rage: A big concern or issue at Ramadan time in the region becomes traffic jams during the time leading up to breaking fast or 'Iftar'. 
In Cairo this pile up phenomenon can be felt around 3 hours before Iftar hour, if not before.
09:32 GMT
As one bloggers sets herself the challenge of striving to fulfill the challenges of Ramadan picking lessons to focus on, we can join her journey: Today is Patience; Ramadan modified; An appeal for Somalia's starvation; Tweet for Gaza from the Holy Land in the Holy Month.
This Ramadan 2011 poses a lot more challenges than usual- and not just regarding the resilience required by the fast.
00:02 GMT
Monday kicks off the Holy Month- so wishing you blessings for Ramadan; No divorces this Ramadan in at least one spot of the Muslim 'kingdom'; Reports from Egypt on sectarian relations on the dawn of the Holy Month; Syria tries to stifle Muslim expression in Hama on the Eve of Ramadan; And an Atheist challenges Muslims' steadfastness and faith this month.

July 31, 2011

Child-play should never be a sinister or sexual game, and adult role-play should only ever be innocent doctor-patient/ 
shop-keeper customer style scenarios.
15:11 GMT
When child-play is exploited by adult, perverse, sex-games; Post-Saddam Arab Spring numbness to Iraqi deaths; Dishonor killings by a father of all 6 daughters, "Because two talked to boys on the phone"; Conflating criticism of Israel with anti-Semetism is a specter that still looms large; And what kind of mafia in Lebanon is this demonized guild?
Arranged marriages have not always been the preserve of the Muslim world: Christians in the West once practiced this 
tradition, and Orthodox Jews today have dating habits that do not diverge so much from these conservative ways.
11:03 GMT
Arrange marriages existed in the Western countries years ago, and Muslim dating practices still agree with Jewish Orthodox ones; Salafists in Tahrir Square uncovered; What to do with your books once you've read them; The competition to design the new Human Rights logo is open- see if you can qualify for entry.

July 28, 2011

A bedouin wedding in Jordan.
18:17 GMT
What's 'happening' in Jordan: from places that are 'It' to media coverage conspiracies; and a Blogger invites us into a Bedouin wedding- the women's side.
The Beirut of the Civil War years seems to have stuck as a stereotype of rough and bullet-ridden scape,
even though by now it takes on a more clean and crisp face. Contemporary high-rise luxury living and party pads replace 
the war-torn buildings and tanks.
14:23 GMT
What this stinging 'likening' still means to people whose imagination was captured and gripped on the uglier and pitiful Beirut of the 1970s and 1080s; Try being 'Happy' on for size with a smaller McMeal; on the forces and Christian-Zionist forces playing tricks on Norway's most hated blond; A defense of nagging is not a piece on women, but on Lebanese society.

July 27, 2011

Do you need more reasons to help these hungry Somalian young survive famine during the drought of Summer 2011?
22:54 GMT
Nearly 50 reasons why you should donate a buck to Somalia- but maybe one reason is compelling enough; Arabs' Got Talent, so why not have an Idol too: presenting Arab Idol from MBC; Life is just about the luck of the draw in the first place; lessons learned from Oslo; And confessions of a nearly-molester.