Blogs Roundup

January 27, 2014

An Al Qaeda member celebrates the taking of Fallujah.
13:00 GMT
With the help of Syrian special forces and Russian artillery, the Iraqi Army is attempting to cleanse their country of Al Qaeda for good; a Bahraini with soul; a movie about real killers in Indonesia; and Netanyahu faces a dilemma with his son dating a non-Jew.
Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Bruce Springsteen, David Grohl and Trent Reznor  share the stage at the 2014 Grammy Awards. (FaceBook)
08:08 GMT
For many who love music, both old and new, the 2014 Grammy Awards was their Xanadu; Trent Reznor, Metallica, Paul & Ringo, and Stevie Wonder all performed; the commuter blues; and the meaning of life is.... a decent lunch?!

January 26, 2014

A Tunisian man kisses his flag.
15:04 GMT
Tunisia's new government is a rainbow of religious and political groups. Is this why they are getting along so well? Egypt sure would like to know; Aline Lahoud impresses in France; half a million to Palestinian startups; and six stories form Lebanon.
Scarlett in a Sodastream advert.
07:55 GMT
Sodastream is a company built within the third largest Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank and Scarlett Johansson has their back; feminism is for men and women; Tajiks asked to change their Russian names; and Egyptian diplomat kidnapped in Libya.

January 25, 2014

A Saudi woman is now serving dishes like these form her own restaurant in KSA.
14:38 GMT
Nora Almoqateeb is breaking down all sorts of barriers and following her dream of starting and running her own eatery in Saudi Arabia; Egyptian vlogger bigger threat than terrorists? and a Lebanese man kills his daughters and himself in Texas.

January 24, 2014

Jihadist militants  in Gaza.
11:41 GMT
Surprisingly little research has been done on the connection between global jihad and the Palestinian question- until now; edgy documentary on Syrian jihadists; less car accidents in Lebanon last year; and 10 sci-fi movies that really stink.

January 23, 2014

A computer hacker at work.
09:08 GMT
The Egyptian ethical hacker, Mohamed Ramadan, offered a course at a university on how to hack for good and thousands attended; Egypt and democracy; Jordan's internet blows away Lebanon; and Islamic Banking in Sub-Saharan Africa.

January 22, 2014

John Kerry realizes that Geneva 2 is not going to solve all the problems in Syria at one time.
18:57 GMT
With interrupted speeches and long-winded speakers, social media is alight with all sorts of opinions; Lebanese Rapper mistaken for a terrorist; and Seattle, Washington opens its minds and doors to the Middle East.
Iranian warships in the Strait of Humoz.
10:36 GMT
Iran feels that there's no better way to puff one's chest and show the world that you are the big dog than to send warships to the Atlantic Ocean; tidying iTunes; reflecting on Jordan's press laws a year later; and CIA to blame for polio in Pakistan.

January 21, 2014

The pictures could be used to convict Bashar Assad of war crimes.
21:15 GMT
New photos shows that the Assad regime is guilty of the "systematic killing" of about 11,000 detainees; global governments don't care at all about Syria; Tehran gets exactly what they want at Geneva; and Arab bloggers meet up.
Are 3D babies the newest trend in prenatal pampering?
09:06 GMT
One Arab blogger was freaked out by a recent innovation in ultrasounds- a printed, baby doll that looks exactly like your baby in utero; director Abellatif Kechiche breaks all the rules; Omar back from the dead? and one badass ride in Jordan.

January 20, 2014

A marital affair is not always wrong according to many French citizens. ( image courtesy of Urbanette)
20:18 GMT
As free-spirited and liberated as the Lebanese claim to be, they still hold strict views when it comes to fidelity in marriage; an American Muslim designer; the limit of a king's power; and Israel to annex more of Palestine to themselves.
Ink on the Side makes fun of programmers and vampires.
12:19 GMT
"Ink on the Side' has some fun looking at the long nights and obtuse vocabulary of her programming friends and compares them to blood-sucking vamps; Palestinian children harassed and beaten; and Bahraini prince talks with terrorists.

January 19, 2014

A Jewish settlement in Israel.
17:33 GMT
Israel is starting to feel the sting of countless countries boycotting products made in Israeli settlements and their own media admits it's a problem; burned bookstore binds us together; 98% yes vote in Egypt a failure; and why Iran needs a nuclear weapon.
The quiet hills of rural Switzerland.
05:00 GMT
The Syrian National Coalition (SNC), has agreed to attend next week's Geneva-2 peace talks, to be held in the Swiss resort of Montreux; death threats for Yemeni activist; Boss vs. Leader; Twelve Years a Slave; and Israel bullies Europe.