Blogs Roundup

March 9, 2014

Women protesting against domestic violence in Lebanon on Women's International Day. (Image: Blog Baladi)
08:35 GMT
Lebanon and Egypt marched for women's rights on International Women's Day, while Google included the Arab world in their own Doodle in celebration of the occasion.

March 8, 2014

Arab women are feeling their inner power on International Women's Day!
12:05 GMT
The Arab world loves women! On International Women's Day, the Arab world unearths an ancient daughter from a land pharaoh pharaoh away, and women dream on for a day off! while saying no to domestic violence!
This photo of pain, sorrow, and more pain was voted the Number One image of 2103 by World Press. (Paul Hansen)
09:23 GMT
World Press has selected the ten most moving photos from last year. Many of these gut-wrenching images are from those suffering in the Middle East; scars to mommy's face; the BroApp! and a movie with a message, "Zaytoun".

March 6, 2014

GA Senator Paul Broun (R) talks to a reporter. (image from Facebook)
15:01 GMT
Without a hint of doubt, U.S. Senator Paul Broun does his best Zionist pastor impersonation and says God has Israel's back and so should America; 'The Wolf of Wall Street' never haas a chance at the Oscars; and Iraqi brat misses plane, plane turns around and gets him.
Earth's Land Mammals by Weight from xkcd
12:14 GMT
Are you scared that wild animals will take over the world or that too much national land is granted to their plight? If so, get a grip; 300: Rise of a lousy prequel? Five reasons to believe in Lebanon; and U.S. helps Israel bust Iranian arms shipment.

March 5, 2014

Unicef has declared malnutrition a high risk for many Syrian refugees living in Lebanon.
20:10 GMT
Refugee infants in Lebanon, nearly 2,000 of whom under the age of five, are now “at risk of dying” from malnutrition, according to UNICEF; Bahrain faces a back and forth between the government and protesters; and with freedom comes opinion.
Jabeur Mejri has finally been released from prison after two years of detainment.
19:18 GMT
Jabeur Mejri was jailed for posting Prophet Mohammed cartoons on Facebook and was the first victim of expressing himself during the Tunisian revolution; spamming by Gaddafi's daughter; Obama confronts Netanyahu; and Gulf States be fightin'.

March 4, 2014

Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerburg has made it difficult to hack his website.
15:38 GMT
It seems every techie in the MIddle East is getting bombarded by requests to hack someone else's' Facebook account. Well, this is neither legal or possible; Algerians fight fraud; Lebanese Jews reminisce from New York; and Doha Film Institute remembers Jacques Tati.
Sex workers in Israel are often the victims of sex trafficking .
05:00 GMT
The Knesset and human rights group are trying to bring this multi-million dollar sleazefest in Israel to extinction; Karl reMarks goes off on British culture; and Maya Saloon helps us escape for a moment from the harsh realities of life.

March 3, 2014

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy looks to impress with its first trailer. (YouTube)
15:16 GMT
Comic book geeks or even a fair-weather film goer won't be able to resist watching this Marvel action thriller after they see the epic trailer; Iran and the world powers to meet Wednesday; Iran wins in the Crimean crisis; and Lebanese woman are powerful.
During this year's Academy Awards, some came dressed to kill and others just killed their dress.
12:42 GMT
A self proclaimed Oscar dunce, 'And Far Away' blogger is not afraid to call out actors, not matter who they are, on their choice of Academy Award attire; the list of all Oscar winners; and a funny look at how to drive in Lebanon.

March 2, 2014

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gave his generals a quick tutorial in diplomacy.
22:37 GMT
The new President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has warned his generals against making hostile statements that the West could interpret as fightin' words; Ben & Jerry's just raised the bar; get outta Lebanon, Palestinians! and this week in Amman.
The Egyptian Army says they have found a cure for AIDS but many are in doubt.
05:33 GMT
Referred to by a blogger as Dr. Strangelove, Major General Ibrahim Abdel Atti uses electro-magnetic waves to magically whisk away AIDS; predictions for the Oscars; Aline Lahoud Is out of The Voice; and drought the real cause of the Syrian War.

March 1, 2014

Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' has gotten some in the Islamic community all worked up.
12:24 GMT
"Yarmouk continues to endure severe life-threatening shortages of food, water, and medication, yet we focus our attention on a Katy Perry video"; Movie Review: "Non Stop”; a letter to the Lebanese first lady; and the Muslim-Christian divide in Israel.

February 27, 2014

Having an office with a view like this in Doha, Qatar will cost you dearly.
05:00 GMT
With the boom of business in cities like Dubai and Doha comes the rising costs of office spaces. But why then is Beirut's still so high? Hezbollah will not retaliate; Obama leaving Afghanistan for good; and Iranians long for a revolution like Ukraine's