Blogs Roundup

March 23, 2014

A no-smoking sign at a Lebanese mall.
08:09 GMT
A law has no inherent power to make it be obeyed. The best evidence of this is the ban on smoking in lebanese restaurants that is being completely ignored; Syria abandoning Jordan border; Amman this week; and life after forty.

March 22, 2014

Sister Cristina Scuccia sings on Italy's "The Voice" (YouTube)
06:00 GMT
One Lebanese blogger was so thrilled with Sister Cristina Scuccia that she challenged religious figures in her country to step up to the mike; no net is a good thing; Dubai killing creative outlets; and stopping Twitter by a dictator never really works.

March 20, 2014

Soon, many Starbucks restaurants will be offering alcohol tomtheir customers.
17:23 GMT
Soon many Starbucks will have their baristas serving booze along with the coffee. Will this trend catch on in conservative Lebanon? Order over freedom in the Arab world; #lebaneselfie goes viral; and Bibi plays his cards well.
Someone holding the American and Israeli flags.
12:12 GMT
Mahmoud Abdou's book 'The Middle East Peace Process and U.S. Special Interest Groups' says the Jewish special interests and Evangelicals are in bed together; three years of revolt in Syria; and Movie Review: Dabba (The Lunchbox).

March 19, 2014

Pharrell's hit song 'Happy' is making the rounds in the MIddle East.
18:52 GMT
Popstar Pharell's hit song 'Happy' has inspired remakes and videos of Arabs smiling and laughing from all over the Middle East. Ammanis made a few, Kuwaitis came from all around, Lebanese bloggers joined together, and Saudis even made their own version of 'Happy'.
Russian President Vladimir Putin
07:36 GMT
Politically, things are going very well for Russian President Vladimir Putin, having won over the Crimeans and now, the Syrian regime is gaining strides; maps of countries made out of their indigenous foods; and Liam Neeson returns in 'Non-Stop'.

March 18, 2014

A worker adjusts an oil rig in Saudi.
09:00 GMT
The real reason for several Gulf countries kicking out the Qatari ambassadors? This is all about wanting to get back in the good graces of Obama; rape is never a laughing matter; and Brazilians try to smuggle cocaine in their tummies.
How will Facebook's founder address the security issue with his new acquisition WhatsApp?
06:00 GMT
Despite a recent update, it seems WhatsApp has a gaping flaw in its system that allows any archived message to be accessed; two weeks without water in East Jerusalem; a camel beauty contest; and Bahrain's beef with Qatar.

March 17, 2014

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan can't stop Twitter.
12:18 GMT
Edogan's checklist of consolidating power and restricting criticism of himself seems to have a left out the weight carried by Turkish tweeters; Iran in Vienna again for talks; Are you that person on the plane everyone hates? and China's fake empathy.
One blogger speaks out against the Lebanese view on women's bodies.
06:00 GMT
"Why would I want a gynecologist? What would people think of me if they knew?" Apparently, this attitude is all to common in Lebanon; Iran photoshops out a martyred women; and if the West was involved, Yabroud would never have been lost.

March 16, 2014

Gazans mourn the loss of two young children, slain by Israeli gunfire.
11:00 GMT
One blogger from inside the turmoil of Gaza grieves that whenever there's any heat on the political front, Gaza is always the brunt of Israel's aggression; Ultraman and Allah don't mix; Ammani happenings this week; and the lessons of fairy tales stink.
“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is like an exquisite wedding cake; beautiful, rich, and perfectly layered.
05:40 GMT
"Much like the hotel’s design, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is like an exquisite wedding cake; beautiful, rich, and perfectly layered."; feeling the ME blues; "Worst Countries to Visit " article removed; and a female Syrian Christian activist opposes the Assad regime.

March 15, 2014

The West and Saudi Arabia have quite the dysfunctional marriage.
13:22 GMT
A Lebanese blogger lays out how the West's relationship with their cash-camel Saudi Arabia is so full of hypocrisy, it's about to give birth to lunacy; speaking of Saudis, why do they marry multiple times? and the EU to sanction Iran.

March 13, 2014

The world celebrated the Internet's 25th birthday yesterday. (Image:
14:00 GMT
Say Happy Birthday to he Internet, it's 25 now!; Mashrou Leila's charity concert for Syria; Funny First Kiss video and SNOG parody; And what do the Lebanese think of the Syrian refugees in their country?
Thomson Perrett & Lobb has unveiled plans for fairways and greens to be constructed in the shadow of the pyramids of Egypt. (Image: Facebook)
08:48 GMT
Thanks to five-time open golf champion Peter Thomson, you'll soon be able to play golf while enjoying the nearby sight of the Pyramids; What Google Glass can do for the Military; Pakistan releases inspirational cartoon "The Burka Avenger."