Blogs Roundup

May 27, 2013

The gate of Bab Al Wazir was a symbol of Cairo's past security and now it is in pieces on the ground. (image by Amina Abdel Bar)
11:00 GMT
The ancient city of Cairo was once only accesible through its gates. Now these same gates are being destroyed by corrupt contractors; Who fired the rockets? Tripoli girl learns to kill; and rebuilding trust better than building anew.
A house in Tripoli after being hit by a missle.
04:00 GMT
A Hezbollah area of Beirut was targeted by two missles and the country is on high alert. Tripoli is bombed daily but the government does nothing; Karabala, Iraq needs help with new hospital; and a haunted house in Kuwait is still haunted.

May 26, 2013

In Kuwait, jaywalking has become a serious offense.
11:40 GMT
Kuwait has decided to take keeping their roads seriously but mant predict over-crowded prisons after this jay walking judiciary kicks in; Syrians using YouTube in camps; Egyptian Gold rush; and the difference between a Boss and a Leader.
A young Syrian sings in the midst on being targeted by bombs. (YouTube image grab)
04:00 GMT
"Mom my most beloved one, please don’t cry. Today is a Holiday.Mom be proud of me, be happy, cause your son is a martyr"; an Iraqi gets beaten for being Iraqi; Saudi Arabia’s beautiful ancient architecture; and for 30 years, the West appeases Iran.

May 25, 2013

Jordan is an Independent country built on the leadership of the late King Hussein.
08:30 GMT
For many in the Hashemite Kingdom, remembering the late King Hussein is part and parcel to reflecting on Jordan's continued independence; a steady flow of electricity is fading in Egypt; and Tripoli is three very different cities in one.

May 23, 2013

Newly-elected to the Syrian National Coalition, Sheikh Mohammad al-Yaqubi is Sufi.
12:00 GMT
A Sufi bloc within the opposition would be an alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood, one that would represent many more Syrians; why Sinai is still a problem; Geneva-2 kicks off in Amman; and the Golan Hights heat up.
Top Ten worse fatwas include a ban on a seatbelt because it doubts God's sovereignty.
04:00 GMT
You may have heard about Micky Mouse being haraam but check out this Top Ten list of random issuances from Islamic leaders for the worst; ex-pats and goodbyes; American Bedu is worse; and horrific, untold stories of rape in Lebanon.

May 22, 2013

Kuwait has a legal price for someone's nose and mouth.
12:00 GMT
In any lawsuit, there are damages. Kuwait has a complete price list for each body part if it is damaged or, ahem, removed in an accident; summer movie sequels are comin'; review: Samsung Galaxy S4; and Saudi hangs five Yemeni men.
All seven soldiers released to their families and Morsi has secured a win, for once. (image for illustrative purposes only)
09:09 GMT
In what sounds like a Mel Gibson movie, the Egyptian Army had refused to pay the ransom and are instead attacking the kidnappers. Turns out-- it worked!; Lebanese prof accused of rape; 'Xbox One revealed; and opposition to a Saudi 'White Ribbon' campaign.

May 21, 2013

Some drops of fresh laws and freedoms for women have wet the path for women in Saudi Arabia in May.
13:17 GMT
May has proven to be a great month for Saudi women's achievements and seeing the Kingdom inch closer towards women's equality; defacing history in Alexandria; 'The Office' has shut its doors after nine seasons; and the ancient church may be saved.
Could this whole region soon go up in flames?
08:17 GMT
The daily news of bodies found floating in rivers or funeral processions attacked has become so normal, it is a sure sign of the Middle East's demise; problems with the Jordanian press; rich, spoiled brats; and Lebanon is less French, more American.

May 20, 2013

Honest Abe, looking rather Salafi himself, can buy quite a bit in the Lebanese markets.
15:02 GMT
One blogger wondered how far a fiver would stretch in Lebanon and was pleasantly surprised; a funny look at Arabs trying American styles; disgruntled Egyptians express their frustation with a music video; and this week in Jordan's 'Art Scene'.
Anonymous is planning an attack on Kuwait.
07:34 GMT
A video was posted supposedly by the cyber hackers "Anonymous" speaking out against America, Zionism and other Muslim grievances; The Unlucky Seven - Egyptian soliders appear in video; and Assad not going anywhere.

May 19, 2013

The Beirut Report blog has these amazing pictures of an ancient church in Lebanon excavated for the sake of building a hotel.
12:43 GMT
Reporters have been beaten trying to cover the scandal, but it seems a construction company has the go ahead to build on an ancient church in Lebanon; In-N-Out sighting in Dubai; and in the 50's, there was a large community of Italians in Egypt.
Yemeni women see it all and shared their struggles to protect their country at the National Dialogue Conference in March of this year.
04:00 GMT
The Arab Spring showed that Yemeni women care deeply about their countries and want to be part of making it succeed; human rights suppression in KSA; update on soldier hostages in Sinai; and a visit to Assad's torture chambers