Blogs Roundup

October 14, 2014

Editor of Syria Comment and expert on Syria Josh Landis.
13:46 GMT
Renowned Syrian socio-political analyst Professor Joshua Landis lays out in clarity how the Levante is being divided by ethnic cleansing; one blogger won't celebrate Malala; Life in Kuwait back in the 1950s; and 24 indicators that you're becoming an old fart.
A woman measures herself for a bra.
11:01 GMT
A clever ad has a woman strut around with an open blouse and a camera attached to her bra. Needless to say, it highlights the need for a breast examination; Arab expats mourn for their countries; Tunisia the rare bird, and Malala deserves our respect.

October 13, 2014

A Crafty Arab shows how to make Arabic Alphabet Magnets for the kids.
15:32 GMT
An Arab mother living in the states wanted her little ones to be able to play on the fridge with Arabic letters so she made them herself and you can too; if oil prices drop, the world will change dramatically; and Palestinians allowed to pass out literature again on NJ Campus.
An oil rig pumps oil.
08:00 GMT
If the Lebanese stumble upon some oil, will it change their lifestyles? A fellow countryman has some fun imagining his people 'living it up'; doctors using Google cameras to examine; Israeli settlers attack Palestinians.. again; and Egypt protects their relics.

October 12, 2014

Bahrainis protest against their own government.
16:32 GMT
On one hand, the Bahraini government is giving air support to fight ISIS and with the other they are slapping their own residents and torturing Americans; lawlessness in Libya; missing Iraqi cash found in Lebanon; and Kuwaitis fight in an airport.
A Chinese woman looks at her iPhone.
10:18 GMT
If you've never heard of OnePlus or Xiaomi then give yourself about a year- some of these could names be more in demand than Samsung or Apple; Arabs nixed for human rights awards; good news about Muslims.. finally; and lightening crashes in Jordan.

October 11, 2014

Yazidi girls from Iraq sit in shock.
09:22 GMT
The only Yazidi member of Iraq's parliament says, ""Only Yazidi women are kidnapped. We don't know, actually, why exactly the Yazidi women"; BBC maps need a rewrite; Congratulations, Malala! and a reviews of Frank.

October 9, 2014

The HTC Desire Eye.
08:50 GMT
Since everyone always looks at themselves first when viewing pictures, HTC thought why not ensure that all those selfies are perfectly centred around the sefle-ophile; Hezbollah is losing its reality; and the ten thoughts of a girl in heels.

October 8, 2014

The internet is the number one source for news for most people worldwide.
09:52 GMT
The Associate Press did a survey and found that in an even higher percentage than the West, most Arabs get their new from the Worldwide Web; Egypt gets their internet streamlined by satellite; and Turkish speaker on the Armenian Genocide cancels lectures.

October 7, 2014

Gaza Parkour And Free Running do parkour throughout Gaza. (Quds Network)
10:15 GMT
In a symbolic gesture of life and rebellion, the group 'Gaza Parkour And Free Running' showed that bombs will never slow them down; Egyptian steps in to help woman, gets stabbed to death; and Sweden's bold gesture could, in fact, hurt the Palestinians.

October 6, 2014

Will the latest cartoons about Islamic Prophet Mohammed bring riots like these?
09:40 GMT
Charlie Ebdo tries to condemn ISIS by drawing a cartoon of them about to behead the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. Will ironic violence ensue? The Yazidis in Iraq feel deserted; and what those questions really mean in Lebanon.

October 5, 2014

Google is developing an instant messaging app to be released in India.
08:45 GMT
So even though Google Plus has not taken down the Goliath called Facebook, this has not stopped them from trying to take out WattsApp; Kurdish troops need more help; the many ways to prepare dates; and VP Biden starts something with Turkey.

October 4, 2014

Palestinians celebrate the Eid by making sweet pastries.
09:45 GMT
Many of our Arab bloggers have taken the time to wish a holiday blessing to the many readers who are celebrating the Islamic holiday 'Eid al Adha'. One gives some suggestions on how to spend the time and another shares what to buy in Medina for those on the Haj.

October 3, 2014

A Palestinian man stands in front of al Aqsa Mosque..
21:07 GMT
Arabs living among Jews have had 33 years to prepare for this showdown yet they know that on their Eid, they will be persecuted by some Kippur celebrants; 13 million dollars for Clooney's wedding; and the rules set by ISIS for teaching are insane.

October 2, 2014

Members of the U.S. Congress gather for a session.
08:00 GMT
In 2014, Congress cut over 8 billion dollars of the food stamp budget yet they have no problem with the war on ISIL in Iraq and Syria, which could cost up to $22 bn a year; going nuts in the airport; Israeli settlers always win; and Amal Alamuddin is amazing.