Blogs Roundup

September 6, 2011

Hijabi shampoo: for cleaner and fresher veiled hair.
13:42 GMT
Marketing hair shampoo for veiled hair sells well in urban concentration spots of hijabi women and capitalizes on the excess production of oils, build-up of scalp dirt etc; A report on Saudiazation; An explanation of why Palestinians (still) cannot recognize the state of Israel; Also introducing you to 'Jewish-Palestinians'; and nurse speaks of “Daddy” Gaddafi.
Fighting a multitude of cancers through healthier life-styles and awareness campaigns, represented by a rainbow of ribbons:
 Pink for breast cancer, Green for liver cancer....
11:07 GMT
Cancer - while better treated by medicine today than yesterday, is still a force to reckon with and best prevented to the extent you can by a healthier lifestyle; Introducing a comic super-hero to ward off anti-Israeli pubic opinion everywhere, Captain Israel!; Living in single religion neighborhoods is quite the norm for Lebanon and not about to change soon; car-lovers read on- Porsche alert!

September 5, 2011

Al Aqsa Plaza: Site of incendiary Holy Land tensions, where Jew meets Muslim. Ariel Sharon, by his ill-timed visit to Temple
Mount or Al-Haram Al-Sharif, 20o1, set off the 2nd Intifada, al-Aqsa Intifada, a second Palestinian Uprising.
12:45 GMT
Jewish settlers stormed the politically charged area of the holy Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem under Israeli police escort at dawn Sunday; Every intellectual's guide to arguing with Zionists; Emirati women in pictures; Arab Idol; and archived commentary on Syria.
10:00 GMT
If you thought your identity or life story was complicated, look at Freddie Mercuries ethnic origins and life in Zanzibar, India through to Middlesex UK; Over to Lebanon where (apart from setting world records in Sheesh Kebabs and Dabkehs) are doing fine in this season of unrest; And watching child-play reminds you of the simple pleasures.

September 4, 2011

Suzanne Mubarak's, registered by the state as officially Muslim, now has her religion under scrutiny, amidst Wiki-reports that she was Christian rather than the 'Muslim' daughter of Muslim Egyptian father.
15:00 GMT
What do Christianity, Egypt's former first lady, and a Lebanon sold flip-flop have in common? A Christian flip-flop scandal strikes through Lebanese sectarian sensitivities; Is Suzanne Mubarak Christian as Wiki-says? The question of Palestine as a Muslim problem; Wikileaks on Palestine; Kuwaiti Kite record attempt; And modern Arab copy-cat thinkers versus ancient Arab philosophy.
The Jordanian mother (now deceased) had just given birth - after a complicated labor- to twin babies when her father entered her sick-bay not to congratulate her but to execute her.
11:48 GMT
A father's honor preserved is a crime against newborn twins left mother-less when Father kills daughter; Finally using Kuwait's scorching sun harnessed to power up the country; The exploitation of African hunger by global businesses; Angry Arab tells us not to fall for Turkey's anti-Israel stance; and the Lebanese can shop for their Prada shoes online saving a trip to ABC!

September 3, 2011

Islam, through the US's FBI authority's eyes, is reduced to bunch of generalizations and 'medieval' stereotypes, that could fuel
'ignorance and suspicion' says blogger.
15:00 GMT
A 'simple' perception of what it is to be Muslim by the FBI who depict Muslims as 'medieval'; Do Lebanese live spontaneously, or do they fork out tons of money & time to be able to 'enjoy' life? Kuwait, a small nation, tip of the Arabian peninsula, made 'largest' kite; Sizing up cars in Jordan? Kuwaiti blogs under the Wiki-spotlight; and Jordan's Friday gang demand a new constitution.
Turkey's relationship with Israel has been an on-off love affair with distinct hot-cold moments. 
After the lack of apology by Israel for the deadly Flotilla raid, comes a detente.
12:44 GMT
Turkey's move to evict their Israeli ambassador signifying a freeze on diplomatic relations between the two once firm friends shows that 'sorry' can save a lot of summits and round-table talks; Good Dictators, Bad Dictators- about as complex as US cops; A Drive to clean the Dead Sea in Jordan; wounds over Eid; And Aisha Gaddafi strikes a pose...

September 1, 2011

Oil refinery: Al-Doura, Iraq. A country home to the the world’s third-largest oil reservoir, Iraq's oil fields are seen to play a significant role in Geo-political strategy for the region.
07:00 GMT
A flawed understanding of Western motivations leaks across the Arab world: Iraq and Libya have both suffered sanctions by the West and have both got wells of oil; A Palestinian protest set to disrupt settler plans to party; "Think-Driving is still better than Drink-Driving"; Steve Jobs gets a tribute apple; And Boxing your memories.

August 29, 2011

Steve Jobs’ Syrian father, Abdulfattah John Jandali, speaks up in an emotional account of his (non)relationship with boy
genius Mac-mastermind. The 80 year-old fears he will never communicate with his son, even from each's respective 'deathbed'.
12:00 GMT
Steve Jobs’ biological Syrian immigrant father, Abdulfattah John Jandali speaks to public of his guilt at giving son up for adoption; From paperback to iMac!- a bookworm shares her satisfaction with Apple; in other Syrian smart-phone news, detained Android service (or 'Ardroid') for Arabic users-Ar-droid- founder released; Does your lover 'like' you on Facebook?
Queen Rania gives Arabs fighting for freedoms and light from dark oppression a torch of hope, as a celebrated world figure- who Tweets and radiates hope on the world stage.
09:51 GMT
Queen Rania comes in at a proud 53 in the Forbes' Power List: World's 100 Most Powerful Women; as Lebanon can celebrate having its first ever Olympic swimmer, Katya Bachrouche, in London 2012; 10 Reasons to Quit Pornography and why it porn addiction is dangerous; Palestinian body parts trafficked by Israel; And find out what Syria's only hope is.

August 28, 2011

Oliver trees in Palestine are treasured by residents in the agricultural sector for their economic value, as well as by
others for their historical significance, their grandiose appearance and cultural worth to a besieged heritage.
13:50 GMT
Palestine's 'green' olive revolution; and a series of Lebanon bloggers back to their posts: reporting on the longest bar in the world - hosted of course by Beirut, and thoughts on August; and TED Beirut lessons shared. Have you ever really imagined being alone this 21st century, i.e. phone-free, computer free and solitary just for a while; And Egypt is still chronicled.
In New Delhi, history was made in Parliament August, 2011 by Anna-Hazare, the marathon faster who protested his people-right to have his voice heard.
10:53 GMT
Anna Hazare wins for the people, and breaks 13- day long power- fast, saying "No" to corruption in Indian government; If you didn't know yet and don't want to wait til his official biography's release next year, more low down on Steve Jobs' Arab American identity; People in photos of Tripoli, Lebanon (not Libya); Couch surf the Middle East; Hired help in old-time US & maids in Jordan today.

August 27, 2011

Condoleezza Rice and Muammar Gaddafi meet in Tripoli 2008; but the visit stayed in Gaddafi's heart a lot longer it would seem, if the photo album found in Gaddafi's den is anything to go by.
19:05 GMT
Gaddafi's secret stash of Condaleeza Rice photos reveals a crush or phot-album's worth of admiration; Homosexuals and Islam- a word from Kugle on coming out twice; Learning Islam independently of family; 27th August and those last holy nights of Ramadan; a look at the pro-Assad side; And Metrosexual or Gay?

August 25, 2011

Photo of Steve Jobs courtesy of Ali Lars. Who is the man behind the Mac.? And why are we so sad, if not surprised, to see his departure from the helm of Apple Computers.
13:44 GMT
Who is Steve Jobs? Get to know the MAN beyond the MAC; He's a Jolly Good Tyrant - rendition of the classic- jolly good fellow; Vienna's the choice Mecca for Muslims; Google plus is hotting up jump now on the bandwagon and see for yourself says Roba; and the Syrian struggle battled out in United States policy; Holiest night for Ramadan...