Blogs Roundup

July 11, 2011

A child crying after a parental scolding. In the Arab world, parents are often sensitive to points that would not unsettle
a non-Arab family as much, mocks Kabobfest blogs.
11:36 GMT
A step-by-step guide to shaming your Arab parents by acts that might not bother 'other' parents; Hide and seek from a traumatized recollection; Mocking job-listings in Arabia; innovations in language learning that lend a modern sexy multi-media note to English learning from Turkey.

July 10, 2011

Mud-bathing in the Dead Sea, Jordan. Closing the chapter of the much bandied about Arab Spring, we now usher in the Arab Summer.
15:30 GMT
Moving on from that Arab Spring, we greet the Arab Summer; Websites, portals, blogs and the thin but significant lines between these new-age content forms; How dictators profit from the internet and manipulate it to stamp out democracy; Trends in business ventures in Jordan; and remembering Mubarak's torture crimes.
A pensive looking grad student absorbed in his own thoughts.  Maybe carrying the weight of a thesis on his shoulders might 
attract him to prayer.
11:42 GMT
Check out this comic sketch or cartoon prayer for PhDs; 10 reasons no one is interested in your Blog; Supporting Gaddafi against Nato bombings- when a 'friend' turns foe; Blogger missing in Syria is neither gay nor female; typing without finger tapping; and London sings for Syria.

July 9, 2011

A Gulf flight circles low over Abu Dhabi not a far leap from the regional flight Dubai-to-Kuwait that exposed a drunken Kuwait air-line pilot.
15:12 GMT
The audacity of piloting a plane while drunk and more so while in a 'dry' region as Kuwait; anti-Semetic found on a Jewish Judge's website; identity and guilt when describing yourself as a Palestinian whose home is elsewhere; the decadence of printing chocolate lettering; and comparing the quagmire of Lebanese politics to League football is helpful; When to not worry.

July 7, 2011

Two CEO's Mark Zuckerberg and Tony Bates of FB and Skype, respectively, plan a move that could spell trouble for countries
on the balance in the Middle East: Facebook plans to merge Skype popular phone-video facility into its chatting feature.
17:00 GMT
Why Abu Dhabi could tip the balance of 'stable' Gulf states during this revolution season if Skype gets sneakily re-introduced through the pesky Facebook; Begging children at Mecca; Occupied, camp-dwelling Palestinians do not have the 'status' to revolt.
Framing Israel as a (sexy and neurotic) psychotic collective?
But who is this shrink supposed to be-- 'us' , the world, the 'other side'- the clinical 'neutral' UN? This video clip comes from a
Hasbara 'stop the flotilla' drive.
12:30 GMT
A country's nightmares treated: Israel admits its problems and sickness and claims to be a traumatized victim of flotilla hysteria-- take a look at this latest Israeli campaign to sink the Flotilla movement; On business class travelers or self-believing first class passengers to Beirut; East Jerusalem has a drug problem; and Israel enters into the blog-warfare fray via Al Jazeera.
Keeping your husband happy in the bedroom will prevent him from needing to go elsewhere, hence curbing human trafficking
and perversions outside of wedlock, is the theory espoused by the Muslim-collective, the  'Obedient Wives Club'.
09:48 GMT
From Jordan to Singapore: Preaching on being a first-class prostitute- to keep husbands happy and societies ills at bay; taxing movies in Jordan may put a halt on new release showings; Lebanon ranks high in Rule of Law index for the MENA region; Facebook wants to be Skype.

July 6, 2011

Watch out for hoax or hacked news online where it's often a free-for-all. Questions of trust and media role online are rearing their ugly head again, with this latest faux death announcement.
14:00 GMT
Fox News broadcast via its social media Twitter the death of President Barak Obama; Turning an already unideal landscape into something even less pretty- the case for aesthetic Jordan by the Ugly Duckling; Courage is fighting by flotilla; and the Lancet uncovers the devastating impact of occupation on mothers- in- labor at checkpoints; and relying on the internet during revolution.
This generation Y expects more and has access to more, arguably,  in terms of technology and tools, but expects to work less.
08:48 GMT
These young things have less of an idea of hard graft; Food for thought in how the end goals we seek to obtain are nothing without the journey or sacrifice behind them-- i.e. free goals are worth less!; Stop 'liking' on Facebook! ; Iran set to launch its own internet (not just domain or social network, but internet) and building castles in cyberspace.

July 5, 2011

Ad appeal: Funky or awe-inspiring ads are everywhere - in the region and out. Smart ads can earn the appreciation of the consumer who does not feel
insulted or tricked by subliminal advertising into buying.
15:47 GMT
One blogger shares 13 advertisements that struck him by their flare; Staying with the flotilla come rain or shine; Islam seen through Bible classes; and Bahrain delivers some interesting statistics courtesy of Al Jazeera.
Mecca the Holiest Site of worship and focal point  for Muslims who face its direction during daily prayer, needs no introduction. Muslims often aspire to visit- whether for annual pilgrimage (once in a lifetime is required) or 'Omra'.
14:29 GMT
Peruse a Jordanian woman's dream travel destinations; keeping an eye on Hama- its history has not become a relic in its death-stained past just yet; This July 4th entry is scathing, so don't expect any USA, USA!; a flailing flotilla plight- an interview with an activist, nipped in the bud; and find out about the power, or even definition, of crowd-sourcing in Egypt.

July 4, 2011

Yellow Submarine and other cartoon hits as Fantasia make it into this top 10 'trippy' movie special. "This cartoon that sends
 John, Paul, George and Ringo on a mission to defeat the Blue Meanies and restore color to Pepperland is easily the trippiest
 movie the Beatles were ever (loosely) associated with. The entire movie is a psychedelic lark with music."
13:45 GMT
Top psychedelic movies: Space Odyssey is in there- but many other are relatively obscure and should maybe be watched with your feet firmly on the ground; new traffic light technology to save costs where these traffic signals are often wasted on a free-wheeling population (more Lebanon than some more observant of the red orange and green); Iraq today; more Palestine.
This strained yoghurt dip we know as Labneh is Greek yoghurt for a long-standing tradition now in Europe and the U.S.
12:21 GMT
Labneh semantics are political in the western 'Mezzeh' consuming world; the campaign to float the flotilla as far as Gaza and to sabotage it's landing peaks today; we've touched on the Greeks, now back to the 'Geeks' and search engine possibilities; Lebanon, where marketing power-generators is a bad sign for Lebanon's electrical dreams; a new Egyptian newspaper- Tahrir Daily; and reporting this year's tourist season in Lebanon.

July 3, 2011

'Cat-walks' should not feature in your daily walk to the grocers, corner shop or bus stops, and dressing within reason should 
not cause a stir like a fashion parade that leaves you oggled at like a 'loose' woman, says Indian blogger-ess.
14:31 GMT
Spreading the anti-Sexual harassment campaign to the Far East in Muslim/ Hindu India; Nasrallah's theatrical reaction to the Special Tribunal Lebanon (STL) indictment; Google challenges Facebook; Geometric warfare between mobile phone companies; Aleppo is being protected by the army from the rest of Syria; and roadtraffic ticket scourge penalizes Kuwaiti drivers.
What Arabs really think of Palestinians.
11:02 GMT
These Arabs are known among the Palestinian wider Arab world of 'stereotyping', but are not usually articulated in this explicit fashion like every unspoken reality in the region. Israel does not hold the monopoly on moral bankruptcy as Greece steps in tow; keeping it local with a blogger's mid-blog-life crisis? confessiosn of sexual harassment; stepping outside of our region to Haiti;