Blogs Roundup

April 28, 2013

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may be getting some visitors from Lebanon.
04:00 GMT
One blogger has a go at some Lebanese politicians who recently dined with Syrian Leader Assad by sending them to North Korea; Iraq and its Shia led government; UNICEF gives the numbers on Egypt's employment; and Obama watches Syria form a distance..

April 27, 2013

Populate Mars and go where no human has gone before.
04:00 GMT
Mars One has officially begun its worldwide search for astronauts who will fly to Mars in 2023 and populate it with your own space babies; Iran’s Shiite counterattack from Syria to Iraq; Arabic's fading appeal; and Arab Media Use Statistics for 2013.

April 25, 2013

An American, of all people, calls Yemen the friendliest place in the Arab world.
11:21 GMT
After marrying a Yemeni man, Katherine lived and breathed life in the country and says it is an Arab state like none other; Qatar and its crazy democracy; never forget the Armenian Genocide; and Jesus, Mohammed and their modern day relevancy.
Israeli PM Netanyahu claims Syria has used chemical weapons.
04:00 GMT
Prime Minster Netanyahu's recent declaration that Syria is using chemical weapons hints at Israel's desire to support the Sunni revolt; Palestinian Christians at odds with Israel; Lebanon found oil! and despair clouds first post-US Iraq vote.

April 24, 2013

Syria is nothing like Vegas, contrary to the belief of Western strategists.
11:59 GMT
Think tanks in the West are pushing for “buffer zones” to ensure that the “Las Vegas rules” apply to Syria; an amazing BBC documentary on Iran; topless protestors in Beirut; Kuwaiti writer wins International award; and a message to JIhadis.
Spirits and hauntings are still very real for some in the Middle East.
04:00 GMT
A new documentary strives to put on film the stories and legends of the supernatural within Middle Eastern communities; virginity for a price; 'motivated by religion' card played in Boston; and the new Thor trailer is released.

April 23, 2013

Basically, there are extremists everywhere, albeit Muslim or not.
11:30 GMT
Professor Juan Cole says it is naive to think that the political violence in Europe can be separated from the religious culture; Jordan' borders are bursting at the seams; Lebanese Sunni cleric losing his touch; and the secrets of a Kuwaiti football tycoon.
After two Islamist bomers attack Boston, one Fox News analyst says 'we should keep any more Muslims from studying here.'
02:45 GMT
Only a week since the bombings and already some news analysts are calling for a total sweeping ban on Muslims to study in the U.S.; bomber to be charged as citizen, not enemy combatant; Obama's reaction too soft; and look in the mirror America.

April 22, 2013

U.S. Senators debate on whether to try Dzhokhar as an American or as an enemy.
10:00 GMT
Send ricin to the President and be tried as U.S. citizen but being a naturalized citizen seems to deny the Boston bomber these rights; Spring is here! Oops; a plea for help from a cancer patient; Nutella pie; and Egyptian Minister of Justice resigns, but why?

April 21, 2013

As if being displaced were not enough, now some want refugees to foot the bill for municipal services in Lebanon.
23:56 GMT
As if imposing a curfew were not enough, now some municipalities want the embattled Syrian refugees to start paying taxes; CBS hacked by Pro-Assad cyber vigilantes; U.S. to send more money, not arms; and Earth Day in Kuwait.
Djohar Tsarnaev's Facebook may have clues as to what lead him down a path of terror.
14:06 GMT
An extremist playlist and Islamic jihadist propaganda are just a few of the revealing details found in the brothers' accounts; Al Gore is really an Arabic word; the Grand mosque could've been segregated; and the birds of Egypt.

April 20, 2013

Many blame Muslims and thier insatiable appetite for violence after a terrorist act. Is this even a grounded accusation?
23:45 GMT
It rolls so easily off the tongue to blame terrorism on Islam but how does this argument hold up to empirical data? Politics in Lebanon is like buying a purse; the Smartphone war heats up; and the U.S. shows Lebanon how to enact justice.
Uum Maher (left) has placed the fate of this Syrian woman and her family into her already strained hands.
01:19 GMT
This amazing story of a poor farmer helping a starving family highlights the ongoing misery that covers the land of Syria; 50 years of Syrian vendettas; Patriot missiles to Jordan; and why Assad is scared of the Hashemite Kingdom.

April 18, 2013

Arabs are starting to be known more for their tech skills than for their amazing baklava.
10:00 GMT
A Jordanian tech startup just landed over 100K to start a new business and Jordanian born Yahoo! Maktoob has announced the debut of two new web series focused on entertainment and celebrity news for the Middle East!
American citizens are on the case and they've rounded up a cache of incriminating photos with possible suspects.
01:09 GMT
Quite a few pics show men Middle Eastern in appearance and also two who are white: Solid leads or more Arab fear-mongering? Mubarak's release is no surprise; Abu Dhabi expels 20 Lebanese Nationals; and 10 Arab Comedians compete.