Blogs Roundup

October 5, 2011

Abstinence is an option for tablet users too! If you're already over-subscribed to social networks and then some, try the alternative and don't join or accept all invites, say 'Not g+' through parody.
11:17 GMT
Not Google Plus-- join this latest radical ring- or better still, don't!; on Saudi women driving mavericks from 20 years ago til now; Israelis tell Brooklyn Jews a thing or two about their Promised Land; How far bloggers have come since the Arab revolutions; skeletons in your closet or in your arts and crafts lab; And Choosing your Sci-Fi or Fantasy literature made easier.

October 4, 2011

Children's literature has to reflect some of the adult reality the children will grow to face, argue proponents of gritty war and revolutionary themes for kids books for warring cultures.
20:25 GMT
Introducing a new upcoming genre in literature -- children's resistance literature; The movie for all PhD- past, present or prevaricating- candidates; What Arab Spring that denies entry to Palestinians? Tablets of the reading rather than medicinal kind; Pro-government Arab 'terrorists'; And Lebanese as natural actors.
Kuwait-born Muslim superheroes to storm Arabia
12:42 GMT
Captain 'Haj' and his team of 98 fellow superheroes, fighting haram and restoring halal blessings to the world; Jordan by t-shirt; Arab Christians speak out against 'minority' charges fanning flames in the Islamophobic media; Arab Bloggers in Tunisia does not include Palestinians; Faster internet is still too slow for Lebanese users; And whose side is Al Jazeera on anyway?

October 3, 2011

One blogger with Zionist affiliation in the UK feels that the media's message to his community for Jewish New Year is 'goodbye Israel'.
14:41 GMT
A British Jewish blogger poses a question he senses emerging from British media, feeling besieged in the UK by the general vibe concerning his promised land; In readiness for iPhone 5 Day of Truth; Egyptian Coptic-Muslim relations; Bahrain's story; There's something rotten in the Hashemite Kingdom; while Beirut entertains through film festivals and TedX.
Northern Europe gets its exotic Indian Summer while the Middle East cools to a tepid lull, after a sizzling Spring-turned Summer.
12:27 GMT
Arab Springs turn to High Summer, and now Indian Summers join this medley of seasonal surprises; Catching up with the UN Palestine bid; Confounded by the question 'what are your weaknesses'? Too young for universal, open-source-friendly Google? Minimum age for Google account holders; Dogs in Kuwait; And cell phone changes in Egypt.

October 2, 2011

Pictured with the newly wed husband, soon to be dead, Egyptian-born model and 24-year-old nanny Omaima Aree Nelson bludgeoned, skinned and chopped up her husband of two months--and twice her age- in 1991. 
This California-convicted Egyptian-American now seeks parole.
13:00 GMT
An Egyptian born girl grows into a California violent sadistic seductress man-eater; Jordan Fridays; A familiar face from downtown Amman is now the Face for Amman; And Pro-Dictators campaign on Facebook.
Two associates of Iranian detained activist-blogger, Nahal Sahabi and Behnam Ganji who bonded on-line, off-line and in prison are now dead at their own hands after being released from jail. The couple said to be romantically linked may have suffered post-jail syndrome in conjunction with Romeo-Juliet suicide style despair.
11:14 GMT
A terrible tale of Iranian activists committing suicide once released from jail, begs inquiry into the horrors of a brief internment that killed a romance to live for; Whereas an Arab singlet is not feeling the love-bird song of romance and could do without a well-meaning match-making just now; In Beirut the state is starting to watch you; And why not marry a mama's boy?

October 1, 2011

17:25 GMT
Lebanese who keep a Canadian nationality by duping the system threatened with having their passports confiscated; Lebanese wife of Hannibal daughter in-law to Gaddafi; On the US- the occupy- Wall Street- protests face a brutal police clampdown, and the land of the free but workaholic; Detox from social media; Son of Israeli general speaks out for Palestine; And water for Palestine.

September 29, 2011

If you've ever tried applying blush or lip stick (gunk) on a kid's face you'll know they fidget and won't sit still, cause they don't yet know you have to sacrifice to look 'good'.
14:21 GMT
Do you feel your 4 year-old girl could be prettier- then here's how to splash out on her to make her gorgeous! In support of Israeli settlements- the mercenary army for Israel (because the IDF is not enough); In case you weren't in the picture, there are public libraries in Amman, Jordan and here's how to locate them; An application for cooking Middle East cuisine; And what does Ivy Say?
A Gulf Bank has issued this Vox Pop question to its viewers or subscribers: 'Can you live in Kuwait Maid-less?'
12:12 GMT
The question on living without a maid was asked by a Gulf bank; and this begs the question can you live in the region or internationally without domestic help; Saudi Arabia's news recently seems to alternate between maids, women-drivers, and women-voters; 60 years of Lebanon and a third of those with Nabih Berri; And 'Mad Men's' Facebook time-line special.

September 28, 2011

The holiest site for Islam and the dream come true for Hajjis (pilgrims) worldwide is being denounced with the label
 'Las Vegas' in reference to a decade long transformation to glamor and glitz from simplicity and sand.
11:49 GMT
The UK's Independent brings us this story on Mecca becoming a material den, using a Vegas comparison to show the absurdity of this holiest of pilgrimage sites turning commercial and glitzy; Nobel-Leaks reveal Egypt is in the running for a prize; NGO's code language translated; and a tale of Lebanese rape.
Come see the Arab Spring- in a holiday package tour! Egypt's tourism is about to pick up again: After a blow to the tourism trade, the country is set to benefit from the boom in touristic curiosity to experience aftermath regional revolution.
09:52 GMT
This was expected: you get war tourism after all, refugee camp tourism in Lebanon, and now this.... Arab Spring Tours! An analysis of the world map in its position on Palestine; Lucky Lebanon (the chosen few) gets faster internet, leaving the rest behind; And 'One Day'.

September 27, 2011

What would Edward Said- once the most politically potent voice for Palestine- make of our anticipation of a Palestinian re-birth of sorts? On the 8th Anniversary of his death we remember his great contribution to the Palestinian position.
14:12 GMT
As the world holds its breath for a Palestinian resurgence, Edward Said is remembered on his 8th anniversary- as advocate for Palestinian rights, and the most powerful political voice Palestinians had; Saudi King has granted the woman vote- perhaps next comes the car-driving right?; We hear from the British Ambassador to Syria; And consider 5 things you can't live without.
Dutch courage to say No.  The Netherlands takes a staunch stand against Palestinian Statehood, if recent media 
announcements are anything to go by.
10:35 GMT
A rough idea of which countries are sticking their necks out for Palestine and which are staying out of the brawl or uncharitably saying No; The child's view from Gaza unblocked- an exhibit exposed; Facebook is WATCHING you; What about Lebanon and these Arab revolutions; A hacking with a pronounced Pro-Assad difference; Israeli money buys a murdered Palestinian child.

September 26, 2011

The Security Council with its power to veto, still serves the last frontier before full-statehood can be delivered.
15:00 GMT
While Palestine presents a strong application for statehood, the decision will rest in the Security Council and its various nation state agendas- is the priority currying favor in the Arab street or with Israel, who might provide good economic or immigration incentives; Christian-Muslim cohabitation; Libya's not yet recovered its war-wounds; Death and heritage in the Mideast.