Blogs Roundup

August 25, 2014

A Yemeni man with his child bride.
09:53 GMT
Some say the sister swap between friends is just a cheap way to get married in Yemen. This blog counters that the accountability produces better marriages; the six franchises Beirut needs; a Muslim campaign against ISIS; and Toronto becomes Gaza.
Twitter is not for all in Iran, according to some.
09:16 GMT
The Iranian Foreign Minister, the President and even the Ayatollah are regular wizards on the Twittersphere, yet it is still heavily regulated in Iran; is the Gulf Cooperation Council an oxymoron? No ISIS on Twiiter; and wandering thoughts during meetings.

August 24, 2014

Israeli warplanes  destroyed the 12-story “Zafir 4” residential tower in Gaza City’. (YouTube)
23:29 GMT
In one fell swoop, the IDF levelled an entire 12 story residential tower in their search for Hamas militants, leaving almost fifty families homeless; Lebanese soldiers held by ISIS now at greater risk of beheading; and Israelis want the siege over now.
Will this student be taught to think or just to regurgitate information?
09:00 GMT
One blogger says the reason children and present day ISIS members gravitate towards this ideology is poor upbringing and archaic world-views; Gaza is rubbles but still winning the war on social media; and Assad is not the real cause of ISIS surging.

August 23, 2014

FingerNaps are like disposable gloves just for your fingers.
17:28 GMT
Asia always seems to come up with some ingenious, impressive or outright weird inventions. The FingerNap may fit all three categories; the difficulty of being a Sunni in Lebanon; and some parents just don't understand parenting.

August 21, 2014

The Extremistan map touted by Nasser Judeh, the foreign minister of Jordan. (Foreign Policy)
09:55 GMT
Jordan's Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Judeh simply and eloquently explains the socio-politcal situation in his region with a simple map; 'Lip-Art' done to perfection; and Egyptian politicians tell America how to deal with protesters.
Saudi women leaving a mall.
08:57 GMT
A survey of Saudi university students revealed some fairly racist and religiously pompous views about Americans and their culture; Tripoli's Christians are worried; when does Israel go to court for killing kids? and it's a whodunnit for Egypt's power shortage.

August 20, 2014

A nuclear bomb test in the Pacific Ocean.
11:48 GMT
Before the head of Gaza’s bomb squad was killed, he said the bombs dropped on Gaza were equivalent to an Atomic attack; the ceasefire breaks down and more bombs drop; and the strike on a San Francisco port has kept an Israeli barge undocked for four days.
A group of Muslim men protesting something, vociferously.
08:12 GMT
A Canadian blogger has a go at how some uninformed Muslims take the boycott baton and just run with it, throwing caution to the wind; Dubai almost ready to harness the sun; and how to really screw up your blog.

August 19, 2014

A Syrian child in a refugee camp in Lebanon plays with a tire.
14:43 GMT
For every 1000 Lebanese, the UNHCR confirms there are 178 refugees. This problem will only grow until Syria is in order; did the rumors about Clinton and ISIS start on Egyptian Facebook pages? and Iranian poet Simin Behbahani dies at 87.
IDF soldiers fire teargas at Palestinians.
08:50 GMT
Aside from the gas choking Ferguson and Gaza's residents alike, there’s another connection: Police Chief Timothy Fitch received “counter-terrorism” training in Israel; WTF in Lebanon; Being Arab in the US; and a red carpet protest in Sarajevo.

August 18, 2014

Thousands protested at the ports of San Francisco to prevent  an Israeli ship from docking. (Charlotte Silver)
09:59 GMT
Thousands of Palestinian activists marched on a California port to prevent an Israeli ship from being able to dock; a farther teaches his son how to be a violent racist; ten things that Lebanon should ban; and Egypt kills 3 suspected terrorists.
This Arab teenager was so obese, he had to be cut out of his own house.
08:48 GMT
One Lebanese blogger delves into the touchy area of childhood obesity. Do the kids need a diet or more so, an active, responsible lifestyle? Artists always approached to do free gigs; and a Syrian martyr tells his mom, 'Don't be sad."

August 17, 2014

For conspiracy theorists, ISIS is an American made money machine.
15:08 GMT
One blogger is convinced that the eventual establishment of ISIS is all part of the West's fuller agenda to get oil from someone other than Saudi; Motorola revealing big things in September; and see vintage photos of Lebanon colorized.
The all new, limited edition Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster. (Z District)
11:16 GMT
The modern Confederate Hellcat will only be made sixty five times so this bike already has a waiting list and it'll cost 10K to just get your name on it; a male belly dancer? The Jordan-Syria Border Crossings are a mess; and Sisi not loving the NGOs.