Blogs Roundup

January 12, 2012

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13:50 GMT
Saudi is a country of wealth, so it comes as a surprise that it has a growing homeless population; The Syrian regime learns that the zoom button has the magical powers to to turn hundreds of people into thousands; The art of weight loss is paved with common sense; The diverse cultural environment of Palestine.
Are skin whitening beauty products proving a hazard to Middle Eastern women's self esteem?
09:03 GMT
It seems that the Middle Eastern beauty standard still favors fairer skin at the expense of diversity; A Lebanese multilingual apparently doesn't have a full grip of his 58 languages; The nostalgia of old family photographs; The workplace is no place for nice girls, according to one Lebanese blogger.

January 11, 2012

A still of Al Assad's first speech of 2012.
14:24 GMT
Has Bashar Al Assad bit off more than he can chew with yesterday's speech? ; This blogger shares his personal dictionary of Lebanon's double meanings; A Jordanian blogger looks back on her late father's memory and invites us to share in her remembrance; Does the heartbreak of love override its pleasures?
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11:35 GMT
Is this man's act of self-burning going to make the same kind of impact on Jordan? ; A Palestinian man tells off Israeli soldier in front of cameras; Could an Arab film finally be getting an Oscar? ; The sights of Lebanon's of eternally beautiful cedars; The power of "No"!

January 10, 2012

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14:09 GMT
An Arab website that ranks Tweet-worthy YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure; Politics: a vicious cycle apparently; Is the Naguib Sawiris melodrama an unwanted distraction? This Egyptian blogger thinks so; The truth behind the Arab League and Syrian relations is proving to be hard to find.
Many of Amman's vintage film theaters are way past their glory days.
10:33 GMT
Amman's cultural and cinematic landmarks reduced to cheap porno theaters? ; Gender issues should not take the backseat in Middle Eastern politics and rhetoric; Sheikh calls for KSA students studying abroad to be tested for drugs and alcohol; The beautiful sights of Iran!

January 9, 2012

From Kafa to Nasawiya, feminist movements are increasing in Lebanon.
14:05 GMT
Lebanese feminist activist group Nasawiya are planning a march in support of criminalizing all forms of rape in Lebanon; Jordan's Petra is still attracting great numbers; A Saudi blogger tries to keep an open mind by reading an anti-Muslim book- by Syrian former-Alawite Wafa Sultan.
Spanish Minister of Defense Carme Chacón at the polls during Spain's General Elections.
11:00 GMT
Amidst all this "revolutionary" talk, one Egyptian blogger thinks that people are giving women in politics the wrong kind of attention; Let's not forgot our other "martyrs": female rape victims; Parental advise that may help enhance your child's performance.

January 8, 2012

The Internet activities of Bahraini denizens are being watched very closely by Bahrain's concerned government. (Image Source: "")
13:43 GMT
The Bahraini government does not take social media discretion lightly, as Australian Tony Mitchell has experienced; Walid Jumblat's ethics: winners over rich donors; What is your abaya of choice? ; Religion dujour to be approved in Sweden: the Church of Kopimism.
Syria is still at the mercy of "kidnapper" Bashar Al-Assad. (Image source: "")
11:24 GMT
A Lebanese blogger gives his prognosis on the situation in Syria; Twitter: Welcome to the jungle; Is Qatar playing the role of peace-keeper with the Taliban? ; The US Ambassador in Yemen sticks his foot in his mouth.

January 7, 2012

The Tunisian stamps that honor Bouazizi and the Arab Spring. (Image source: "")
14:10 GMT
In honor of Bouazizi's martyrdom, the Tunisian government releases stamps celebrating the "icon of the Arab Spring"; Is the NUIS more of an Israeli government tool than a protector of student rights? ; Israel is training children as border control; Yet another reason to fear the internet; Internet memes reach Jordan's protest banners!

January 5, 2012

Unions between husband and wife can lead to getting to know a side of your significant other you didn't want to know. (Image source: "")
13:32 GMT
A Saudi bride seeks divorce over her husband's bizarre behavior; Moroccan man kidnaps and cooks up a stew of three-year-old infant victim; Israel could be building another wall- on the Lebanese border; Muhannad & Samar are back!
Downtown Amman. (Image source: "")
09:43 GMT
10 ways Ammani citizens can make their native city a better place; An 8-year-old boy is Iraq's youngest photographer; Kafa continues its battle for criminalizing marital rape; Is Ron Paul the answer to our political dreams?

January 4, 2012

Kafa is trying to take gender violence out of the bedroom. (Image source: "")
12:48 GMT
NGO Kafa is targeting marital rape as a criminal act, but is that enough? ; Looking back and looking forward, a Jordanian blogger is trying to find the middle ground in 2012; With news of it possibly opening an embassy in Qatar, is the Taliban America's friend now? ; And so phase three begins for the Egyptian elections.
"'We’ll bring you from Sharm you naughty Souna.' The quote refers to frustration at Mubarak’s taking refuge in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh after he was ousted from Cairo by protests." (Image and quote courtesy of: "")
09:59 GMT
Read on if you think that you would rather have pizza than a revolution or if you're not sure what you should be doing on 13/13/2013; Explore New Year's Eve firework displays from all over the world; According to one orthodox Jewish man, a female standing among men warrants the term slut; Israel and Palestine are meant to talk peace in Jordan.