Blogs Roundup

June 30, 2013

Khalid ibn al-Waleed mosque in Homs torched. (YouTube screen grab)
08:02 GMT
There are ancient mosques of enormous significance to Muslims completely destroyed. They were world heritage. They survived the Mongols, but not Assad; countdown to the Apocalypse; Egyptian Christians ready; and the Syrian pound going down.

June 29, 2013

Poor Syrians flooding into Lebanon have been targets of escalating rent prices.
08:31 GMT
Some landlords in Lebanon see the flood of Syrians coming in as a great opportunity to raise the rent; Sunday is judgment day in Egypt; a scathing review of PF Chang's; how to help Syrians; and how the CIA vets rebels.

June 27, 2013

Qatra's former emir Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani left the country running well for his son.
20:16 GMT
'Get going while the going's good' may be just the reason Qatari emir Sheik Tani abdicated his rule to his son; new shiek already assigns new cabinet members; and is there a link between the new Taliban office and the new emir?
June 30th is coming and Tamarod is ready for the ensuing change.
07:22 GMT
Tamarod initiated the upcoming June protests and created the '30 June Front' which lays out a six month post-Morsi roadmap; Coke in and on ice; Italian PM talks Syrian war, a lot; and a look at where the Lebanese government gets its money.

June 26, 2013

Brave men and women speak out against the use of rape by the Mosri and Mubarak regime. (YouTube screen grab)
16:43 GMT
If anyone protests on Sunday against Morsi, then they should not forget to protest against torture and assault in Egypt as well; Caught on Tape: Kidnapping attempt foiled; and the KSA is shutting down foreign businesses.
For almost a third of university students in Jordan, this scenario is the right thing to do. (image for illustrative purposes only)
07:25 GMT
In a recent study by the Institute of Criminology of the University of Cambridge, some old Jordanian tribal codes reared their ugly heads; Apocalypse already in Egypt; Qatar Emir hands over the reins; and the Persian King is back in 300: Rise of the Empire.

June 25, 2013

This is Fadel Shaker before he went completely conservative and, by some people's standards, crazy.
12:00 GMT
Fadel Shaker was singing the blues but now he is a freedom fighter with the Lebanese rebels who kill in the name of Islam; Saudi changes its weekend; Rebels Idlib ready; and Mosireen interviews Hazem Barakat.
The trailer is out for Ashton Kutcher's (right) take on Apple's Steve Jobs (left).
04:00 GMT
Arabia's prodigal son/genius the late Steve Jobs is being honored in an amazing new film about his life; two Arab singers have wondered down two very different roads; Russia's role in Syria; and more on the craziness now in Lebanon.

June 24, 2013

The Lebanese government thought this guy couldn't hurt a fly. They were wrong.
12:00 GMT
The Lebanese government never really took AHmad Al-NIssir's influence seriously. After four dead soldiers, he is now more than just a clown; bombs or boobs? Arab Idol sings American tunes; and the evolution of Arab public opinion research.
The Mothers of Martyrs protesting in Egypt. (image courtesy of Egyptian Chronicles)
03:54 GMT
The mothers of all the men and women who died during the Egyptian Spring are not at all satisfied with Morsi's broken promises; Syria, Libya and Qatar; Amman ready to rock; politicians and potholes; and U.S. a constant let down to KSA.

June 23, 2013

Imagine seeing this when you walk out Bed, Bath and Beyond! (image for illustrative purposes only)
12:28 GMT
The Avenue is a plush mall in Kuwait that recently has been the scene of two stabbings inside the premises; Lebanese government to shut down already struggling restaurants; Insta-video? and Egyptians not backing down.
Jon Stewart gave Bassem Youssef's audience a surprise visit. (YouTube Screen grab)
04:00 GMT
Jon Stewart made a surprise guest appearance on Bassem Yousef's 'Al Bernameg' and he did not disappoint; Russel Brand backs out of Middle Eastern tour; Kerry about to fail Syria; and the European Council of Foreign Relations talks Syria.

June 22, 2013

The Taliban are open for business in Qatar. (AFP)
04:00 GMT
Afghanistan's leader Karzai was none too impressed by the Taliban acting as 'political leaders' of his country when they cut the ribbon in Qatar; Obama fills security posts with women; Iran's new president Ayatollah friendly? and floods in Canada.

June 20, 2013

With over half a million and counting, Lebanon knows the meaning of World Refugee Day.
11:32 GMT
A heart-wrenching look at the Syrian children suffering in a Lebanese camp reminds us that World Refugee Day is not a holiday by any means; Lebanon blocks online gambling; Kuwaiti child rapists hanged; and a glance at the Toyota GT-86.
Putin seemed to convince the rest of the G8 leaders that Assad is the best option. (AFP/Getty)
06:00 GMT
After a 26-month uprising and over 100,000 chiefly innocent Syrian fatalities, G8 leaders essentially agree with Assad and Putin; Luma's idea swiped by the government? Qatar’s Foreign Policy in a nutshell; and bills in bras at the borders.