Blogs Roundup

February 17, 2014

 Djamel Ghanem, a young Algerian cartoonist, got 18 months in prison for an unpublished cartoon. (Algérie Focus)
19:48 GMT
Apparently a cartoon that makes no mention of the Algerian president is still enough to land one satirical cartoonist a year and a half in jail; first female Iranian skier in Olympics; Arabs be online shoppin'; and is Israel imposing sanctions on Palestinian universities?
Ink on the Side looks at the damages of teaching your kids to hate.
09:37 GMT
Today's Blog RoundUp is just a slice of cartooning mastery from those 'grumpy' Arabs. What better way to deal with strife between sects or constant conflict than a few looney 'toons and a good laugh?

February 16, 2014

No Israeli group in Israal can call for the boycott of the settlements.
10:39 GMT
'Starting immediately, it is now illegal to call for a settlement boycott in Israel.' So if you live there and don't like the settlements, tough luck; hope conquers fear of failure; Syria talks must have translation; and Zuckerberg hacked.
Grumpy Old Men.
10:10 GMT
“We are a conservative nation,” said one Lebanese official, “Jackie’s actions are unacceptable.” But unacceptable to whom may we ask? Flashing in Cairo for women's rights; 'Endless Love' film review; and what's happening in Amman this week.

February 15, 2014

An Orthodox Jew in Jerusalem in 1896 (YouTube)
21:14 GMT
A remarkable piece of film has been found of ancient Jerusalem from before the 1900s and the peace and coexistence displayed is indeed a blockbuster; who won in Lebanon's new government? and Austrians can now fly to Iran.

February 14, 2014

Putin supports Gen. Sisi as president of Egypt.
21:21 GMT
Why did Putin put his stamp of approval on Gen. Sisi to run for president? Because from all of the candidates, Sisi is going to want Russian weaponry the most; another crappy Valentine's Day? and blowing money on an underwater date.

February 13, 2014

Is celebrating Valentine's Day really that bad for Arabs?
12:34 GMT
Religious authorities say those who participate in Valentine’s Day are weak and far from God. One blogger says these people are just having fun; calls to #FreeIranianSoldiers; power of the people in Algeria; and McCain waxes eloquent on Syria.

February 12, 2014

In the 1980's, William Katt played Ralph Hinkley as "The Greatest American Hero".
21:12 GMT
Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh sees Kerry's suggestion that Iran offer an olive branch to the region by fixing Syria as an auspicious possibility for President Rouhani; Canon announces the new DSLR EOS 1200D; and poking fun at the Lebanese know-it-alls.
Lebanese skier topless.
16:03 GMT
Domestic violence and murder? Ho-hum. But when people criticize a topless skier in Lebanon, the whole social media blows up with support. In fact, most bloggers can't get enough of defending this woman's right to flaunt her mammaries.

February 11, 2014

Scarlett Johansson's support of SodaStream flew in the face of a global Israeli Boycott.
23:24 GMT
The boycott is not an economic war against Israel- it’s a psychological war, and even the skeptics would agree that it’s already had a deep, damaging effect on this country’s will to continue fighting for the West Bank and Gaza.
A drone like this will be delivering packages directly to Emiratis' doors.
10:11 GMT
It seems Emeratis won't have to stand in line to receive their driver's license. Rather, a drone equipped with an eye scanner will deliver it to their house! A topless skier from Lebanon; and the best of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

February 10, 2014

Young boys harass a group of women.
17:31 GMT
A powerful film coming out of France switches the roles of harassment and shows men what it's like to be a women just for one day; Yemenis are back on the streets; The Arab Spring Cliff Notes; and why Kerry's Middle East plan was fluff.
The 'I am Alive" app lets family members know you are still alive after a bombing in Lebanon.
08:01 GMT
A new application tells friends and family after any bombing in Lebanon that you're ok and still able to party that night; how to speak Lebanese-English; Egyptian journalists take a stand; and is police inaction equivalent to being accessories to a crime?

February 9, 2014

The Lego Movie (2014)
13:12 GMT
One blogger was thrilled to finally see a Legos movie and while the casting was top notch, by the end, she "was exhausted, (but) not overwhelmed."; Iran destroys Israel on TV; Syria taking their sweet time; and why so many French are anti-immigration.
Iranian warships.
08:33 GMT
Are you scared yet? What if you knew that it was really just one little supply ship with thirty soldiers and they're nowhere close to American soil; Twitter and driving just don't mix well; and watch Israeli settlers attack an Israeli activist.