Blogs Roundup

June 14, 2011

Updating your Facebook relationship update just got more interesting with AXE
17:32 GMT
Is Facebook reflecting or directing behavior in relationships with this latest multiple girlfriend option, Shawarma on a plane- plate or sandwich? Always Coca Cola! and still looking at you Mr. Thomas "A Gay (Straight) Girl (Man) in Damascus (Edinburgh)" MacMaster, and a Kuwaiti woman pays the price of passionate massacre.

June 13, 2011

African migrant workers in Lebanon are commonly found serving in the domestic help arena. Some come from French-speaking nations as Madagascar.
16:15 GMT
Step outside your own world and into that of a cleaner for moment, Twitter crime arrests- for speaking out against your neighbor's government, Amman taxis slamming to a lethal halt, and not taking the US at face value, and historical Makkah.
Tom MacMaster, a 40-year-old Middle East activist studying for a masters at Edinburgh University is the notorious hoax Syrian blogger.
13:38 GMT
Now 'this' Mr. Jeremy Paxman is indeed a cautionary tale: "Journalists covering a story about a hoax should be careful to verify the existence of their sources." says Book maniac. The regional bloggosphere goes up in arms at the non-Arab fraudster male living in Scotland of American heritage. Gulf countries rate high in wealth, quel surprise. And Beirut reborn.

June 12, 2011

Mothers are often expected to be the best multi-taskers: but here the mother might miss the child's mouth altogether as she juggles work and feeding.
14:45 GMT
Multi-tasking is impossible, Jordanian Geeks making Jordan a better place, Find out who really runs the show in the US of A, Charity linking with a techie difference, and improve your journalism skills for 5 days with Reuters in the UK to serve you in your country back home.
Sexual subjects are largely hidden from children to young adults in the Middle East and the young find out from 'others'.
12:53 GMT
Would an open approach toward the taboo subject of sex be such a bad thing in the region? Why do I like 'cupcakes' more than I like 'people'? Still asking questions about Amina who has now been proven to be the creation of a hoax, Energy 'rich' countries run short of energy, and the appeal (or not) of graphic images in the media.

June 11, 2011

Saleh might have to face that he crossed a line of no return (the Saudi border)
14:13 GMT
Will the band of ousted or runnaway leaders soon swell to a quartet? Still stuck on Amina, but not forgetting greater Syria, hippos, and Gaza.

June 9, 2011

This case of the missing blogger has opened a whole can of worms: Who is she?
20:10 GMT
Is there an Amina? Is she a fictional blog persona or alter ego? Living in the sun doesn't mean you get your dose of sunshine if you're staying indoors, Zionism, and Twitter usage peaks in the Gulf.
The last Jew in Kabbul's last Synagogue has not yet traded his last refreshment
10:01 GMT
The last Jew living in Kabul trades business from the only synagogue in Afghanistan, A sofa fit for a King, Getting rid of Saleh, and rethinking your own Islam.

June 8, 2011

Web-start-up haven: Jordan, gave rise to Yahoo's  'Maktoob' -  the first Arabic/English email service provider
14:43 GMT
Homing in on Jordan's news, tech, and web start-up prowess this last decade, more on that Rafah crossing that maybe proved to be an illusive victory for Gaza?
Speculation on whether the notorious Syrian blogger, Amina Abdulla Arraf, even exists
13:31 GMT
A mood of intrigue and speculation is growing on possible misinformation surfacing from Syria lately- including the missing lady blogger and Al-Jazeera's alleged bad misconduct. Otherwise, mosques under construction, un-banning the Gaga, and something of a 30-something crisis.

June 7, 2011

Maybe an outing to see this cheeky film-- 'Horrible Bosses'  if you're feeling a bit dispirited at work by your Chief, might help?
13:41 GMT
A new movie to capture our fertile imaginations, hating on bosses is bound to cause a commotion!, Can you keep up with Apple releases, Losing patience with a courier service, Another charged date in Egypt's calendar, and some gritty Arab social media stats.
Gay in Damascus, outspoken on this and tracking of the Syrian situation, she is now in the hands of the Syrian authorities.
10:18 GMT
An unlikely and even less straight hero of revolt in a conservative country, Breaking up with one of your social networks when you feel used, a few of a friendly blogger's favorite things, and eavesdropping into workers' minds leads to cross-purposes between Mars and Venus.

June 6, 2011

The etiquette of baby-handling is best learnt by applying a touch of humor.
14:19 GMT
Enjoy this piece of devilish cartoon satire on what to avoid doing with your baby, the hidden thrills and roller-coaster experience that is cab-rides in Jordan, One person's Naksa is another person's Jerusalem day, Arab world latest digest, and looking at the lackeys of Syrian Leader.
When you've got surplus money to 'throw about' you might well shower it down on entertainers at a party...
11:09 GMT
This Saudi guy has money to burn, so he's entertaining us with his bounty: strippers, dough, we can only wonder what else went on behind the scenes...; Skimping on local news while you've been distracted by the Arab world or cucumbers, here's a lens to Jordan; when Kuwaiti kids can't ask questions; and honk for Saudi women; or get meditative with monks in Egypt.

June 5, 2011

Kuwaity woman calling for Concubines suggests tapping into Chechnya for supplies of Muslim women that could be imported. They live in strife and a war zone already, after all.
14:49 GMT
What do Sarah Palin, Star of David, Donuts, Rainbow Street Amman, concubines for Kuwait ,Ali Abdullah Saleh and Arab Grafitti have in common? This Blog roundup might leave you none the wiser...