Blogs Roundup

August 24, 2014

Will this student be taught to think or just to regurgitate information?
09:00 GMT
One blogger says the reason children and present day ISIS members gravitate towards this ideology is poor upbringing and archaic world-views; Gaza is rubbles but still winning the war on social media; and Assad is not the real cause of ISIS surging.

August 23, 2014

FingerNaps are like disposable gloves just for your fingers.
17:28 GMT
Asia always seems to come up with some ingenious, impressive or outright weird inventions. The FingerNap may fit all three categories; the difficulty of being a Sunni in Lebanon; and some parents just don't understand parenting.

August 21, 2014

The Extremistan map touted by Nasser Judeh, the foreign minister of Jordan. (Foreign Policy)
09:55 GMT
Jordan's Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Judeh simply and eloquently explains the socio-politcal situation in his region with a simple map; 'Lip-Art' done to perfection; and Egyptian politicians tell America how to deal with protesters.
Saudi women leaving a mall.
08:57 GMT
A survey of Saudi university students revealed some fairly racist and religiously pompous views about Americans and their culture; Tripoli's Christians are worried; when does Israel go to court for killing kids? and it's a whodunnit for Egypt's power shortage.

August 20, 2014

A nuclear bomb test in the Pacific Ocean.
11:48 GMT
Before the head of Gaza’s bomb squad was killed, he said the bombs dropped on Gaza were equivalent to an Atomic attack; the ceasefire breaks down and more bombs drop; and the strike on a San Francisco port has kept an Israeli barge undocked for four days.
A group of Muslim men protesting something, vociferously.
08:12 GMT
A Canadian blogger has a go at how some uninformed Muslims take the boycott baton and just run with it, throwing caution to the wind; Dubai almost ready to harness the sun; and how to really screw up your blog.

August 19, 2014

A Syrian child in a refugee camp in Lebanon plays with a tire.
14:43 GMT
For every 1000 Lebanese, the UNHCR confirms there are 178 refugees. This problem will only grow until Syria is in order; did the rumors about Clinton and ISIS start on Egyptian Facebook pages? and Iranian poet Simin Behbahani dies at 87.
IDF soldiers fire teargas at Palestinians.
08:50 GMT
Aside from the gas choking Ferguson and Gaza's residents alike, there’s another connection: Police Chief Timothy Fitch received “counter-terrorism” training in Israel; WTF in Lebanon; Being Arab in the US; and a red carpet protest in Sarajevo.

August 18, 2014

Thousands protested at the ports of San Francisco to prevent  an Israeli ship from docking. (Charlotte Silver)
09:59 GMT
Thousands of Palestinian activists marched on a California port to prevent an Israeli ship from being able to dock; a farther teaches his son how to be a violent racist; ten things that Lebanon should ban; and Egypt kills 3 suspected terrorists.
This Arab teenager was so obese, he had to be cut out of his own house.
08:48 GMT
One Lebanese blogger delves into the touchy area of childhood obesity. Do the kids need a diet or more so, an active, responsible lifestyle? Artists always approached to do free gigs; and a Syrian martyr tells his mom, 'Don't be sad."

August 17, 2014

For conspiracy theorists, ISIS is an American made money machine.
15:08 GMT
One blogger is convinced that the eventual establishment of ISIS is all part of the West's fuller agenda to get oil from someone other than Saudi; Motorola revealing big things in September; and see vintage photos of Lebanon colorized.
The all new, limited edition Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster. (Z District)
11:16 GMT
The modern Confederate Hellcat will only be made sixty five times so this bike already has a waiting list and it'll cost 10K to just get your name on it; a male belly dancer? The Jordan-Syria Border Crossings are a mess; and Sisi not loving the NGOs.

August 16, 2014

Mobile phones are being used by many NGOs in Egypt to raise awareness.
17:34 GMT
In the past three years, NGOs and other causes have tapped into the power of social media and using the cell phone to promote and raise support for their causes; the Muslims who are condemning ISIS; and the children of Gaza have a website.

August 14, 2014

'They Have Not Returned" is a film remembering those abducted by their own government in Yemen. (YouTube)
08:54 GMT
Dating back to the bloodshed of 1978, many perceived dissidents against the government simply disappeared, most likely killed by the regime; Hariri already making strong changes in Lebanon; and Bahrain strips nine activists of their citizenship.
The greeting sign at the University of Illinois.
08:33 GMT
Steven Salaita is a Palestinian-American soon-to-be professor at UOI at Urbana who blogged negatively about Israel and got fired- therein lies the rub; HTC to make apps usable by all Android users; and the case of the Lebanese solider hiding in America.