Blogs Roundup

July 4, 2011

Yellow Submarine and other cartoon hits as Fantasia make it into this top 10 'trippy' movie special. "This cartoon that sends
 John, Paul, George and Ringo on a mission to defeat the Blue Meanies and restore color to Pepperland is easily the trippiest
 movie the Beatles were ever (loosely) associated with. The entire movie is a psychedelic lark with music."
13:45 GMT
Top psychedelic movies: Space Odyssey is in there- but many other are relatively obscure and should maybe be watched with your feet firmly on the ground; new traffic light technology to save costs where these traffic signals are often wasted on a free-wheeling population (more Lebanon than some more observant of the red orange and green); Iraq today; more Palestine.
This strained yoghurt dip we know as Labneh is Greek yoghurt for a long-standing tradition now in Europe and the U.S.
12:21 GMT
Labneh semantics are political in the western 'Mezzeh' consuming world; the campaign to float the flotilla as far as Gaza and to sabotage it's landing peaks today; we've touched on the Greeks, now back to the 'Geeks' and search engine possibilities; Lebanon, where marketing power-generators is a bad sign for Lebanon's electrical dreams; a new Egyptian newspaper- Tahrir Daily; and reporting this year's tourist season in Lebanon.

July 3, 2011

'Cat-walks' should not feature in your daily walk to the grocers, corner shop or bus stops, and dressing within reason should 
not cause a stir like a fashion parade that leaves you oggled at like a 'loose' woman, says Indian blogger-ess.
14:31 GMT
Spreading the anti-Sexual harassment campaign to the Far East in Muslim/ Hindu India; Nasrallah's theatrical reaction to the Special Tribunal Lebanon (STL) indictment; Google challenges Facebook; Geometric warfare between mobile phone companies; Aleppo is being protected by the army from the rest of Syria; and roadtraffic ticket scourge penalizes Kuwaiti drivers.
What Arabs really think of Palestinians.
11:02 GMT
These Arabs are known among the Palestinian wider Arab world of 'stereotyping', but are not usually articulated in this explicit fashion like every unspoken reality in the region. Israel does not hold the monopoly on moral bankruptcy as Greece steps in tow; keeping it local with a blogger's mid-blog-life crisis? confessiosn of sexual harassment; stepping outside of our region to Haiti;

July 2, 2011

It's business and summer as usual in Beirut - which means tourists and congestion and night-life in full throttle. Gemayze is alive and kicking post Special Tribunal announcement. Photograph by Michel Pharaon.
11:25 GMT
Lebanon has not broken out in all manner of civil unrest or even revolution after the tribunal results pointed that provocative finger at Hezbollah; Remembering domestic worker suicide in Lebanon- through pictures and thoughts; and some exhausted, frustrated and disappointed blog posts to mark events and non-events alike; and Arabs ahead of July 4th.

June 30, 2011

Honor crimes in Jordan and elsewhere often result in the 'protected' or honored family losing a loved member.
15:30 GMT
Spraying sister with gunfire in their home-tent is a brother's way of protecting his family; Cairo's 'security' clashes cause over 1000 injuries; What came over the Ba'athist Syrian regime, as well as considering if the Syrian elites and tycoons will flee the regime and country; helping yourself avoid sexual harassment in an Arab country; and ranting and blogging are birds of a feather.
Dual national Natalie Portman finds her way to Lebanon in spite of trade embargos between the two countries that have denied other Israeli affiliations entry.
13:44 GMT
Natalie Portman the beautiful Israeli-American is decorating Beirut's cosmetic billboards; Amman's driving landscape shifts with the Summer of Arab nationals; What do the Hijab, honor, hypocrisy and Education have in common? No communicative or conjugal rights for Palestinian prisoners.

June 29, 2011

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior has long been the focus of protesters' demands.
18:19 GMT
Egyptians who suffered torture at the hands of the former regime's secret police service demand retribution in clashes with security forces outside of the Ministry of Interior in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.; slave labor and abuse of foreign workers in the Middle East must end; Picasso does Palestine; Spam alert;
Spells of darkness or black-outs are not alien to Beirut, where electrical power is still hard to come by in generous surges.
09:38 GMT
The Lebanese people want power of the 'Kahriba' (in Arabic, electricity) form before they can consider upping their levels of parliamentary power or making demands on the newly appointed cabinet; That Special Tribunal for Lebanon is still lurking about, sinister in the specter of 'change' in the region; Islam in South Africa? and how Jordan's businesses could profit from change

June 28, 2011

Not regular usage of breast milk: Caught with her breasts out as weapons against cops rather than nutrition for baby- 
Stephanie Robinette from Delaware, U.S.
22:33 GMT
A woman is caught with her boobs as weapons, as she sprays a Sheriff with her breast milk in Delaware; laugh at yoga not cause it looks silly , but cause this is 'laughter yoga'; writing to heal Syrian wounds running deep; the journey to Gaza by 'flotilla' is set to be a fraught one; Death of kids at weddings by celebratory gunfire really should be a thing of the past.
Sheikha Moza in tip top shape- the picture of grace.
12:57 GMT
Sheikha Moza of Qatar is rumored to have shelled out hefty sums on trimming her bum (though we think she looked great, elegant and toned enough to seat those buttocks at the hostess chair of the 2022 home World Cup); Syrian actors in the limelight for 'childish' Assad support; Ever stayed awake worrying about space for books in the full world?; & 5 emerging careers in Beirut.

June 27, 2011

When men talk do they really 'talk'? Imagining man-talk from a women's perspective; but is it really all that different from
how women talk?
15:41 GMT
(From a girl's point of view) a peek into the world of man-talk; Back to Tahrir square to get to the bottom of the killings- martyrs, not thugs; Introducing Arabic books to kids; and find out what else Facebook has got up its sleeve.
Breaking up from a love affair can be toughest if you've left markings in each others' lives.
12:33 GMT
A humorous take on the breaking-up scenario and a 'how-to guide like wiki-how but with a sardonic twist; Why tattoo your eyebrows? People as products; and the USA condones potential warfare on a flotilla charity boat.

June 26, 2011

Bangladeshi, Sri-Lanki and Chinese workers are suffering in the second largest populace of Jordan in Irbid. Factory workers they are exposed to sexual abuse.
19:51 GMT
Irbid has a substantial case of worker sex abuse in factories: uncovered; the Gaza flotilla and on what grounds Israel has banned it, though it carries Jewish Americans; How to spend your idle time this summer (if you are endowed with weeks of summer vacation).
Baghdad, whose name signifies 'God's Gift', once an oasis of learning and enterprise, and always a beautiful city scape as shown pre-destruction of the 'invasions'.
09:56 GMT
Today the Baghdad of old is unrecognizable after the impact of an invasion; Being the 'organizer' of your friend-group has its drawbacks; How Beirut trumps Dubai in at least some departments; and while a baby's gender is the product of accident, our gender discrimination is relentless nonetheless; and celebrating working women who pioneer the bendy road to equality.