Blogs Roundup

April 15, 2014

Photographer Khaled Hussein from Youm 7 was shot by the Egyptian government at today's rally.
08:22 GMT
As a sign of things going from bad to worse in Egypt, live ammunition was used against students and now reporters at Cairo University; Lebanon was once really cool; a Syrian inventor reduced to selling water; and a daily look at Jeddah

April 14, 2014

Google's newest gizmo 'Google Glass'.
14:45 GMT
For all the techies waiting to get their hands on the glasses that will turn you into some sort of demigod, the Google Glass hits the shelves tomorrow; West Bank village blocked for Passover; Iran not going to Atlantic; and last week in Lebanon.
Mussolini's motorcade drives through Libya. (YouTube)
10:20 GMT
An archived video from 1937 shows just how entrenched Libya was by the colonization of Italy- even the minarets were crying out "Viva Italia!"; sometimes the commercials just flat-out lie; sexy in a face veil; and the Ethiopian Dam is making controversy again.

April 13, 2014

A nuclear tower like this one may be in Iran's future.
14:30 GMT
From the information made available to the foreign press, it appears it's always sunny in the Geneva Two room. The forecast, however, may be calling for storms; April 13th- a solemn day in Lebanon; 2014- the year of the woman in KSA; and confusion between the U.S. and Iran.
Happy Palm Sunday to all Arab Christians all over the world.
10:56 GMT
In many Arab countries, the resident Christian communities take time out to celebrate the remembrance of Jesus entering into Jerusalem on a donkey, introducing himself as the Prince of Peace. Many would hope for that to be true today.

April 12, 2014

A Coptic script that dates back close to the time of Jesus has been ruled authentic. (Informed Comment)
23:45 GMT
An ancient Coptic manuscript has been proven to be indeed ancient and on it, Jesus mentions his wife as a disciple. True or not, should this change contemporary treatment of women? Big women are sexier in Lebanon; and Hillary gets high-heeled!
Jailed Iranian blogger Mohammad Reza Pourshajari is known by his pen name Siamak Mehr.
00:04 GMT
A jailed blogger is being denied medical treatment and is instead being systematically tortured in a tiny cell by the Iranian government; iTunes going HD; what race attracts the most lovers? and Jazz star John McLaughlin plays in Ramallah.

April 10, 2014

Good news fellas! Your replacement teeth are just around the corner.
11:20 GMT
Most people either have missing teeth or an uncle with a radiant toothless smile. Soon, a simple piss in a cup will bring back that pearly splendor; six Arab foods foreigners hate; save the antiquities in Egypt; and nuclear talks in Iran done... for now.

April 9, 2014

Secretary of State Kerry sits with Palestinian PM Abbas
12:41 GMT
Ne'er has an administration been so blatant in pointing fingers at the settlement buildings and break of the Oslo Treaty as ruining the peace talks; a lot of money from America goes to Lebanon; and Twitter is about to pop!
Ten reasons men over forty are a great catch for the ladies.
09:49 GMT
Any single men over forty looking for a defense of your awesomeness? Jaraad lays out ten reasons, and even backs them up with the Quran! Anonymous strikes Israeli sites again; and little children eating lemons in slow motion.

April 8, 2014

Lebanese singer Maya Diab turns heads in her outfits, for better or worse.
15:45 GMT
While she's no sight for sore eyes, some Lebanese do not like the amount of skin singer Maya Diab chooses to show; seven things parents are doing all wrong; and a female reporter visits Tripoli without a veil and gets accosted by a five year old.
Tunisians are proud of their new state but the economy is still lagging.
08:40 GMT
One visit to Tunisia and the lighter mood and hopeful strides of the people is evident. Now this theme needs to be transferred to the new economy; terror attack in Bulgaria traced to Lebanon; and 100 days since Al Jazeera Staff imprisoned.

April 7, 2014

Samsung is winning the big screen smartphone wars but Apple might soon be a threat.
15:46 GMT
The people have spoken and Apple has heard their cries. Those who like the bigger screen are in store for a real treat with the newest iPhone; a woman's worst nightmare; 75 year old priest killed in Syria; and Ethiopian worker dead in Lebanon.
Afghani women vote in the recent election. (YouTube)
06:00 GMT
Believe it or not, despite the threat from the Taliban, the Afghanis came out in droves and it seems that a fair democratic election took place; Pope says 'Nope' to Son of God movie; and beauty tips every girl must know.

April 6, 2014

Michael “Mike” Harari was the best there ever was in the original Israeli Special forces.
13:07 GMT
Michael “Mike” Harari was given the highest honor by the Israeli Special Forces and his stories, like the car chase in Italy, are unbelievable; a tribal massacre in Egypt; Bahrain's U.S. Embassy fiasco; and Israeli forces shoot a Jewish cameraman.