Blogs Roundup

May 19, 2011

Starbucks on a declining popularity slope in the Mideast with its long-alleged association with the Zionist movement.
13:52 GMT
Feeding the anti-Starbucks propaganda machine with a creepy cautionary tale, on Mom's shock-and-gross-out threshold, It only happens on the streets of Jordan and Peaceful Palestinians aren't a new phenomenon.
Racial profiling on appearance: Dressing in Muslim garb can be problematic with women due to a public need for transparency of identity, but what of men and Muslim clerics?
09:25 GMT
When looking too Muslim scares people, modern-day flirting -- are women today easier to win-over? The public image of Copts in Egypt, What Obama is set to gain from his anti-Bad Guys campaign, and kidnapped journalist speaks on time in Syrian captivity.

May 18, 2011

What does Kuwait think of sharing its GCC status with new not traditionally Gulf members?
20:52 GMT
A Kuwait blog vote tells us something of the confusion surrounding this expansion, what does a blog entry sound like when it has nothing to say, and the wet reception at Beirut this week.
Gyms are public places so one can expect to have complaints- like the choice of music, lighting and temperature
15:45 GMT
When a gym turns nightmarish, what follows giant hummus and tabbouleh is... also a Lebanese dish that tries to prove that largest is best, and an introduction to a fantastic comedy centered around- of all seemingly non-funny subjects- IT people!

May 17, 2011

Learning the results of this medical blood test may impose an expiry date on your life.
15:04 GMT
You could pay 400 pounds sterling to take a blood test to determine how long you will live, Nakba is erased from Israeli text books for Arab students, The movie on the heels of Caramel set to rock Cannes, and E-book on E-gypt is a way to put a sell-able form on all these chronicles and blogs of revolution.
Tea can give rise to an 'effervescent' fizzing experience in the heat of the desert.
10:39 GMT
It's the question on many Mid-East and particularly Ammani residents are asking: Shoofeemafi sheds the light on your tea questions and leaves you thirsty for a journey of discovery Eastward..Why can't we 'dislike' on Facebook and PhD humor as well as some introspection on reconciling body satisfaction with change for the better.

May 16, 2011

Maggi theft reports in Jordan: When a soup is worth stealing for
15:19 GMT
Crimes against Maggi, committing horrific faux pas at Lebanese Weddings (skipping the salon!) and a political poem of Libya's oppressed past.
Imagine this scene becoming a reality for a population of non-driving Saudi ladies
10:20 GMT
Saudi women plan to take steering wheel charge next month, A Nakba that captured the imagination and brought Fairuz songs to life, and a war that still rages between Mac and PC.

May 15, 2011

Egyptian Christians at Tahrir Square.
15:00 GMT
Egypt is still on fire while Palestinians remember Al Nakbeh with imagining what they’ll do once Palestine is free. Foreign Policy brings together a number of blogs from the middle east that it thinks are worth reading, even by Obama himself.
Hamas's official website:
08:31 GMT
Remembering the Nakba. Hamas gets online. A treat for art lovers and a blogger falling for a city.

May 14, 2011

Salafis demand Hindus & Buddhists who were Muslims in a previous life to reconvert.
15:00 GMT
Making fun of Salafis and their weird behavior. Still a lot to say on the new GCC updates. Talk about Bin Laden and a Porn collection and finally a tattoo gone wrong.
Art work by - Mohammed Hassona
10:13 GMT
An all Nakba blog roundup, artwork, information, data, videos and literature.

May 12, 2011

Barid Refugee Camp - Nakba 1948
15:00 GMT
Comparing Palestinian and Zionist Israeli leadership, some advise for company executives and entrepreneurs, how Bin Laden ‘used’ to pick a wife.
May 21st: Is the End near?
08:31 GMT
The end of the world is very near according to some, while others remember the also very close Nakba. News of Asma Al Assad's Vogue profile disappearing and last but not least some laughs on mother in laws.

May 11, 2011

Bin Laden was an Arsenal fan, but he surely never attended any of their matches, or did he?!
14:00 GMT
Some personal OBL info is released, the Israeli Justice Ministry admits to an injustice (a first) and Beirut with its billboards and old houses.