Blogs Roundup

April 7, 2011

Israel via an Israeli businessman might spawn rivalry with Qatar based premier world news newwork Al Jazeera
13:25 GMT
Israel may be about to deliver its version of Al Jazeera; Flash mobs go head to head- we've already seen Beirut's Dabke hit, over to major travel crossroads Heathrow; Gaddafi's creative solutions dry.
Girls in the U.S. wearing T shirts supporting the Mid-East Revolution,  reading Thinking of ME
00:33 GMT
Girls outside the region sport ME T-shirts like Che Guevera fashion, Celebrating full-time motherhood & remembering grandfathers passed with their Mid-East tales, Jordan films, Egypt humor good press.

April 6, 2011

Playing at driving in Amman!
13:48 GMT
Amman imagined as the game Grand Theft Auto, Syrian martyr's week, Men, and a very unlucky honeymooning couple have a stormy series of misadventures.

April 5, 2011

Jordan has its own hidden secrets and resorts and retreats for the holidayer: antiquity, beach hideouts as Aqaba beach, spas, and more to offer...
17:46 GMT
Encouraging Jordanian nationals to explore their own back yard rather than vacation abroad, Finding out why bottled water bottles blue, and Hariri decides to unveil more than just a political agenda.
A looming hunger-crisis in the Gulf states: more food for people discontent
11:58 GMT
While oil resources are constantly probed and questioned for the Gulf oil states, the more pressing issue should be food shortages; a tale of commuting anecdotes so that you can smile while squirming.

April 4, 2011

Don't skip breakfast! How many times have you heard these wise words...Wondering what's to miss? Discover the possibilities and what you're missing...
14:13 GMT
Breakfast advice tailored for Lebanon, but can be manipulated for elsewhere, skyping with Gaza, zooming in on Egypt- revelations and epiphanies in that pre-take-off spell of clarity.
The line between confidence and arrogance is blurred: is one an extension of illusion of the other?
11:11 GMT
Interpret the attitude from the subject and judge the stance, some repose with fiction, and fairy tales re-born; find out what Yalla Apps means to developers and what Jesus is doing in Jordan cave.

April 3, 2011

Sacha Baron Cohen- a class act April Fool artist; whose Star joker personnas include Ali G, Borat and more recently Bruno.
20:27 GMT
April Fools remembered for an afterthought chuckle, Reviewing the weekend's activity in Syria and Jordan and defining your I.D. tag on twitter with the aid of a dedicated website.
Teenage crushes, or worse still adult, and how to identify when they're a live crush or else, and most often, not reciprocated...
12:12 GMT
Female crushes laid bare, more almost Arab identity crises, some Jordan-democracy, gearing up Lebanon for a speedy internet with a cyber-campaign finally uploaded! and don't text&drive says iPhone!

April 2, 2011

Outside the Middle East, benches and park names often memorialize active figures in the community for posterity.
14:06 GMT
Record of the Arab community in benches, Questions of identity from foreigners, trying to assimilate; Israeli perspective on Revolution and Response;Friends of Israel obstacle to Palestinian effort.

March 31, 2011

Coming out with one's sexuality to friends can elicit interesting responses
16:05 GMT
The surprising and less surprising responses by friends to 'coming out', Bashar al-Asad brought to you in English- his 'disappointing' speech translated, and a Revolution game popular on iPhone- play!
People document lives and gossip,  indeed live their lives and gossip, on Facebook, not paper anymore
11:36 GMT
A snippet review of a new book that delves into the phenomenon that is Facebook, Disappointed in Syria leader's address, and removing a Facebook page promoting Palestine does not clean out the fans.
Foreigners residing or visiting Muslim countries often far from finding it noise polluting or an irritant after a period of acclimatization often start to enjoy what is considered hauntingly stirring music
00:27 GMT
Foreigners appreciate the call for prayer, azzan, music, Lebanese erratic transportation habits not appreciated abroad, Does son come out better than father Al-Assad, and the unified message from Jo.

March 30, 2011

Over-sensitive Arabs need to medicate their condition: a tongue-and-cheek mock list from Kabobfest
15:55 GMT
Mock list of symptoms of Arabitis, Made in Lebanon and Qatar, as well as witnessing man at his worst.
More Jordanian than thou: The Palestine-Jordanian binary in the Jordanian kingdom has long plagued domestic affairs. But is it at the root of the divided riot?
00:06 GMT
Getting to the crux of Jordan's #March25, steps to losing close friends as a lesson in avoiding those pitfalls , and in recognition of the good works of Jordan's Royal Rania.