Blogs Roundup

December 15, 2013

These Syrian boys in Lebanon may not have to wear pajamas outside anymore.
11:52 GMT
Some good news for once for the Syrian refugees living in Northern Lebanon. A civilian initiative showed that they have not forgotten the homeless among them; Christian militias or extremists? and Fargam the monkey makes Iranian space history.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
07:43 GMT
Oh how so many need a break from reality! Walter Mitty teaches the world how to engage in some first-class fantasy fun-fare! Santa's sleigh to miss Syria; use Egypt's mosques for shelter, please! and Lebanon’s Top 20 Entrepreneurs.

December 14, 2013

A little Syria refugee holds her baby brother who froze to death. (Arabsaga)
15:12 GMT
One little baby boy literally froze to death and there seems to be no end soon in sight for those Syrians stuck in canvas tents across the region; more storm photos from Amman, and America explained by an Arab to other Arabs.

December 13, 2013

A berry bush in Amman feels the cold. (image courtesy of
08:31 GMT
Some areas are having fun with all of this snowfall, others are fed up already and for all the refugees or those still stuck in Syria, these icy blasts have blocked aid, destroyed shelters and presented them with another side of their 'living hell'.
Witches are only in fairy tales, but is white privilege a fable as well?
23:40 GMT
Apparently 'Taco Day' or 'Falafel Fridays' just don't do enough to address the inherent power relations between racial groups; the 2014 Golden Globe Nominations are here; Al Arabiya ruins Obama's selfie; and Ahmadis get no respect in Pakistan.

December 12, 2013

A Muslim woman smiles.
07:54 GMT
In the MENA region perhaps more than anywhere else the world, women need to stand up for each other and these five are setting the bar for activism; with all of this negotiating, where do Jihadis go? and roll on that oily goodness!

December 11, 2013

The late Nelson Mandela.
08:48 GMT
Non-violence and peaceful reconciliation could have gone a long way, instead of the deadly posturing by Egypt's government; Dutch journalist freed in Yemen; the truth about Viber; and removing Bedouins without consulting them.

December 10, 2013

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif
11:24 GMT
After months of closed door meetings and public gatherings, the West finally made an agreement with Iran. And now it might all go up in smoke; Bibi and Peres skipping Mandela's funeral; famous Egyptian activist arrested; and Syria and journalists don't mix.
Imagine reading tweets from the likes of this guy!
06:47 GMT
Of the few remaining groups not yet on twitter, including your nana's knitting club, Al Qaeda is no longer one of them. They are back and tweeting furiously! Art in Egypt; Oman is Iran's meal ticket; and soccer hooligans trash Messi's fan page.

December 9, 2013

Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu.
11:13 GMT
Most prominent Israeli politicians can discuss Iran without invoking various forms of apocalypse or foaming at the mouth. Not Bibi; Lebanon vs Dubai; how UAE residents can recycle their old laptops; and a racist Israeli meets an Arab soccer player.
How much money would shaving Sam Elliot's moustache off bring?
06:12 GMT
Every man is looking for an excuse not to shave. One group spearheaded a facial hair fundraiser to support the children of Syria this winter; did Iran give the U.S. Hassane Laqees? Israel wins again; and Samsung's Note 3 just got more colorful.

December 8, 2013

Spiderman 2 is going to hit theaters soon.
12:19 GMT
Gradly is head over heels for the new Spiderman 2 trailer. With phrases like ' freakin’ spectacular' and 'totally awesome', he's hooked; visit Saudi, be detained indefinitely; old Yemen through new lenses; and Israelis hypocritically eulogize Mandela.
A CIA drone like the ones used in Pakistan.
07:46 GMT
Lawyers are attempting to get English courts to examine whether UK officials at GCHQ share information about targets in Pakistan with the CIA; Obama hopeful about Iranian deal; and Saudi and Iran meeting behind closed doors.

December 7, 2013

Arabs say farewell to an ally and a hero, Nelson Mandela.
09:07 GMT
“If one has to refer to any of the parties as a terrorist state, one might refer to the Israeli government, because they are the people who are slaughtering defenseless and innocent Arabs in the occupied territories"; Snipers go nuts in Bethlehem; and a tribute to yasser.

December 5, 2013

Hackers can do almost anything these days. (Shutterstock)
11:00 GMT
Dear God, if there are viruses that can live in our computers and memorize all our passwords, then surely the sky is falling! the Arab Spring in Egypt makes itself illegal; tech reviewers arrested in Iran; and Fox in a frenzy over female only swimming.