Blogs Roundup

February 11, 2013

In a feat not seen for 6 centuries, Pope Benedict XVI steps down from his post.
21:25 GMT
Mubarak stepped down in February 2011 and Pope Benedict XVI announced that he will step down also in February 2013; Facebook is testing ‘Buy Tickets’ links; Copts protest in Upper Egypt; and Yemenis are out with the old, in with something worse.
The Saudi government is seeing red about seeing red on Valentine's Day.
10:00 GMT
Thinking about wearing red on February 14th? Don't you dare if you are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Obama has a serious drone problem; YouTube blocked in Egypt; and go inside a school for suicide bombers.
Social media gets the credit and the blame for the Arab Spring.
04:00 GMT
If the Internet can claim partial credit for the Arab uprisings, should it also take blame for some of the more negative trends of the last two years? Video showing the injured soldiers in Arssal; Ahmadinejad to Egypt was a Dud; and the Egyptian Animal Farm.

February 10, 2013

Love is an easy word, but on Valentine's Day, try something deeper-- say it in Arabic.
10:00 GMT
For all those scurrying to give a heartfelt greeting in Arabic this Valentine's Day, look no further than here; amazing Valentine's treats for Arabs; and Bollywood actress Kareena to celebrate Heart Day in style with her beloved hubby.
Iraq's Maliki spent time in Syria and says he has Assad's system figured out.
04:00 GMT
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad does not want an exit pass; KSA needs a law to protect children from abuse; the Islamist mess in Damascus; and Friday Prayers against assassinations for Egypt.

February 9, 2013

Bring your kids to the zoo and let them watch Arab children roam free and create chaos.
06:52 GMT
The Kuwait Zoo has little monsters climbing over fences and trying to feed and kick the animals with the parents standing by idly; Obama- stop supporting Morsi! the Phoenicians visit the Pyramids; Lebanese politicians fight on T.V.; and a study of textbooks in Palestine-Israel.

February 7, 2013

The world is hoping that political assassinations do not become trendy.
10:00 GMT
Will political assassinations start in Egypt after Tunisia or have they already started with the murder of young protesters? Tash Ma Tash's banned episode; Review: Django Unchained; surgical strikes by US drones not precision at all.
The food might be great, but the cultural sensitivity in Kuwait lacks taste. (photo courtesy of @asmaahassan85 )
05:00 GMT
The latest attempt by a Kuwaiti restaurant to sell Chinese food is a blaring example of latent racism in the Arab world; what was Hezbollah thinking? and a look at the Muslim Brotherhood's inability to relate to the common Egyptian.

February 6, 2013

This Shiite ruler is coming to a Sunni mosque near you!
10:30 GMT
The leader of the main Shiite State nation in the world visits Al Azhar Mosque, the biggest Sunni institution in the world; a man sets himself on fire; the Phoenicians invent television; and the price of chasing a political solution in Syria.
Malala is out of surgery and ready to live her new life as an ambassador for all girls across the world.
04:00 GMT
After her surgery to rapir her skull damaged by a Talibni bullet, Malala Yousafzai announces her new foundation to provide education for girls all over the world; Jordanian girls lead in Science exam; Ahmadinejad visits Cairo; and understanding Lebanese protesters.

February 5, 2013

Hamda says it was those pesky protestors that stripped him bare, not the sweet policeman.
13:59 GMT
Hamda appeared on National TV defending the MOI and claiming that the CSF conscripts who were dragging and beating him on TV were actually saving him; the real purpose of the wheel for Egyptians; and after caller insults Morsi, host investigated for defamation.
The newest Mercedes will make any car lover lust. (pic courtesy of Autoblog)
04:00 GMT
Mercedes-Benz has uncovered a ramped-up special edition model positioned between the regular C63 AMG and its Black Series variant; Who is driving force behind anti-Israelism in Turkey? Yemeni women continue to forge ahead; and drugs and revolution in Tunisia.

February 4, 2013

In terms of healing the wounds of the Israeli/Palestinian crisis, Clinton is a dropout. (pic courtesy of
11:00 GMT
Now that her term is over, Hillary Clinton can look back at what she accomplished in the MIddle East and do a massive face-palm; 20 things to do in Amman when it's cold; Syria's Opposition Hawks and al Khatib's Initiative; and Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Natural Gas platform sinks.
The payment for this little girl's innocence and life was less than a year in jail for her murderous father.
04:00 GMT
A Saudi man sodomizes ands rapes his own 5 year old daughter to death and only gets 4 months in jail; a day at the Kuwait Camel Race Track; Yemeni Ali Saleh's Son, Ahmed Makes a Controversial Speech; and escort agencies in Lebanon.

February 3, 2013

Stripped naked and beaten-- where are the police? They are the ones administering the blows.
11:00 GMT
Mr. Hamda Saber came with his wife and kids to protest at the presidential Palace. He was then stripped, beaten and dragged by the police; Qatar’s recent actions in Libya are suspicious; KSA embrace the NBA; and in America, who is supposed to give the dowry?