Blogs Roundup

April 21, 2011

Comparing the romantic idyll so many of us are raised with to the sobering reality
14:34 GMT
Keeping it real, a reminder that real life at odds with our romantic notions, European lunch breaks in the park applied to the ME, Amman Tech Tuesdays event, a review of best Arab propaganda.
Kids and guns has always been a taboo subject
12:22 GMT
The right to guns, the right to niqabs, taking a break from a relationship with the city of Beirut.
Time to clean up your act for Spring, especially if you didn't apply your New Year's resolutions.
09:03 GMT
Tackling the renewal cycle and cleaning up your act come Spring, coordinating your attire to the brand, and a poll of Beirutis on their take on the larger picture.

April 20, 2011

The form that fills these elaborate dresses must be suitably made-up to match the dress; hence the big trade of wedding make-up.
20:14 GMT
Lebanese brides should should not have their thunder stolen by female guests? Don't forget Lebanese politics, a new sparky Jordanian mag on the scene, and ingredients of a successful relationship.

April 19, 2011

Arabs abroad (tourists) like to photograph the Golden Arches, says an Arab resident in the U.S.
15:15 GMT
Arabs abroad snap up obese people, blondes, and the rest of this list, time and time again, says an observer, a Yemen woman shares her thoughts on single sex protesting, and hashtags in advertising.
12:57 GMT
Tracking our Levantine iPhonographer capturing Damascus to Amman, the low-down on TED as it visits Abu Dhabi, buying cheaper property in Lebanon, Syrian comedy, an outside-inside view of Revolutio

April 18, 2011

Walking for fitness: reaps benefits and can be done on a Corniche, treadmill or while shopping
15:25 GMT
Walking as an alternative to intense spot of running can not only be gentler on limbs but effective, racism from Israel not just toward Palestinians, Yemen leader split on women, Amman's street-life.
Dating decently in Beirut - while not a walk in the park, does not have to be a walk on the wild side either
12:07 GMT
How to date in Beirut and avoid the pitfalls, Vintage shopping in Cairo cam turn your home into a laughing-stock, Sufiism, Social Media, the woman everyone's talking about- Suad Amiry at TED.
Revolution brought by outsiders or imperial powers, say the U.S of A? or home-brewed?
02:31 GMT
A lot of Arabs found the Gene Sharp theory patronizing, this idea bandied about early in the Rev, that an American thesis had been borrowed by the uprising. Each revolution has its own playing field.

April 17, 2011

Inspirational personal narratives at TEDxRamallah leave audience in positive spirits
21:55 GMT
TEDxRamallah was a big hit with its corollary, out reach, cities. A couple of reports from Amman on this prestigious world intellectual 'new ideas' platform event broadcast out of Ramallah.

April 16, 2011

This iconic silent entertainment artist used to champion the freedom to not utter a word!
12:20 GMT
Silent antics more impact, a loud legacy, than any famous lines he might have uttered: Charlie Chaplin remembered, an Italian Pal-activist killed by Gazans, Beirut we love you!Syrian disappointment.

April 14, 2011

I thought I'd blog home about marrying my favorite blogger!
13:00 GMT
A real human interest story- a little pre-wedding excitement shared! Singling out the clothe-patrolling nations, ushering in TEDxRamallah to Amman, and Which Hamra?
Does political chit-chat burn more calories than gossip?
11:47 GMT
The gym is not an escape from political talk at this time, but do you really want to pant your way through sensitive matters as regional politics with gym buddies? Turning 30 nerves strike a 26yr old.

April 13, 2011

Box your life into order...
23:39 GMT
Discovery, Jordan-based Art scene samples, A morbid experience, Tricks to Tidiness, and how to share photos across smart phone species.
Appreciating plumbing and the basic utility that we call 'toilet'.
17:03 GMT
Try living without a toilet, celebrating world traditional costumes, the final fictional treat of the series , Get to know Linked In another social networking tool, and 'picture' this book, for kids.