Blogs Roundup

December 19, 2013

This protest in Israel may just be a preview of what is to come.
06:05 GMT
The economy is weakening and the promises from elected officials are being broken. It won't be long until a revolution begins in Israel; IKEA for refugees; Chocolate Cheesecake Bars to die for; and another look at Alexa in Jordan.

December 18, 2013

The yet to be revealed LG Chromebase. (The Big Sam)
10:33 GMT
In one month, the world will see LG's attempt to run a computer using Google as its operating system- Chromebase; Arab Spring or Arab Sprung? Syria and the lessons from Iraq; and would you all finish the constitution already?!
The verdict is in and bribery is not all that bad in Bahrain.
07:20 GMT
Aluminum Bahrain's lawyers have successfully argued that bribery is the norm in a London court, ending the trial of one Victor Dahdaleh; the Levante's refugee crisis; Libya has a serious gas problem; and Dutch hostage's treated nicely.

December 17, 2013

NASA took some photos from space of the Alexa storm that show the vastness of the blizzard.
17:04 GMT
The storm that froze parts of the Middle East directly in their tracks for days was captured by NASA's satellite cameras; Jordan's hit new comedy Zain; Peter O'Toole saved the Arabs; and 13 years ago, thirteen Arab Israelis were killed.
Syrian President Bashar Assad (Getty).
07:58 GMT
Now any Shiite who was sitting on the fence about helping their fellow minorities in Syria now has a stronger reason to go- God said it's ok; why the Arab Spring fell short; Syrian Cartoonist Akram Raslan reportedly killed; and no reform in Saudi is legal.

December 16, 2013

Of all the Arab countries, Lebanon is the one that holds the highest risk for kidnapping.
13:00 GMT
If one is trying to avoid being snatched and held for ransom, their chances are better in Syria than they are in Lebanon- go figure; Saudi activist to be flogged; Fact: Lebanese people will give clothes to poor; and 150 Sudanese refugees rebel in Israel.
Peter O'Toole as Lawrence of Arabia.
07:29 GMT
His amazing portrayal of Lawrence may or may not have been Peter O’Toole’s greatest achievement, but it was certainly his finest film; the snow on the Sphinx a big hoax; and the storm brings equality to Palestine for one day.

December 15, 2013

These Syrian boys in Lebanon may not have to wear pajamas outside anymore.
11:52 GMT
Some good news for once for the Syrian refugees living in Northern Lebanon. A civilian initiative showed that they have not forgotten the homeless among them; Christian militias or extremists? and Fargam the monkey makes Iranian space history.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
07:43 GMT
Oh how so many need a break from reality! Walter Mitty teaches the world how to engage in some first-class fantasy fun-fare! Santa's sleigh to miss Syria; use Egypt's mosques for shelter, please! and Lebanon’s Top 20 Entrepreneurs.

December 14, 2013

A little Syria refugee holds her baby brother who froze to death. (Arabsaga)
15:12 GMT
One little baby boy literally froze to death and there seems to be no end soon in sight for those Syrians stuck in canvas tents across the region; more storm photos from Amman, and America explained by an Arab to other Arabs.

December 13, 2013

A berry bush in Amman feels the cold. (image courtesy of
08:31 GMT
Some areas are having fun with all of this snowfall, others are fed up already and for all the refugees or those still stuck in Syria, these icy blasts have blocked aid, destroyed shelters and presented them with another side of their 'living hell'.

December 12, 2013

Witches are only in fairy tales, but is white privilege a fable as well?
23:40 GMT
Apparently 'Taco Day' or 'Falafel Fridays' just don't do enough to address the inherent power relations between racial groups; the 2014 Golden Globe Nominations are here; Al Arabiya ruins Obama's selfie; and Ahmadis get no respect in Pakistan.
A Muslim woman smiles.
07:54 GMT
In the MENA region perhaps more than anywhere else the world, women need to stand up for each other and these five are setting the bar for activism; with all of this negotiating, where do Jihadis go? and roll on that oily goodness!

December 11, 2013

The late Nelson Mandela.
08:48 GMT
Non-violence and peaceful reconciliation could have gone a long way, instead of the deadly posturing by Egypt's government; Dutch journalist freed in Yemen; the truth about Viber; and removing Bedouins without consulting them.

December 10, 2013

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif
11:24 GMT
After months of closed door meetings and public gatherings, the West finally made an agreement with Iran. And now it might all go up in smoke; Bibi and Peres skipping Mandela's funeral; famous Egyptian activist arrested; and Syria and journalists don't mix.