Blogs Roundup

September 28, 2011

Come see the Arab Spring- in a holiday package tour! Egypt's tourism is about to pick up again: After a blow to the tourism trade, the country is set to benefit from the boom in touristic curiosity to experience aftermath regional revolution.
09:52 GMT
This was expected: you get war tourism after all, refugee camp tourism in Lebanon, and now this.... Arab Spring Tours! An analysis of the world map in its position on Palestine; Lucky Lebanon (the chosen few) gets faster internet, leaving the rest behind; And 'One Day'.

September 27, 2011

What would Edward Said- once the most politically potent voice for Palestine- make of our anticipation of a Palestinian re-birth of sorts? On the 8th Anniversary of his death we remember his great contribution to the Palestinian position.
14:12 GMT
As the world holds its breath for a Palestinian resurgence, Edward Said is remembered on his 8th anniversary- as advocate for Palestinian rights, and the most powerful political voice Palestinians had; Saudi King has granted the woman vote- perhaps next comes the car-driving right?; We hear from the British Ambassador to Syria; And consider 5 things you can't live without.
Dutch courage to say No.  The Netherlands takes a staunch stand against Palestinian Statehood, if recent media 
announcements are anything to go by.
10:35 GMT
A rough idea of which countries are sticking their necks out for Palestine and which are staying out of the brawl or uncharitably saying No; The child's view from Gaza unblocked- an exhibit exposed; Facebook is WATCHING you; What about Lebanon and these Arab revolutions; A hacking with a pronounced Pro-Assad difference; Israeli money buys a murdered Palestinian child.

September 26, 2011

The Security Council with its power to veto, still serves the last frontier before full-statehood can be delivered.
15:00 GMT
While Palestine presents a strong application for statehood, the decision will rest in the Security Council and its various nation state agendas- is the priority currying favor in the Arab street or with Israel, who might provide good economic or immigration incentives; Christian-Muslim cohabitation; Libya's not yet recovered its war-wounds; Death and heritage in the Mideast.
Women in Saudi may not yet be free to drive the Kingdoms highways, but may shortly be taking up their right to vote 
and even run for political office, effective 2015.
12:25 GMT
Saudi women may still have their foot off the driving pedal, but may have a hand in the ballot boxes; Uncovered: the opinions of a blogger-- to be hijab'd or non-hijab'd that is 'not' the question; Morocco and its Jews; The case of the Irvine 11 and the Israeli Ambassador's right to freedom of expression denied or unsettled?

September 25, 2011

A lady once kept her diary private....
16:32 GMT
We live in a world divided into Bloggers and the Rest of the non-blogging masses where rights are conferred to those who Blog; Young moderate Salafism takes the 'tradition' out of the Puritanical religious tradition- the next craze?; TedXBeirut; Yemen deaths are the result of more than just 'clashes'; And calligraphic wonders in Arabia.
Bibi Netanyahu cuts a sour and surly figure during his UN address-rebuttal to Mahmoud Abbas's charmed delivery.
10:33 GMT
Abbas may have just charmed the world by a strong speech and reasonable logical argument while his opponent (partner in peace) enumerated a series of red-herrings in a sour and sore diatribe attacking all and sundry not least the institution hosting his address; A Lebanese blogger suggests you marry a different sect!; and Yemeni leader is back with a vengeance.

September 24, 2011

Photo courtesy of NOW Lebanon: Nour Merheb - At 26, died in his prime, taking his own life for his 'cause'.  Inspired to change Lebanon but despairing that change was not compatible with a living legacy but perhaps more feasible by death.
17:58 GMT
Nour Merhib's suicide in the name of his life's campaign against sectarianism chimes in with the regional Spring; Palestine has spoken- rather eloquently is the common consensus on Abbas's oratory; Why Palestinians aren't all celebrating the prospect of statehood; Abbas V BiBi; The Irvine 11 and the comeuppance for Muslim students daring to speak 'disrupt' Israeli ambassador.

September 22, 2011

Obama puts his foot firmly down in the face of Palestinian aspirations to statehood and dignity.
15:00 GMT
An open letter to President Obama in response to his veto habit and refusal to 'change'; and what does the US get in return for such unwavering support for Israel- financial and para-legal; A Berlin Wall memorandum to Khalid Said, Egypt's revolutionary mascot.
KSA celebrates 81 years of the Kingdom founded by King Abdulaziz Al-Saud in1932.
10:59 GMT
Celebrate the KSA's 81st birthday on Saudi National Day, 23.09.11, since its inception as a Kingdom in 1932 by finding a Bedouin tent near your or sporting the green and white tradition; More steps for GCC consolidation; And Lebanese fashion makes its mark at the 2011 Emmy's.

September 21, 2011

"Devil Worship" in Lebanon- which is effectively anti-social behavior as defined in other cultures-  could comprise wearing 
alternatively fashioned clothing, or back in the '90s listening to music band Nirvana.
18:08 GMT
Meanwhile in Lebanon, the devil wears anything from beer cans to prada.. Nadine Labaki’s new Movie scores Best at Toronto; 'Madames' in Lebanon should treat their house-servants right even if just so that someone makes their beds! Blogging in Lebanon a force to reckon with?; Piloting this so-called 'faster' internet in Lebanon; and 'Cablegate' -the Qatar resignation.
Al Jazeera Network Director General Wadah Khanfar announced his resignation September 20th after 8 years at the Helm of successful Arabic news network.
14:37 GMT
A Jordanian significant resignation of Governor of the Central Bank- Faris Sharaf- comes on the same day as Qatar's Al Jazeera trades in Palestinian Director General Wadah Khanfar for a home-grown royal kind; Why Palestinians are depressed; And with talk of a Palestinian 'state' it's easy to completely neglect Gaza.

September 20, 2011

Following in the French footsteps, Holland unveils its Niqab ban.
21:05 GMT
The Netherlands shows its true 'face' by standing against Palestine's bid for a state and taking a firm stance against the face veil tradition of 'Niqab' or 'Burqa'; Turkey framed as a teenager, a 'debutante' coming of age; Palestine takes center stage once again; What will come to 'pass' for Palestine; And is one step closer to Statehood, two steps back for the Cause?
"Netanyahu says the Palestinians' statehood bid at the United Nations this week will fail because it bypasses the Jewish state."
11:15 GMT
A stark warning for the Arab Spring viewers to not have turned their attention from Yemen now in violent crisis; Jerusalem Post offers a case against Palestinian Statehood; Is Israel an Island?; Mocking all politicians; And a look at life in equations and formulas.

September 19, 2011

The European Union takes the spotlight in the Palestine UN upcoming vote: Will they tow the US line or make their own policy heard?
12:51 GMT
All eyes shift to Europe- the unpredictable multi-member player unlike the surefire 'Nay-sayer' USA; Women rise for Palestine; Egyptian date for elections announced for November; While you were remembering 9/11 what the rest of the world was doing; Syria loses peaceful Ghandis in the violence; and an Oriental little sketch worth a chuckle.