Blogs Roundup

May 28, 2014

A pair of underwear with Egyptian Presidential Candidate General Sisi emblazoned on the front.
22:18 GMT
Sometimes the best response to a stupid question is no answer at all. To many Egyptians, being asked to vote is just plain dumb; Petra by Night is an event never to be missed; and Iran's Ayatollah has harsh words for detractors.
This group of five young adults don't share religions but they do share adventures, together. (YouTube)
21:58 GMT
Five twenty-somethings from five different perspectives of faith chose to travel the world together and, thankfully, document their journey for the rest of us; Sisi and Assad in the same room; and Syrians flood Lebanese streets to vote.

May 27, 2014

Syrian President Bashar Assad
23:25 GMT
For most people following the crisis in Syria, President Assad running for another term should come as no surprise; graffiti speaks louder than Popes; Turkey wants justice, Israel yawns; and dressing sexy does not mean a woman is a slut.
Designers from Hong Kong have developed a Jenga-type hotel design.
23:23 GMT
Imagine using old shipping containers as hotel rooms that can be removed and replaced at any time. Now watch it become a reality; the ants go marching and the politicians stand in awe; and Kuwait is about to get the Wayans Brothers.

May 26, 2014

Pope Francis leads a mass during his pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
13:00 GMT
With his stop at the separation wall for a prayer and his invitation to the Vatican for peace talks to Abbas and Netanyahu, the Pope has shown he wants Palestine to work; ten ways to prep for the beach; and go viral without using 'boobs'.
The band readies for election day activities in Egypt. (@jahdkhalil )
10:03 GMT
'Egyptian Chronicles' has set up all the live feeds from Twitter and Facebook. Follow the reactions of the people and the on the ground activity; never, ever ask this question to a woman, men! and a Saudi activist in jail for getting beat by her father.

May 25, 2014

The Palestinian Museum presents photos of Palestinian suffering juxtaposed with old Christian works of art.
21:19 GMT
“In The Presence of the Holy See” is a Palestinian work that predominantly shows Catholic imagery contrasted with Palestinian suffering; Lebanese with the Pope; Yemen gets happy in their own way; and Hebrew textbooks are Zionist, even in Arabic.
Pope Francis prays at the Sports City Stadium in Amman, Jordan.
13:29 GMT
During his pilgrimage to Jordan, Pope Francis thanked the King for taking in so many refugees and for seeking peace in the region; Palestinian journalists should have rights too; and one blogger gives up on humanity.

May 23, 2014

00:05 GMT
The country of Jordan is preparing for the arrival of Pope Francis this Saturday and Sunday with great hopes and high expectations; a sunroof or a tanning roof? Syria is still very unsafe for reporters; and photos from Gaza's coast.

May 21, 2014

This is the Facebook page that markets Syrian women for marriage. (Facebook)
22:02 GMT
A disgusting page has been set up for actually finding a bride from the displaced, war-torn widows suffering in refugee camps; Saudis loves their camels - SARS be damned! and the Economic Forum’s 2013 Global Information ranks Lebanese education as 10th best.
CCTV footage of the two Palestinian teens being shot dead. (YouTube)
12:13 GMT
Though very difficult to watch, the security video of the teens shot by IDL sniper bullets clearly shows them waking calmly without anything in their hands; there are peaceful places in Lebanon; and Obama's dialogue with Iran seems to be bearing fruit.

May 20, 2014

An Iraqi woman casts her vote.
23:45 GMT
The Sunnis of Iraq did not rally around one particular candidate so now Maliki, despite his low numbers in parliament, continues his fruitless reign; women to reign at Cannes; and Egyptian activist Mahienour El-Masr sentenced to two years in prison.
This marijuana plant has landed thousands into Tunisian jails.
15:06 GMT
A campaign is afoot to change laws and release thousands of Tunisians in jail for smoking or buying some of that wacky tobaccy; is your boyfriend a momma's boy? and everything you need to know about men that you don't know now.

May 19, 2014

A militia leader in Libya.
22:10 GMT
Gen. Muhammad Hijazi of the “Libyan National Army” is taking out the extremist militias and the people of Libya are relieved; what is anti-antisemitism according to the ADL? and Queen Rania presents Edraak.
For some, it is easy and degrading to get some quick likes on Facebook.
08:32 GMT
Ink on the Side takes some shots at all those desperate women who bare it all just to get some random creep to like their pictures; man in critical condition after being hit by a gas can; and Egyptian inventor defects to America.