Blogs Roundup

March 3, 2011

The Green Book is one of a series of penned works by Author Qaddafi
20:29 GMT
Delving into Qaddafi's other top-selling book titles beyond the Green Book, carpooling in Lebanon, 20 things we bet you've heard asked about the protests in Jordan, and TED runs on Arab Revolutions.
Syrian's First Lady is most magnetic of first ladies, says Vogue.
10:21 GMT
Lebanon&Syria respond to the storm on light n frothy Vogue piece on Syria's first Lady.Would it have been the same if it were Queen Rania being celebrated, asks a Syrian blogger. &On Sexing-up Jordan.
Are we hard-wired to love the several we may love whenever we meet them in our lives?
00:18 GMT
If you don't fall under the category of one love for life,would you love the same people whenever you met them? Wahhabi Islam & women, Anti-Semitism not extending to Arabs and the playground of youth.

March 2, 2011

Britain's prestigious university, the LSE, may have validated a ghost-written doctoral thesis by Saif al-Gaddafi
09:42 GMT
A map of the ME plotting falls&survivals, frequently used lies by dictators holding on to power, 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' - allegations of cheating son, Arab poets, &argument tips.

March 1, 2011

Women have impossible to-do-lists that include career and home
23:30 GMT
What women want versus what they get, road trip entertainment should be able to travel across countries, A Promise on Palestine, and to blog more. A UK documentary applauded.
Jordan could boost its economy harnessing its bountiful sunshine into alternative energy sources.
14:48 GMT
It's hard to remember Sunny Jordan times as it rains, but think of the profit to be made from Sun, and if you can't get rid of an unpopular Arab leader in real-time, try your luck at computer games.

February 28, 2011

Oscar and a King's Speech when the world is more interested in a falling Ruler's (Gaddafi's) Speech(es)
21:23 GMT
Waning Ruler Speeches nab real Oscar spotlight, Israel's ungracious response to its Oscar star, settlers rough-handled by police criticize Israeli force, and a peek into the hide-out of Gaddhafi.
Lebanon's never been short of causes for protest: Cedar Revolution, and anti Israeli campaigns.
11:59 GMT
What ifs....What alternative reality might Lebanon seek if the question were put to it, what if the Simpsons were real, and what if Saudi Arabia really protested.
Saudi King should have watched movie "The Social Network" before trusting the face behind the 'revolutionary' Book of Faces.
01:02 GMT
Perhaps Arab leaders should pool their riches to buy Online Revolution Agents, Facebook, Twitter; Sentencing Reflects Progress in Jordan Honor Killings, FB love, Public Speaking Tips, And Now Lebanon?

February 27, 2011

President Bashar Al-Assad Wife, Asma: "the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies." with her simple chic style.
12:10 GMT
First Ladies of the Mid East, Not forgetting Yemen & Bahrain ordeals, Starbucks the choice coffee of Arab pride, and Iraq has nothing to protest with the dirty work of leader hunting was done for them

February 26, 2011

New Burger Joints in Middle East cause grammar protests
20:31 GMT
National identity in the Middle East is not as straightforward as before (if it ever was) with new flags and challenges of loyalty versus rebellion. The Middle East undergoes an existential crisis...

February 24, 2011

Arabian dreams...
15:09 GMT
Arabian dreams become the stuff of nightmares as Saudi riots are predicted.
10:49 GMT
Remembering a Queen's Short-Lived Reign - but cherished legacy- as Queen Consort of Jordan on the 33rd anniversary of her death; Lebanese and Gay, Gay in the Middle East and Designer Babies, (or Not).

February 23, 2011

Aliens? A revolution from out of space? Some, suggested strange noises were an attack from 'outerspace' Wednesday 23rd February, Amman.
20:25 GMT
Jordan shudders to unidentified rumbles in a climate of unrest, natural disasters on the news and tension in the region.Saluting the Libyan people but not ignoring the un-hashed, and Cindarella's Blog
The love affair between 'Casanova' Berlesconi and Colonel Qaddafi has not lost its Italian Romance just yet
11:13 GMT
Both the subject of scandal, known to have met 11 times in the last 3years and keeping the affair going strong throughout the recent tensions testing the tie; Also, UK-side,Muslim and Gay and Happy?