Blogs Roundup

October 13, 2011

The Lebanese minimum wage has been in need of a pick-up for a while. Image, courtesy of YaLibnan.
12:40 GMT
Find out why so much of a negative response has arisen to a raised minimum wage in Lebanon; Lessons at the Checkpoint when teachers were held up by Israeli checkpoint police; The Middle East is home to much wonder--Vote For Jeita Grotto for the New 7 Wonders of Nature; The Gilda-Prisoner Deal is suspect; And a British Jew cries antisemitism at his own parliament.

October 12, 2011

Angelina Jolie - the Good Will Ambassador par Excellence is back into revolution central since her excursions into
Turkey to meet Syrian refugees, this time dropping by on Libyans-in- transition.
14:59 GMT
Angelina the do-gooder half of Bradelina is visiting Libya to "see a country in transition" & express support; At home with the Assad's- an exclusive glimpse into the Assad lives, including Asma's school days; Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike- the low-down; 6-ways to avoid Lebanese Wedding Drama (Drama plus); Back to Libya a personal account of reunion.
One man, Gilad Shalit causes quite a stir- deaths, protests and now prison releases en-masse. One man swapped for over
a thousand lives lost, and finally a thousand freed. This young freed prisoner should live life to the full given the price-tag on his IDF head.
10:16 GMT
Is this a good trade-of? The price of one Israeli: Over a thousand deaths in Gaza and and now the government has agreed to part with a thousand more Palestinians in exchange for this prize - Gilad Shalit; The reality of what happened to 'Christian' Cairo hits Egyptians hard; And Israel sneaks in a settler land-gain in while the attention's on one Israeli freed lad.

October 11, 2011

Ahmadinejad is able to exert his censorship pen further afield than Iran. Lebanon is subject to Iranian film-bans that
may have been too freely expressive for his liking and his Lebanese support would tend to agree.
13:00 GMT
Iran's censorship pen- of film in Lebanon and communications at home; Tunis tidings in blog form from a blog tourist; Bashar-lovers are not few and far between; A word from Egypt's third sect: (part) Arab Jewry, near to extinct; A word of advice, breathe!
What happened to Egypt's solidarity and flags that showed a united Christian-Muslim front not so long ago in the height of revolution euphoria?
11:21 GMT
Sectarian conflict between Christian and Muslim might be the meddling of some 'agent' whom it suits to show unrest post revolution; Lebanon's classic tramway- what happened to it? How the BBC presented Lebanon's snail internet service; And when Blackberry Blanked-out; And a philosophy to match all your moods.

October 10, 2011

This latest spree of army-led Coptic killings leaves the Christian Egyptian community feeling persecuted.
14:41 GMT
Armed with 'bibles' and 'crucifixes, how did the Coptic protest of death to their community end in a slaughter of more Christian Arab blood? Lebanon's latest film by Lebanon's director Nadine Labaki; and Lebanon's Blog-artist with a fiendish cartoon streak uncovered.
Huda Naccache is the latest Arab-Israeli bombshell to rock the Middle East, in the name of fashion and not politics.
12:19 GMT
Huda Naccache - the Arab-Israeli model clad in bikini on a magazine cover has sparked talk of an Arab Bikini Revolution; A blogging - - stalker of Twitter (no irony) in Jordan shares his valuable, sardonic insights; In praise of the biography of Mandela; Dual nationality in Jordan opens up a can of worms; And some context to the Coptic-Muslim fray in 'changing' Egypt.

October 9, 2011

It may be a man's world, but women can look too (even if they can't touch)!
22:16 GMT
Cameras fixed to check out girls checking out guys- find out where they looked! GCC's top ten employers for salaries, benefits and the full monty; Citizen journalism from Jordan's very own 'Chubby'; How Jordanian customer 'care' could become more 'caring'; Proof that happiness is contagious; And burning mosques as reprehensible as anti-Semitic crime.
The traditionally pink and very woman-led approach to the breast cancer awareness world struggle, is taking on a 
new unorthodox male face in ultra-patriarchal Saudi Arabia.
10:08 GMT
When Saudi men feature in a drive to combat breast cancer in their female compatriots, the Arab world welcomes this approach, though met with some reservation on ultra conservative Arab street; Questioning the departure from 1948; The baddest Apple in the bunch? Convo with a taxi driver in Amman; And three myths of Israeli history from the horse's mouth.

October 8, 2011

The Nobel accolade has been given to a Yemeni female activist to encourage woman empowerment in the region as well as to salute the Arab Spring's pursuit of progress.
12:17 GMT
Choosing a woman Nobel peace prize winner from Yemen gives thumbs up to Arab Spring; Copts facing mass Biblical exodus from Egypt; Should you avoid mineral water in Kuwait; Steve Jobs gave good staff bonuses; Turning 30 on Teacher's Day; And Does Palestine get a flag too?

October 6, 2011

The man who could fix the computer world and manipulate our lives for the better, Steve Jobs could not fix his fatal illness- - no i-Cure 
for Cancer.
11:33 GMT
Ethnically Arab by half, but all 'American Dream' influences Iraqi fan 'the way iThink, the way iBlieve, the way iSee the world.'; Was Steve Jobs a Muslim; And why we want him back, says a blogger reviewing the latest i-Product; And Egypt on the portentious day of October 6th War Anniversary.
Steve Jobs-- a hero for the computer age-  is dead. 06.10.2011
10:05 GMT
Reactions from the region: Mentions again of his Syrian father who has made little comment on his death, in respect of having had no relationship with his son in life; What Obama said on this legendary i-American talent posthumously; Apple tattoos will keep tattoo artists inundated with requests; and the Maradonna of the computer industry.

October 5, 2011

Piracy on the cyber-waves is a universal problem, and slow internet in Lebanon does not seem to have stalled 
its acceleration.
14:16 GMT
On World Teacher's Day where we celebrate the moral caliber of our thankless teachers, we consider how a country seeking progress in its internet stakes is still committing piracy on the cyber-waves; Occupy Wall Street gets the Chomsky treatment; Again, what? How Facebook appeals to all and Twitter only some; And a round-up in a round-up of Syria.
Abstinence is an option for tablet users too! If you're already over-subscribed to social networks and then some, try the alternative and don't join or accept all invites, say 'Not g+' through parody.
11:17 GMT
Not Google Plus-- join this latest radical ring- or better still, don't!; on Saudi women driving mavericks from 20 years ago til now; Israelis tell Brooklyn Jews a thing or two about their Promised Land; How far bloggers have come since the Arab revolutions; skeletons in your closet or in your arts and crafts lab; And Choosing your Sci-Fi or Fantasy literature made easier.

October 4, 2011

Children's literature has to reflect some of the adult reality the children will grow to face, argue proponents of gritty war and revolutionary themes for kids books for warring cultures.
20:25 GMT
Introducing a new upcoming genre in literature -- children's resistance literature; The movie for all PhD- past, present or prevaricating- candidates; What Arab Spring that denies entry to Palestinians? Tablets of the reading rather than medicinal kind; Pro-government Arab 'terrorists'; And Lebanese as natural actors.