Blogs Roundup

January 11, 2014

Israel's 11th premier Ariel Sharon dead.
15:32 GMT
Israel's former PM Ariel Sharon has passed but many Arabs will never forget that in 1953 that he led lead a massacre of Palestinian civilians or in 1982 during which he allowed Christian militias to slaughter two Palestinian refugee camps, Sabra and Shatilla.
UAEs ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid .
07:34 GMT
UAEs ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid wants to provide all Dubai residents with high speed internet to create a smart city; the effort to rebuild Lebanon’s torched Al Sa’eh Library; and the people have spoken about the hijab and niqab.

January 9, 2014

Here are some things you didn't or shouldn't know about Arab women and their dating habits.
15:51 GMT
A post written by an Arab woman herself opens the window into the dark, funny minds of Arab ladies and how they handle their men; malls in Lebanon still not safe; 5 reasons Jordan may not go nuclear; and 20 things every girl should know.
Fight Club featuring Brad Pitt.
09:06 GMT
Are Jordan's universities no more than a fight club? Twelve Somali pirate boats were denied by over double the amount of Iranian flotillas accompanying the oil tanker and Malaysian Islamic government bullies Christians once again.

January 8, 2014

Ralph Nader (image from
13:52 GMT
The Bush Institute invited Ralph Nader to contribute to their causes. Little did they know, Nader had a lot to add to this discussion; Syria Coalition imploding once again; Iran's year of Campaigns; and Iraq readies to take Fallujah, again.
New Catholic Pope Francis
08:19 GMT
Pope Francis is travelling to the Middle East in May and Arab Christians and Muslims alike are expecting good things; step up your game aspiring chefs- it's Mud Pie time; and the health of Syrian women is often overlooked in refugee camps.

January 7, 2014

Samsung UHD TV is here.
14:47 GMT
For avid HD lovers, Samsung UHD is about to take you into a whole new level of viewing pleasure. Here comes over 100 inches of curved fun! 3 billion dollars to Lebanese army; a beauty pic from Jordan and the top 10 Photoshopped photos of 2013.
Armenian Christmas 2013
09:44 GMT
January 6th and 7th offer many of the Jesus faithful in the Middle East a chance to celebrate his virgin birth; Merry Armenian Christmas and Orthodox Christmas! Check here for your holiday recipes.

January 6, 2014

Bahrain's Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa.
12:22 GMT
A boat full of weapons and Shiites from all over the region coasted in illegally to the coastal waters of Bahrain and became the proof of interference; No fun in Saudi; the Syrian National Council opts out; and why we must digitize all books.
Israeli Soldiers walk past an Israeli flag.
08:39 GMT
So there are 1.7 million Israelis or about a fifth of the population who are Palestinian-Israelis. What about them Netanyahu? Fighting a rape culture; Christmas for Armenians is not easy; and Egypt's Muppets are guilty of terror!

January 5, 2014

U.S. Senator John McCain
10:44 GMT
It's no secret that the mess in Iraq now is due to the instability from the Iraq War. That hasn't stopped some U.S. politicians form wanting to attack again; agriculture as a cover for Israeli takeover and Karzai playing games in Afghanistan.
Frozen by Disney
07:56 GMT
Attention parents! Get out of the house and into the theaters. 'Frozen' is tons of fun and a great movie for children and parents alike; Egyptian minister puts foot into mouth; King of Jordan fears nothing; and questions about Lebanon's torched library.

January 4, 2014

Two friends pray for each other in a Panera Bread in America. (image from Jaraad)
09:14 GMT
An Arab PhD student marvels at how many families, friends or lone individuals he sees praying in restaurants and the like in America; Jordan's environmental year in review; and the challenges for the women in Gaza.

January 2, 2014

Palestinians cheer at the release of prisoners. (Getty)
08:54 GMT
For one Jewish blogger, it is fine to pursue justice but to praise the release of killers form prison is simply crossing the line; Intifada Part Three is just around the corner; and beautiful Arabic poetry translated into English.
Golden pacifiers in Turkey. ( mage from Beirut NTSC)
05:00 GMT
Those Turks really know how to spoil a kid and they start early. Jewelry shops in Istanbul sell a variety of golden pacifiers; Dubai lit up the sky for New Year's Eve; vanity plates in America; and the best and worst of entertainment for 2013.