Blogs Roundup

June 22, 2013

The Taliban are open for business in Qatar. (AFP)
04:00 GMT
Afghanistan's leader Karzai was none too impressed by the Taliban acting as 'political leaders' of his country when they cut the ribbon in Qatar; Obama fills security posts with women; Iran's new president Ayatollah friendly? and floods in Canada.

June 20, 2013

With over half a million and counting, Lebanon knows the meaning of World Refugee Day.
11:32 GMT
A heart-wrenching look at the Syrian children suffering in a Lebanese camp reminds us that World Refugee Day is not a holiday by any means; Lebanon blocks online gambling; Kuwaiti child rapists hanged; and a glance at the Toyota GT-86.
Putin seemed to convince the rest of the G8 leaders that Assad is the best option. (AFP/Getty)
06:00 GMT
After a 26-month uprising and over 100,000 chiefly innocent Syrian fatalities, G8 leaders essentially agree with Assad and Putin; Luma's idea swiped by the government? Qatar’s Foreign Policy in a nutshell; and bills in bras at the borders.

June 19, 2013

Former President Clinton tells Israel to play nice and make amends.
13:07 GMT
Former President Bill Clinton challenges Israel to reconcile with Palestinians, if not just for the sake of Israel's own survival; BMW squares of with itself; Kuwait cops going undercover; Anonymous planning big attack; and men getting pregnant.
A blond-haired girl is kidnapped for international trafficking purposes and her Arab kidnapper has sympathy for her in 'Cargo'. (image courtesy of 1971 The Review AE )
06:00 GMT
Most movies such as 'Taken' or 'Spartan' usually have the Arabs as the ones buying sex slaves. In 'Cargo', the Arab is the hero and the kidnapper; more Syrian news on Obama's policies, the G8 summit and what to expect next.

June 18, 2013

This hybrid Porsche is nothing like any hybrid you've ever seen. (pic courtesy of AmmaniV12 )
13:20 GMT
Acoording to a Jordanian blogger, this new hybrid can stand up to any regualr petrol powered car.. and then some; Wassim Nasser breaks swimming record; is Rohani the Lord of the Keys? and a wedding with celebrities, guns and fistfights.
The Syrian Pound is turning more into the Syrian 'flound'. (image courtesy of Nuqudy)
07:53 GMT
With the ups and downs of the Syrian conflict, the consistent value of the Syrian pound is quickly disappearing and leading vendors to be wary; clerics in Egypt call for Jihad against Shiites; and 7 things the Assad regime wants for stability.

June 17, 2013

Nature will provide the energy and the water for this resort in Dubai.
14:14 GMT
This teardrop shaped resort is going to be solar powered and will get all of its water from a new system that extracts moisture from the air; Kuwait's military strength; Morsi continues to dumbfound his critics; and Lebanese beaches are not for all.
The lighter side of being a woman in the manly world of Beirut business. (image courtesy of Ink on the Side)
07:48 GMT
It seems the glass ceiling exists for anyone with a uterus in Lebanon so one cartoonist decided to have some fun with it; Iranians elated over Rouhani; Yemen's Ministry of Corruption; and finally some fitness for females in KSA.

June 16, 2013

Hey followers of Mohammed! Save the Earth, it is your religious duty.
12:00 GMT
WIth good Qur'anic justification, one blogger shares why being a Muslim and saving the planet go hand and hand; love letter to the NSA; Feedly slays the Google Reader; Brotherhood exploits suffering; and Obama's G8 is going to get sloppy.
IN KSA, if a woman tries to flee to these exotic aisles, she risks getting thrown in the slammer.
08:04 GMT
As it turns outs in KSA, it's fine to leave a woman shut inside without provisions but if she goes out to make a grocery run, there's going to be hell to pay; Obama coin flipping on Syria; the Sony PS4 dominates XBox; and Shiite expansion.

June 15, 2013

A few rockets and some military might. the US may make Jordan impenetrable.
10:43 GMT
Jordan is like Obama's little brother so he intends to keep his bro safe with arming the rebels and setting up Patriot missiles along the broder; more on Hizbollah in Syria; Syria's May death toll at 5,000; and all the latest from Syria Comment.

June 14, 2013

The keys to a successful marriage may just be a mystery.
00:04 GMT
While the Moghrabi's claim to be still on their honeymoon after 8 years, they admit that, "the secret of a happy marriage, remains a secret"; the youth of Iran want change; Syrian opposition gets shoddy support; and the Lebanese town that never sleeps.

June 13, 2013

If a woman in Yemen is diagnosed with HIV, her future becomes even more darkly veiled. (image for illustrative purposes only)
08:34 GMT
The prevalence of HIV in Yemen is estimated at only about 0.2 percent of the population. However, people living with HIV face discrimination almost everywhere, even in some health facilities; Qatar to build floating hotels; and Facebook during WWI.

June 12, 2013

The numbers are in for global peace and the results for the Arab World may just shock you. (image courtesy of Market Wire)
14:39 GMT
After doing poorly on the corruption index, Kuwait can boast of their peaceful existence. The Lebanese, however, were not so lucky; Social Media Awards show their numbers; and Obama is still an amateur when it comes to Syria.