Blogs Roundup

May 11, 2011

Bin Laden was an Arsenal fan, but he surely never attended any of their matches, or did he?!
14:00 GMT
Some personal OBL info is released, the Israeli Justice Ministry admits to an injustice (a first) and Beirut with its billboards and old houses.
Jordan and Morocco are now officially included in the GCC.
09:53 GMT
Updates in the Gulf Cooperation Council while one jumps off Burj Khalifa. A post on how to handle criticism and another on the theory and psychology of honor.

May 10, 2011

Yuval Steinitz (L) and Netanyahu.
15:00 GMT
Who do you think pays Palestinian Authority employees? What brand of cars is the most bought in Lebanon? Find out as you also read about double standards in education and the story behind young Dima.
Monopoly money at McDonald's equals free fries!
09:11 GMT
Monopoly money now has a very good use, friendship is defined by a Lebanese blogger and more on Egypt, Israel and Palestine.

May 9, 2011

Are you glad that Bin Laden is gone?
13:00 GMT
Are you glad that Bin Laden is gone, are you happy or maybe even gloating? Apart from that, Jordan seems to be the new hot thing.
Raad Kawar
07:51 GMT
A call to bring Raad Kawar -who was arrested at the Syrian border- to bring him home, humorous musings on how to kill a lover, the top 15 Blogs in Oman and a lot of talk on the sexuality of Filipina women in Lebanon.

May 8, 2011

Muslim cemeteries without Osama Bin Laden...
12:00 GMT
More on the death of Bin Laden, but the rest of the world moves on with talk on marriage, Tunis and pictures of war.
The vertical farming: a solution to the Middle East food crisis
08:21 GMT
One blogger finds the solution to the ME food crisis, another wonders if others are as freaky as her. Results of anti sectarian movement survey and talk on Omar Soliman back on the scene.

May 7, 2011

Imagine if Bush were revenge killed while home with his family, then dumped in the sea, poses Chomsky,  provocatively.
20:48 GMT
How would Americans feel if Iraqi commandos showed up on his 'compound', killed him and dumped his body in the Atlantic for his 'crimes' on their country; Surviving breaking up an Arab-relationship; The link between Friday prayers and protests; What happened to Jordan's weekly protests?

May 5, 2011

How little salt is too little for your good health?
14:30 GMT
We've heard of the dangers of excess salt intake- now we bring you a report on the inverse danger of not enough salt; What makes you strong and stronger? and the best Kabobfests of the month.
You're really a goner when Time magazine wipes you out from the face of the media as we know it.
13:36 GMT
These 4 leaders have something in common: dying at the hands of justice- self-imposed- or state ordered, and provoking celebrations and relief for their loss to humanity, defining Muslim as distinct from 'Islam'.

May 4, 2011

American's show little decorum as they celebrate death at the site of a mass grave of sorts at Ground Zero
15:26 GMT
Showing no respect at the site of mass-wreckage and deaths, And getting the distinction right- hating on America doesn't have to mean liking the mass-murdering OBL; Not to forget the Syrian struggle, and getting distracted by aesthetics in typography.

May 3, 2011

The world's champion hide-and-seeker could not elude the makers of iPhone applications, Apple- the heroes of the day
13:03 GMT
Great advertising opportunity for Apple, the makers of the iPhone app. that may have led to Osama's demise, if this rumor proves true.
A sea burial at the hand s of Americans would not have sat well with Osama, nor with Islamic protocol for handling the deceased.
09:29 GMT
Unless you've been in a bubble, word on the street, and even more in the ocean is on the death of OBL-- a few more perspectives and post-mortem thoughts, theories, reflections on a man who outsmarted the world for a while...

May 2, 2011

The world looks on with mixed feelings as the news hits the screens, TV and internet of OBL's death.
15:47 GMT
Osama B-L has been killed and lies presumably in the sea: A couple of perspectives from the region and beyond on this long-time-coming death.