Blogs Roundup

May 1, 2011

When a friendship is not balanced and healthy it can be a lonely experience devoid of social comfort.
20:39 GMT
A friendship based on supplying books and cassettes like a library service should be reconsidered; Lost in translation? Share some of the frustration of linguistic barriers in translation; and tools to help English to Arabic ; Silly signs and adverts.
Children work a juggling act
13:47 GMT
Children do not shy away from risks, so make daring performers in a circus platform, Hamas and Fateh as swearwords, and Beirut's wildlife (not the AUB students) in pictures and observations, as well as views of South Jordan.

April 30, 2011

The Duchess of Cambridge, HRH the Princess and possibly future Queen is hailed as 'hot-stuff'' or QILF material!
12:30 GMT
QILF and PILF are trending on the internet as references to the people's appreciation of the Duchess (aka Princess and future Queen); Stop using the Lebanon-Lesbian line American soap and popular culture, it's not funny; solving Yemen's water shortage; and the beauty in common pictures (or non-Royal ones).
THAT kiss on the balcony. This, and the repeat kiss, was the talk of the day 29th April 2011
08:31 GMT
The flamboyant hats in the congregations almost took the attention away from the double stars of the show, Which Arab royals 'actually' attended, THAT balcony has now become notorious for its historic moments, and don't forget TEDxDeadSea today!

April 28, 2011

Palestinian marriage, or unity agreement, between for-sworn enemies- Take Two! (second attempt)
11:12 GMT
Hamas and Fatah make love not war; Where to watch the film about the split Palestinian- Israeli, fully Palestinian theater activist killed recently by Israeli State; the gripes with Twitter; and are pro-democracy Arabs traitors to their countries?

April 27, 2011

Treasure lost is sometimes treasure gained, if keeping the 'jewel' costs you more.
21:26 GMT
Letting go of a life's treasure or acquisition- even relationship- can enhance and improve your life in the long run, Syria's never released information or coverage on internal strife so what's different now? TEDx spreads around the region like revolutions! Syria threatens Jazeera reporters, What age is optimum for learning new languages, and doodling mind wanders through a Google journey.
Kate Middleton, British Princess to-be, come Friday 29 April 2011, lived with her family in Amman for over 2 years.
16:32 GMT
Future Princess' Past Hometown and house located, a personal account of the horrors of the Syrian regime, and the NGO brainchild of Google's Wael Ghonim promises to operate for a good local Egyptian cause.

April 26, 2011

Getty Images photographer Chris Hondros  a couple of days before his ill-fated death in Musurata.
13:35 GMT
Commemorating those that pay with their lives to bring us quality war footage, Don't tweet while you drive, Key figures behind the scenes and inciting the Syrian Revolution from abroad speak on Syria.
Delayed news of a dead loved one can increase the traumatic impact.
09:51 GMT
On a cultural habit of withholding bad news from our loved ones to protect them;The region's political dramas are heating up and inching closer to the heart of the Levant and the Greater Syria sphere.

April 25, 2011

You'd be forgiven for associating Lebanese wine with holy communion or Easter, but Lebanon is selling a very different story today.
15:31 GMT
Quotes from a Financial Time article on some Lebanese wine experts, Mac users versus PC users and their character traits, a British treat of an interview between two famous celebrities on 'celebrity'.
Internet searches via Google are rocketing the Carbon Footprint
08:21 GMT
Surfing online is sapping your environment, Jordan could join the Gulf States in the GCC, and Palestine continues to name things after the Italian hero Vitorrio.

April 24, 2011

Does life as we knew it change radically after marriage?
23:27 GMT
A newly wed compares the now to the before, probing into the Armenian Genocide at Easter, and What's all the Social Media nonsense really about?
Seasonal biscuits- in the Arab world, certain cookies are served for Easter.
19:33 GMT
Easter treats, musings from a thirty something, and a Lebanese tale of immigration and tracing the roots.

April 23, 2011

Lady Gaga usually played on autoplay on the Lebanon airwaves banned with her Judas controversial hit.
14:17 GMT
All things banned in free-spirit Lebanon, stressed out in the region, football is not life- an appeal to footballers to tone it down,TEDxRamallah continues to spin tales, and marking death in theater.

April 21, 2011

Comparing the romantic idyll so many of us are raised with to the sobering reality
14:34 GMT
Keeping it real, a reminder that real life at odds with our romantic notions, European lunch breaks in the park applied to the ME, Amman Tech Tuesdays event, a review of best Arab propaganda.