Blogs Roundup

October 6, 2013

A postcard view of downtown Beirut.
14:25 GMT
That Lebanese pride can grow or shrink, depending on how one interprets the fact that it's cheaper living in Dubai than Beirut; ever wonder what's in a chicken nugget? The average global female look; and plenty of horsepower in the rear.
A Saudi woman shows her scars from domestic abuse.
08:42 GMT
Countries all over the world are keeping our eyes focused on the the abuse of women in their own homes. One blogger in Lebanon highlights her experiences; a review of the new Cayman; and would a Saudi marry a Jew.

October 5, 2013

Qatar has a statue of French soccer player Zidane's headbutt to an Italian player. (image courtesy of Big Soccer)
12:18 GMT
Everybody who's anybody that supports soccer will remember Zinedine Zidane's infamous World Cup headbutt. Now Qatar's bronze statue will remind us of his chutzpah; Czech tourist dead in Lebanon; and the 45 dollar Palestinian computers

October 3, 2013

Among the Syrian revolution leaders, there are five that stand out.
13:00 GMT
Now that independent groups are joining forces, leadership positions have become even more important. An elect five have risen to the top; 16 year old Saudi boy joins the fight; new iPhone can track keystrokes; and Tirksih anit-facists speak out.
You are what you drink- study shows coffee speaks of users' personalities.
09:15 GMT
Do you like your cappuccino perfect? You're probably a diva. What and how your drink your morning Joe speaks volumes; Lebanese village finally gets electricity; and American Jews not at all in line with Netanyahu's opinions.

October 2, 2013

A Jordanian man prepares hummus to be served with falafel.
13:18 GMT
In a region divided, there's one thing Arabs can agree on- falafel. In Jordan alone, the masses pound away millions a day; the horoscope for Syrians; the most scarce resource in Yemen; and 10 years after Edward Said's death, his legacy grows.
Is this the image all Saudi men have of American women?
08:39 GMT
"If I dated an American woman, I would not tell my family about this relationship because I fear God!' Is this the popular opinion among KSA men? Is Lebanon loving its refugees? and Gazans are hurting because of the Rafah crossing closure.

October 1, 2013

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to members of the press.
20:01 GMT
Who has started wars with their neighbors, armed themselves with untold amounts of nukes and refused UN inspectors into their country? Israel, not Iran; Syria's weapons deal could end war; and Facebook bans the Shahada.
Giving Alawites in Syria their own country might be the first step in smoothing things out in the Levante.
09:47 GMT
NY Times suggests splitting 5 Arab countries into 14 and more than a few Arabs have taken a liking to the idea; drunk driver gets 30 days for killing cyclist; a world of all men; and breaking down Breaking Bad's death toll.

September 30, 2013

The Unifold shoes are made cheap and could save many a foot from going bare.
12:42 GMT
Could shoes soon be a 'Control + P' away? The Unifold looks to solve many a crisis with a brand new design that will do just that; Wahhabism creeping into Oman; nine years blogging; and movie nights or being robbed blind!
Anonymous has attacked the website of Jordan's Prime Minister.
02:52 GMT
With cell phone taxes doubled along with more goods and services in line to be taxed more, the hacking group Anonymous briefly hacked to show their disapproval; Bahrainis not happy about Iran-America partnership; and racism in ME advertising.

September 29, 2013

A soldier tries on a gas mask.
13:20 GMT
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was asked where Syria got their weapons and he quickly answered, "Russia". Was he right? Qatar has some human rights hurdles to climb; and Lebanon's Omar Sulieman stands tall.
The poster for Bullock and Clooney's October blockbuster, "Gravity".
08:10 GMT
One Arab reviewer begs, "Please don’t wait to watch this at home. Find the best theater near you, put on those 3-D glasses, and prepare to be dazzled"; the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant is tweeting; and see 'Prayer of Fear'.

September 28, 2013

Don't drop one of these in water- its the same old phone.
05:00 GMT
Somehow the rumor made traction that had iPhone users putting their devices in and near water. Guess what? It isn't true; Lebanon now RefugeeStan; 17 Lebanese drowned in Indonesian ferry accident; a cake stuffed with cheesecake.

September 26, 2013

'Turn it off! Turn it off! It's corrupting my mind!' (image courtesy of Middle Mojo)
11:14 GMT
Some diehard Muslims are joining the ranks of some conservative Christians and calling music the tool of Satan and his muggy minions; iPhones are over 1k; happiness leads to intense sadness; and Sudanese government crosses the line.