Blogs Roundup

May 2, 2013

Syrian President Assad makes a rare public appearance at an electrical plant in Damascus. (image AFP/Uprooted Palestinians)
14:03 GMT
A Happy International Workers' Day to all! And what better way to celebrate than to have Syrian President Assad peering over your shoulder at work? Iran's Ahmadinejad arrested by own government; and Palm Sunday limited in Egypt.
Ancient Egyptians knew the power of the sun. Perhaps the new generation should as well.
04:00 GMT
Ouside of Egypt, one will find people thinking outside of the box. NGOs need to lock into this ingenuity with their emphasis on renewable energies; Lebanese Facebook population stats; and the benign nature of the Egyptian constitution.

May 1, 2013

It's a daily case of 'Who said and did what?" in the Egyptian papers. (image courtesy of Inter Law)
11:00 GMT
The Egyptian people are being torn asunder by the doublespeak being fed through and to the media outlets; Obama reports Assad to Putin for cheating! Support Cancer patients in Arab world; and Happy International Jazz Day!
This young Lebanese chap has a gun almost bigger than his own body. (image courtesy of Gino's Blog)
08:17 GMT
In Tripoli, militia leaders are arming boys as young as nine. VICE recently posted a piece highlighting the fractured cultural allowance for giving guns to boys who are still in elementary school. Bloggers stand appalled and let their annoyances be known.

April 30, 2013

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham says instead of arming the rebels, we need to prevent them from getting chemical weapons.
11:00 GMT
A senator in America suggests that the US attack Syria so that the revolutionaries the U.S. are funding don't access chemical weapons; Review: Pain & Gain; a feminist perspective on female clergy censored; and police abuse transgendered clubbers.

April 29, 2013

An Arab Muslim superhero named Simon Baz highlights the many MIddle Eastern Marvel heroes.
23:41 GMT
Many in the Muslim world have been pining for a comic book hero but, for decades, they have been here all along; Gaza police still shaving heads; the forbidden kissing couple in Amman; and in KSA, a maid often becomes a friend.
For most Yemenis, this drone and its whirling motors are the face of America.
11:33 GMT
A Yemeni villager, who spent a year in the US, speaks to Congress about the realities of random drone strikes on villages; Emeratis arrive in droves to buy the new Samsung S4; and one Jordanian blogger submerses herself in Marrakech.
The reason these brothers killed lies in their own warped sense of helplessness and duty to defend other Muslims.
04:00 GMT
While no excuse ever for murdering spectators at a marathon, the reason random Muslims commit terror is frustration with global policies; Obama keeping his distance from Syria; the MB loves being hated; and who is Syria anyway?

April 28, 2013

For all the doubters, Obama comes out of the linen closet as a Muslim.
09:33 GMT
U.S. President Barack Obama found there is no better way to silence the conspiracy theories than to joke about them; EU to support Al Queda through oil? Gritting through live in KSA; and Lebanon's matrix of bribes and favors.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may be getting some visitors from Lebanon.
04:00 GMT
One blogger has a go at some Lebanese politicians who recently dined with Syrian Leader Assad by sending them to North Korea; Iraq and its Shia led government; UNICEF gives the numbers on Egypt's employment; and Obama watches Syria form a distance..

April 27, 2013

Populate Mars and go where no human has gone before.
04:00 GMT
Mars One has officially begun its worldwide search for astronauts who will fly to Mars in 2023 and populate it with your own space babies; Iran’s Shiite counterattack from Syria to Iraq; Arabic's fading appeal; and Arab Media Use Statistics for 2013.

April 25, 2013

An American, of all people, calls Yemen the friendliest place in the Arab world.
11:21 GMT
After marrying a Yemeni man, Katherine lived and breathed life in the country and says it is an Arab state like none other; Qatar and its crazy democracy; never forget the Armenian Genocide; and Jesus, Mohammed and their modern day relevancy.
Israeli PM Netanyahu claims Syria has used chemical weapons.
04:00 GMT
Prime Minster Netanyahu's recent declaration that Syria is using chemical weapons hints at Israel's desire to support the Sunni revolt; Palestinian Christians at odds with Israel; Lebanon found oil! and despair clouds first post-US Iraq vote.

April 24, 2013

Syria is nothing like Vegas, contrary to the belief of Western strategists.
11:59 GMT
Think tanks in the West are pushing for “buffer zones” to ensure that the “Las Vegas rules” apply to Syria; an amazing BBC documentary on Iran; topless protestors in Beirut; Kuwaiti writer wins International award; and a message to JIhadis.
Spirits and hauntings are still very real for some in the Middle East.
04:00 GMT
A new documentary strives to put on film the stories and legends of the supernatural within Middle Eastern communities; virginity for a price; 'motivated by religion' card played in Boston; and the new Thor trailer is released.