Blogs Roundup

July 24, 2011

American media outlets have been criticized for their hasty and unbalanced coverage of these Norwegian deadly incidents, 
not least the New York Times who were hot off the press with their Al Qaeda finger pointing and Muslim culpability
10:07 GMT
Feeling let down by unbalanced U.S. media coverage yet again re: the Norwegian case or Blond-Gate; Remembering the King David bombing July 22 '46- another Zionist terror perpetration that tried to duck the label of terror; and after revisiting Egypt's past on anniversary of Revolution July 23, 1952, a probing look into its future.

July 23, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik is the tall blonde suspect behind the shooting and bombing that devastated Oslo and Utoya. Said to
 be a "Christian Fundamentalist", he left 91 dead  between a government building and a youth camp site.
14:33 GMT
Digesting the Oslo attacks and the ramifications for global terror and our colored reaction to such home-brewed or right wing internal affairs as Oklahoma; Tourism fall-off in Lebanon requires damage control; Child-play and sleep- how differently children of the world live and sleep ; The Protest Song in Syria, is sung but unheard; What difference a name makes.

July 21, 2011

12:46 GMT
A blogger recounts (authentically we trust) father's harrowing tale of arrest and torture at the hands of Syrian 'old-hands' at administering brutality; News site bringing your more news forum aggregators, for the Gulf; More fun advertising that plays with fitness and tight unseemly clothes; and when a grandparent reaches toddlerhood.
Mubarak in his last months and arguably years of rule was, some say, fairly detached and 'faint' hearted as his medical condition deteriorated and others seized political advantage.
10:23 GMT
Says a respected Arab journalist through the mouth-piece of al-Hayat, this man is a man of honor now paying for holding on to power and its perks and right now he aspires for a rapid death; Can a woman have it all asks a lady in Saudi: husband, marriage, children and career? More women's issues from North Africa, a spot of fictional relief ; and 'sweet' relief from Palestine's desserts.

July 20, 2011

The Israeli navy intercepts Freedom Flotilla II more politely than on the occasion of last year's unwelcome visit by sea.
Looking out at sea:  one questions,  is it a bird, is it a plane... 'No it's a flotilla' comes the rejoinder-- the entire fleet in one
stray hanger on.
13:24 GMT
No high drama on the high seas this time round, but what exactly went on for the 'occupants' of the final flotilla ferry? Human trafficking concerns in the Gulf encompass more than just forced prostitution; Tips on quitting the UAE; Updates (not always current) on the world's slowest internet service: The Lebanon Connection.
Poor leaders, like poor film makers, make blundering decisions that can result in less fans and supporters from the
public and citizens and can be suicide for their careers. Ahmadinejad had an uprising on his hands when re-elected 2009. Bashar al-Assad is now passing punishment in place of reforms.
10:02 GMT
How to Middle Eastern leaders get it so wrong? Floping and nose-diving; Yet Jordan solves it's movie & cinema blockade issue without protests; Arabs need to wake up as they are still ;awakening; and mostly yet to rise up into the day let alone in opposition or protest, says Lama; remembering Lebanon's July War 5 years on; Amman has always had a voice & spoken says 'Hareega.'

July 19, 2011

The final Harry Potter for all Potter enthusiasts.
22:21 GMT
So Harry Potter is still going strong and turning tricks; women and shoes on the big screen; out of touch with the news outside the immediate region?- find out what's happening in Somalia; Some more wit from our favorite cartoon satirist Ink on the Side- what's your job again?
19:13 GMT
While the revolution was not about anti-Israel politics of the people, Egyptian music often still is; A woman in blue; More cross-breeding in the Social Media world- introducing a cross between Twitter and Facebook, called Scapegoat; TED does Yemen.

July 18, 2011

The SM rat-race has started: Google Plus invite apps have been doing the rounds and many are now building an impressive friend 'count' or gaining a head-start on the non-starters.
13:27 GMT
Google Plus- the lowdown and review; A dip back into Bahrain's political back-bench; kicking off on a sunny day; Hacked FB accounts in Abu Dhabi are Social Media hazard; What to do in Jordan this summer and in a Jordan that's kicking off again in the protest tournaments.
Garbage bin designs can be made to blend into their environment rather than conventional black, bright yellow
or orange plastic tips. Match your bin to your terrace or garden wall.
11:28 GMT
Kuwait doesn't always let it's garbage or waste disposal 'spoil' the scene; slating more audacious Lebanese billboard ad campaigns; When film tastes clash over politics of the subcontinent; A love-letter shared; and the order of identity for Arab Muslims- Islam first, or Syrian or Arab?

July 17, 2011

Toyota is applauded for its latest run of car ads that show the drawbacks of modern day indoor living.
14:49 GMT
Toyota ads rule, says one blogger- so see if you agree; Harry Potter is still popular as ever & here's a survey of its performance world-wide; On Israel still churning up miracles (since the Biblical ages) through Hebrew and democracy; and take a look at the Syrian revolution through the eyes of conspiracy theories.
Free us 'from' the flotilla say American woman, still stranded,  who planned to free Palestine's Gaza blockade by their
 water-borne endeavor. Prisoners by American authorities in Greece. Still.
14:13 GMT
It's not over til the fat lady sings, nor til the flotilla's safely out of the water or Greek grip; The view from Beirut's lighthouse; What if Egypt's revolution has made things worse; Jordanian murder is still murder whatever the cause, says our Jordanaholic.

July 16, 2011

Jordan demands reforms and things get ugly again in July after a relatively quiet, protest-free period since March.
15:44 GMT
Is Amman suffering from revolution envy and rejoining the power-to-the people trend so prevalent in the region? Picture of new Hama Governor sworn in by Bashar al-Assad may be photos-hopped; Childhood and innocence; If you can't keep up with Egypt's protests here's a little cheat sheet; and talking Jordan.

July 14, 2011

When a man takes a mistress, it's something he either takes to the grave or keeps hush about til his wife makes that 
discovery.  Not when that mistress is the beautiful coastal Byblos (Jubeil), north Lebanon.
12:45 GMT
This guilt-ridden man is confessing to his crime of passion, and revealing the identity of his mistress in a poem; top 10 places people lose their phones; On Beirut and her reputation; Syrian intelligence takes on a new meaning with proof of media fixing; How the Syrian regime is not helping itself; and the Palestinians even still want a state?
Oldie sexist ads are popular today - and an opportunity to view such 'bad jokes' without being labelled as un-PC or misogynistic. Still, found today on fridge magnets and giftable items.
11:21 GMT
Viewing our sexism today through the perspective of the rampant sexism in the first half of the 20th century, puts 'sexism' in a whole new light; Reshuffling Egyptian society starting with its police; Is Tahrir square turning into a Woodstock or hippie festival?; A telling off for Nancy Ajram for not being quicker to acknowledge talent in fans; When sports labels as Nike mess up.