Blogs Roundup

March 16, 2014

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is like an exquisite wedding cake; beautiful, rich, and perfectly layered.
05:40 GMT
"Much like the hotel’s design, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is like an exquisite wedding cake; beautiful, rich, and perfectly layered."; feeling the ME blues; "Worst Countries to Visit " article removed; and a female Syrian Christian activist opposes the Assad regime.

March 15, 2014

The West and Saudi Arabia have quite the dysfunctional marriage.
13:22 GMT
A Lebanese blogger lays out how the West's relationship with their cash-camel Saudi Arabia is so full of hypocrisy, it's about to give birth to lunacy; speaking of Saudis, why do they marry multiple times? and the EU to sanction Iran.

March 13, 2014

The world celebrated the Internet's 25th birthday yesterday. (Image:
14:00 GMT
Say Happy Birthday to he Internet, it's 25 now!; Mashrou Leila's charity concert for Syria; Funny First Kiss video and SNOG parody; And what do the Lebanese think of the Syrian refugees in their country?
Thomson Perrett & Lobb has unveiled plans for fairways and greens to be constructed in the shadow of the pyramids of Egypt. (Image: Facebook)
08:48 GMT
Thanks to five-time open golf champion Peter Thomson, you'll soon be able to play golf while enjoying the nearby sight of the Pyramids; What Google Glass can do for the Military; Pakistan releases inspirational cartoon "The Burka Avenger."

March 12, 2014

A mock up poster inspired by the "Shut Up Your Mouse Obama" rant. (Image: Twitter)
14:25 GMT
An Egyptian woman telling Obama to "shut his mouse" has become an internet hit; Look forward to a special Star Wars exhibition at Dubai's Comic Con; And meet the new 2014 Rolls Royce GHOST.
Mustafa Steti speaks during Dubai Lynx 2014 at Madinat Jumeirah on March 9, 2014 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Image: Francois Nel/Getty Images for Dubai Lynx)
11:31 GMT
The Dubai Lynx International Festival has released the final shortlists ahead of tonight's awards; If you're a Matrix fan, then you've 3 new films to look forward to now; Finally, Fashion Forward Dubai dates announced.

March 11, 2014

Pizza Hut introduced an interactive table that will allow customers to build their own dish exactly how they like it. (Image:
13:53 GMT
Pizza Hut is changing the face of customer service through its latest interactive table technology; Meanwhile Disney saves an autistic boy.
MEFCC is the only consumer event for fans of comics, films, tv shows and popular culture in the Middle East. (Image:
09:39 GMT
The ME Film & Comic Con is back for a third season and is set to take Dubai by storm; Japan launches world's priciest tissues; Try the amazing Google Glasses in one Chicago hotel!

March 10, 2014

Do you think you can make it to Berlin using only Red Bull as your currency? (Image:
13:54 GMT
Red Bull sets a challenge defying 100 teams of students to make it to Berlin using Red Bull cans as their only currency; meanwhile, jazz and the blues are making their mark on the world.
A AED1.1 billion ($299 million) Smart City project was launched in Dubai on Sunday, which will be served by electricity-charged vehicles. (Image: Arabian Business)
11:33 GMT
Dubai tech park launches $299m 'smart city' project. Meanwhile, Lindt loses court case over golden bunny trademark. In Dubai, triathlon Lebanese Champion Roy Nasr is honored with a charity bike ride, and fashion giant Tommy Hilfiger plans on opening his very own first hotel!

March 9, 2014

Kids of this generation have become so accustomed to using the Internet and new technologies from a very young age.
14:00 GMT
Indian 3G network MTS came up with a hilarious and smart ad for their Internet services; A speaker in Lebanon teaches us about the true meaning of happiness, while Ambassador Tom Fletcher supports the working classes.
Women protesting against domestic violence in Lebanon on Women's International Day. (Image: Blog Baladi)
08:35 GMT
Lebanon and Egypt marched for women's rights on International Women's Day, while Google included the Arab world in their own Doodle in celebration of the occasion.

March 8, 2014

Arab women are feeling their inner power on International Women's Day!
12:05 GMT
The Arab world loves women! On International Women's Day, the Arab world unearths an ancient daughter from a land pharaoh pharaoh away, and women dream on for a day off! while saying no to domestic violence!
This photo of pain, sorrow, and more pain was voted the Number One image of 2103 by World Press. (Paul Hansen)
09:23 GMT
World Press has selected the ten most moving photos from last year. Many of these gut-wrenching images are from those suffering in the Middle East; scars to mommy's face; the BroApp! and a movie with a message, "Zaytoun".

March 6, 2014

GA Senator Paul Broun (R) talks to a reporter. (image from Facebook)
15:01 GMT
Without a hint of doubt, U.S. Senator Paul Broun does his best Zionist pastor impersonation and says God has Israel's back and so should America; 'The Wolf of Wall Street' never haas a chance at the Oscars; and Iraqi brat misses plane, plane turns around and gets him.