Blogs Roundup

April 3, 2014

Soldiers in Fallujah, Iraq.
16:28 GMT
The longterm pain of the Iraqi war is felt even stronger after a soldier loses his mind and goes on a rampage. How dangerous is this PTSD threat? Abbas moving forwards, alone; 'Seven Girls You'll Date in Lebanon'; and April Fool's for Muslims.
A son hits his mother on live TV (YouTube).
06:00 GMT
Many Arabs believe heaven is under the feet of their mothers. One spoiled brat decided his mother needed his foot in her face on live TV: Movie Review: Son of God; Maysoon Zayid makes everyone proud; and women in Egypt have no space of their own.

April 2, 2014

A bartender pours wine into a wine glass.
10:12 GMT
The writers of this list have nailed down the likes that frequent the watering holes of the Middle East. Don't worry Europeans- you made the list; baby dies in hot car; U.S. and Israel call Iran a threat; and the perspective of Saudis on American women.
According to President Suleiman, Lebanon will never be safe as long as people don't believe in God.
06:00 GMT
The so-called President of the most “open and free” country in the Arab World just equated terrorists to atheists; an April Fool's to remember; a week in 'Turkish Politics 101'; and Saudi victim of Boston Marathon bombing sues Glenn Beck.

April 1, 2014

A beggar in Saudi Arabia pleads for more money.
15:52 GMT
Apparently life on the streets can't be that rough, at least for one Lebanese beggar. This guy is living the dream and makes no apologies; film review: 'The Bag Man"; and the Lebanese parliament proves once again that they're morons.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signs an autograph for a war veteran. (Facebook)
07:00 GMT
Recently, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called Gaza and West Bank occupied. He quickly backtracked but the facts remain- he was right; Assad bringing in family from Iran; Daddy's in an Israeli jail-cell; and why Syria is not trending.

March 31, 2014

We've all met this guy at the gym. (Photo via
10:13 GMT
Of course your have the "Buckets" guys- 'Mr. Sweats Enough to Fill a Bucket"'. Who else are you sure to run into when pumping iron? Breaking up is hard to do; Tintin in the Middle East? and the Dutch ambassador in Lebanon rocks.
Some Saudi women fear their husband will marry again when he travels.
06:00 GMT
A survey among Saudi women showed they don't trust their husband and hate when he travels for fear he'll return with a second wife; double standards abound in the West Bank; accessing your computer remotely; and Saudi King has some wants from Obama.

March 30, 2014

A Lebanese girl promotes tolerance for the LGBT community in Lebanon. (YouTube)
16:59 GMT
Despite the commentators calling her a fake Muslim and worse, this little hijabi has found a great deal of support for her bold stance; Iranian merchant ships under attack; helping victims of terrorism; and ho-hum, more rockets in Syria.
Balding men have something to smile about.
13:10 GMT
Researchers in Pennsylvania have found a way to regrow hair using a person's own skin. We're not talking cut and paster here folks- it's a baldness breakthrough! Boosting traffic using social media; and piracy ain't hurting nothin';

March 29, 2014

A view from inside Saudi King Abdullah's desert retreat. (Twitter pic by Carrie Budoff Brown)
15:00 GMT
Saudi citizens have wondered for years what exactly their king's desert retreat looks like. Thanks to Obama, pics have been revealed; celebrating the care of children in Lebanon; a Western and Egyptian view of Sisi's recent presidential announcement.

March 28, 2014

Tayeh Beer is a famous Palestinian beer.
10:03 GMT
Breast implants, country sponsored beers, and women that have more education than the men are just a few bias-busting facts about the ME; an Arab James Bond; Syrian refugees crushing Lebanon; and UN, Iran needs your help.

March 27, 2014

A woman applies lipstick while driving.
06:00 GMT
Having your own car eliminates the need for those creepy taxi drivers and saves you money but at what emotional and psychological cost? Palestine-U.S. talks losing steam; drones are getting bigger and deadlier; and Anne Rice has shared AndFarAway.

March 26, 2014

Salma Al-Khowlani was killed for this Facebook photo. (image from Afrah Nasser)
13:09 GMT
An innocent wife left an old photo of herself on a phone she sold. That pic was quickly posted onto Facebook and went viral; Oman is nothing like the UK; springtime in Libya is confusing; and Egyptian clerics and sheikhs should shut up.
The Afqa Waterfall in Lebanon. (image by Firas Safa)
11:37 GMT
For tourists looking for true Lebanon or locals who want to enjoy themselves in their own country, these seven spots are sure to please; new Israeli health laws still discriminate against Palestinians; and Facebook bought Oculus VR for $2 billion.