Blogs Roundup

January 18, 2012

Wikipedia page during Blackout.
14:07 GMT
If you haven't heard of the new SOPA/PIPA Copyright laws, go to Wikipedia immediately! Oh wait, they're having a blackout in protest; Netanyahu- A friend to the Chinese people? ; Lebanese anti-Israel "activists" want to ban Lara Fabian's concert; Iran wants to ban Barbie/Barbie sales set to skyrocket in black market sales.
Shown for illustrative purposes.
10:53 GMT
As one building collapses, there is fear that more of Lebanon's brittle infrastructure might collapse; Could you put a value on human life? Apparently, it's $20,000 according to the Lebanese government; Guantanamo in numbers- you will be horrified; Cairo continues the trend of revolutionary graffiti.

January 17, 2012

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12:06 GMT
Elusive revolutionary or pesky rabble-rouser: One blog posts an interview with the Saudi hacker 0xOmar, who leaked thousands of Israeli social security numbers; Khaled Abu Saleh and his counterparts- the future of Syria? ; The complex terrain of Lebanese opinion on Syria; Fashionably late is not just an Arab thing.
Palestinian graffiti- Shown for illustrative purposes.
09:38 GMT
Palestinians get creative with their protests by spray painting pro-Palestine graffiti at different spots of West Jerusalem; 10 body myths that just won't go away; Does motherhood spell the demise of spontaneity? ; 2012: The year of Lebanese designer presence at the Gold Globes.

January 16, 2012

Through the winding streets of Amman, you're bound to find yourself an "angry Ammani".
14:13 GMT
Dedicated to Jordan, it is fair to say that its capital is filled with "Angry Ammanis". Their anger stratosphere ranges from the traffic to their Twitter accounts. But mostly traffic; Two of Jordan's most important historical sites need help: Petra and the Jordan River; One Jordanian blogger recommends that you never fall in love with a girl that reads.
Shown strictly for illustrative purposes.
10:21 GMT
An old apartment building in Beirut's Achrafieh neighborhood collapsed, killing two people including a 15-year-old girl. If you thought that the Lebanese blogosphere was going to let this slide without notice, your are sorely mistaken. Criticism and analysis ranges from private owners' negligence to indifferent government officials to, everyone's favorite topic, rent control laws that protect neither tenant nor landlord.

January 15, 2012

After "Twitter-gate", Saad Hariri faces the fallout of his "d'oh" moment.
11:01 GMT
In a true Twitter snafu, former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri accidentally bid infamous Israeli Ministry of Defense spokesperson Avichay Adraee, "Good Morning"; Lebanese rape victims: Society's "secret" people; Israeli students may become their government's new propaganda weavers; One Palestinian blogger says "no" to Israeli negotiations.
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09:05 GMT
Kuwaiti native and member of the Kuwait shooting team Maryam Erzouqi qualifies to join the 2012 London Olympics; Unsurprisingly, honor killings reach the gay community in Turkey; Western Union cut out their services from the Gaza Strip; Photoshop- the only beauty product you'll ever need; 20 signs you've gone legit as a fashion blogger.

January 14, 2012

With pride, the Tunisian people can reap the benefits of their plight.
18:17 GMT
A look back on the anniversary of Ben Ali's downfall- warts, worries and all; Cairo, it was love at first for this proudly Tunisian blogger; Are Lebanese women really more "free" than their Arab counterparts? ; Obama's tough decision will hopefully lead to good outcomes; Le Monde's selection of the best 100 books: an opportunity to explore international novels.

January 12, 2012

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13:50 GMT
Saudi is a country of wealth, so it comes as a surprise that it has a growing homeless population; The Syrian regime learns that the zoom button has the magical powers to to turn hundreds of people into thousands; The art of weight loss is paved with common sense; The diverse cultural environment of Palestine.
Are skin whitening beauty products proving a hazard to Middle Eastern women's self esteem?
09:03 GMT
It seems that the Middle Eastern beauty standard still favors fairer skin at the expense of diversity; A Lebanese multilingual apparently doesn't have a full grip of his 58 languages; The nostalgia of old family photographs; The workplace is no place for nice girls, according to one Lebanese blogger.

January 11, 2012

A still of Al Assad's first speech of 2012.
14:24 GMT
Has Bashar Al Assad bit off more than he can chew with yesterday's speech? ; This blogger shares his personal dictionary of Lebanon's double meanings; A Jordanian blogger looks back on her late father's memory and invites us to share in her remembrance; Does the heartbreak of love override its pleasures?
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11:35 GMT
Is this man's act of self-burning going to make the same kind of impact on Jordan? ; A Palestinian man tells off Israeli soldier in front of cameras; Could an Arab film finally be getting an Oscar? ; The sights of Lebanon's of eternally beautiful cedars; The power of "No"!

January 10, 2012

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14:09 GMT
An Arab website that ranks Tweet-worthy YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure; Politics: a vicious cycle apparently; Is the Naguib Sawiris melodrama an unwanted distraction? This Egyptian blogger thinks so; The truth behind the Arab League and Syrian relations is proving to be hard to find.
Many of Amman's vintage film theaters are way past their glory days.
10:33 GMT
Amman's cultural and cinematic landmarks reduced to cheap porno theaters? ; Gender issues should not take the backseat in Middle Eastern politics and rhetoric; Sheikh calls for KSA students studying abroad to be tested for drugs and alcohol; The beautiful sights of Iran!