Blogs Roundup

February 14, 2011

Women's Rights in the region patchy- while classes in Egypt mingle so have men and women...
08:47 GMT
Women's Rights, Restrain the Revelry, While we were in Egypt tensions on the rise in fellow North African Algeria, and Love is Playing it Safe in Beirut's Bars for Valentines Day.

February 13, 2011

This mixed royal marriage where Greek mingles with Dane, would surely not have been subjected to the same scrutiny that commoners' foreign spouse's must stand the test of.
18:36 GMT
Why to be mindful of the rigorous qualifications required to marry Danish before you take the plunge, A dip into the Gulf of the 70s through some unopened letters, and twitter stats that don't lie.
Egyptian Embassies world-wide are the focal point of Jubilation.
14:51 GMT
Local residents in Amman share their euphoria for Egyptians as well as more Internet Stats coming out of the Revolution.A spotlight on the demographic of Jordan- the binary of Inside and Outside Amman

February 12, 2011

Western Celebrities as Lohan join the army of regional celebrities who are commenting on Egypt
20:32 GMT
Lindsay Lohan shares her congratulations and political concerns on Egypt's developments.

February 10, 2011

Zooming into the Gulf
18:00 GMT
A storm is brewing over the Gulf region and it's not a dust storm....
A racist cookie?
15:07 GMT
Try this cookie on for size, have a preview of Solar Ecological Friendly UAE, and Syria catches up with the facebook frenzy of the Middle East.

February 9, 2011

We know the Iraqi's have been the subject of protests for years now. Can they rally round to form their own Revolution?
15:34 GMT
Iraqis have been taking to the streets to protest their many grievances, Saudi on arab-rebels, and a Beiruty looks at the Muslim Brotherhood.
It is not the King Mohammed VI of Morocco that is to blame for the malaise in his country.
12:49 GMT
A social malaise exists in Morocco but who should a revolt target?A report on 'Dis-Honour' killing #2 of 2011 Jordan,The streets of Egypt are still swarming with the populace- a psychological analysis

February 8, 2011

Drivers on the Arab Street are notorious for driving recklessly, especially dangerous in challenging weather conditions.
15:42 GMT
A responsible Kuwaity citizen pleads with people to drive safely especially in bad weather, Spiritual wise and poignant and fair words from the late King, Tin Tin in Arabia, and a Struggling Tweep
Google announces the release from Egyptian hands of Google Mid-East front man via Twitter
11:32 GMT
Missing link from Google MENA is back, Spanish Rumba and Gaza- what's the connection? Egypt in Chess language, and Musings and Rantings from local voices.

February 7, 2011

The answer to everything in the universe in a number?
17:04 GMT
Why 42? More information leak patterns from an insider, and an Israeli voice that speaks out on how he feels confident and impressed that Arab rage did not only get directed at his people.
Hackers can cause a buzz in these times characterized by Wikileaks- social media revolution- and general on-line political unrest.
13:36 GMT
A Hacking Jordan scheme unhatched, A marriage with a generous guest list in Tahrir Square, More scandal for the regime, straight from Egypt's prisons..., and the secret to Ikea's commercial success.

February 6, 2011

Celebration of Being of Arab heritage: people in the Arab world are feeling a surge in pride today.
15:53 GMT
10 things to celebrate about the Arab Heritage from the vantage point of 2011, more impassioned views of the MIddle East from 'far-out', and how does a Social Media Revolution really look?
Other factors were at work, but the youth certainly mobilized this Arab Awakening Armed with computer Artillery
12:41 GMT
The youth as vanguard for this mass-movement, Mubarak's Massive fortune Measured, Bahrain in the week ahead and more on women at work.

February 5, 2011

Media is based in quiet studios cannot capture the essence of a people's revolt.
18:56 GMT
A reporter from the field tries to explain the indescribable feeling of being in Cairo during the revolt.