Blogs Roundup

December 4, 2013

Counting cash.
13:00 GMT
The hits just keep coming for the Middle East and Northern Africa. Where there is corruption rotting away a country, there's a large chance it is an Arab state; Saudi official in Moscow for talks; and poking fun at catching a terrorist rabbit.
Linkedin now has over ten million users in the MIddle East.
08:25 GMT
Arabs and others residing in the MENA are finding Linkedin to be a great resource to get their names out there on the job market; Hamas is the new policeman in Gaza; ana amazing photo from Yemen; and the Top Ten most expensive engagement rings.

December 3, 2013

Much of the corruption in America is found in its military dealings.
11:31 GMT
A pillar of freedom and bastion of justice it may be, but what's for certain is that the governmental workings of the States is rotten to the core; an activist's view on Egypt's Anti-Terror law; and a Lebanese man playing for Manchester United?
Images from video of man being shot by the IDF. (YouTube)
06:48 GMT
This amazing footage could have very well been a man filming his own death at the hands of Israeli soldiers. Fortunately, his wounds were not fatal; Iran is not out of the woods yet; and a place for transgenders in Lebanon to feel safe.

December 2, 2013

Ink on the Side has a little fun with men and women in the morning. (Ink on the Side)
19:57 GMT
Online cartooning blogger Sareen Archalajian shows that sometimes, women have a distinct advantage over men when it comes to waking up; Yemen's South wants out; Lebanese Tourism Minister responds to the UK; and our place in this world.
Iranians may soon have a much bigger variety of cars to choose from.
07:23 GMT
With the hope of lifting of sanctions on the car industry “by the end of December”, Iran may soon be flooded with auto merchants; Bedouins have long been persecuted by Israelis; and the origins of foods named after people.

December 1, 2013

What do young Egyptians have to cheer about these days? Not much.
11:22 GMT
In case someone says as an aside," Yea, I think things are getting better in Egypt", drop these four recent events on their warped lap; cold forecast for refugees; Dr Abdullah al-Hamid for the Nobel; and one nun in Syria who is making peace happen.
Paul Walker dead at 40.  (Getty)
07:09 GMT
On an innocent ride at a celebrity car show, Paul Walker lost his life to the flames of a car accident. Needless to say, millions of fans are in shock; Bibi to boot the Bedouins; lessons in daily blogging; and Egyptians abuse their Syrian refugees.

November 30, 2013

This Syrian girl and her brother found refuge in Turkey.
09:26 GMT
The United Nations High Commission on Refugees has issued a new report on the plight of Syrian refugee children and the numbers are shocking; fourth Israeli-US conflict looming; Palestinian talks stalled; and Saudi, France and Israel doubt Iran.

November 28, 2013

An Anti-MB hacker stands up for their women.
19:33 GMT
Even though this hacker can't stand the Muslim Brotherhood, he couldn't just sit back and watch 14 conservative girls get thrown in the slammer; Turkey and Iran buttering up; "Iran, yea, that's cool, dude." and Israeli attitudes toward the Nakba.
Egypt's Interim President Adley Mansour is laying down the law.
05:00 GMT
Adley Mansour taught those from the No Military Trial campaign that the new anti-protest law is for real and that class was in session; like Dubai? Ehh, not so much; surviving without a can opener; and order food online in Jordan now.

November 27, 2013

Saudi girl Huda and her Yemeni lover Arafat are being called Romeo and Juliet.
08:04 GMT
The Saudi Juliet and her Yemeni Romeo have spawned a following; there's even a Facebook page, entitled “We are all Huda and Arafat”; Saudi not too pleased with Iranian deal; the real news on Yemen; and picking up chicks in KSA.
A Lebanese customs official attacks a reporter with his own bullhorn. (YouTube)
05:00 GMT
Al Jadeed went to the airport to get an interview with the head of customs Shafiq Merhi to investigate corruption allegations. Instead of the interview, Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Shamseddine sent customs agents to go and beat up the reporter and the cameraman.

November 26, 2013

A flag flies in front of Israel's nulcear facility.
12:37 GMT
Apparently not all Israelis are against the brokered nuclear deal the Western superpowers made with Iran. Really, ask any of the Israeli brass; Iran deal will help oil production; and after the deal, many expect Israel to feel the pressure to dismantle their nuclear weapons.
A box for a pool toy has been censored in order to be sold in Saudi Arabia. (Sex and Beyond: Saudi Arabia)
08:35 GMT
The establishment in Saudi loves American products, but what of those cursed models with their elbows and knees all exposed? Israel to be a lone wolf and attack Iran; and children celebrate a country that they will never belong to.