Blogs Roundup

August 1, 2013

A video game acted out, Assasin's Creed meets Parkour is amazing. (YouTube screengrab)
11:53 GMT
If ever a video game was played out in reality, it is Assassin’s Creed. Watch as this amazing acrobat jumps from building to building; Eid Al Fitr Holidays are close; the Kuwait Invasion Anniversary and treating Lebanese politicians like employees.
Kurdish people have made several tributes such as this photo for slain Kurd Isa Huso.
08:14 GMT
The assassination of Isa Huso, a prominent Syrian Kurdish politician, in Syria’s northeastern town of Qamishli leaves everyone wondering who killed who; Windows 8.1 Enterprise gives a sneak peak; 'Sex and the Medina' and Cooper's legacy.

July 31, 2013

If one protests in Bahrain, they may lose their citizenship forever.
13:14 GMT
A coalition of Shiite groups and some Sunnis continues to agitate against the authoritarian practices of the Sunni monarchy. The government is responding by tightening the noose of free speech and breaking international human rights laws.
For men's styles this Eid, it is either go big or go home.
05:00 GMT
For Saudi men, no ordinary robe will do for this year's Eid celebrations. It appears that 2013 is the year of the fashionable robe; being a single lady in Lebanon and Assad's advances are not as impressive as they may seem.

July 30, 2013

These protests in Alexandria left eleven dead and hundreds scarred. (AFP)
12:35 GMT
While Cairo was having a crisis of its own, hundreds were being tortured in mosques and eleven people died in Alexandria; weird dogs laws in Kuwait; detained Yemeni journalist speaks and Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists don't back Sisi.
The terrifying moments before a woman throws herself off of her building. (screen grab from YouTube)
09:39 GMT
Many questions surround the gut-wrenching home footage of a woman distraught and sliding herself off the balcony, falling to her death; KSA red light district? BMW M6 2014 – Grand Coupe; Egyptian deja vu and Armenian tongue twister.

July 29, 2013

Saudi women can't leave the country without their husband's permission. (Image: Getty)
13:11 GMT
Imagine your hubby receiving an SMS message every time you want to leave the country without his permission? Well, welcome to Saudi! Not only they can't leave freely, one blogger was banned from leaving the country for speaking her mind!
Divorced women are look down on by Lebanese men. (Image: Getty)
11:26 GMT
Lebanese women are appalled by men's disrespect towards them, whether they're single, married and especially if they're divorced. Meanwhile, the joint parliamentary committees approved a draft-law on the protection of women from domestic violence. Contradiction in Lebanese society?

July 28, 2013

How amazing is JuiceBee? (Image: Tech-Ticker)
15:10 GMT
You never have to run out of battery again with JuiceBee's brand new portable charger; if you're a tech fanatic, then we have the most useful Android Codes for ya! Finally, check out what Sony had to say about PS4's RAM debacle.
The Malt Nº16 toothpicks by Daneson. (Image: No Garlic No Onions)
14:42 GMT
Prince George hardly knows the taste of milk, yet there's already a beer in his name! But if you don't like beer, then perhaps you'd like to try the Malt Nº16 toothpicks? Meantime in Tripoli, one little girl keeps fasters intrigued!

July 25, 2013

Helen Thomas was an American author and news service reporter, and member of the White House press who passed away on July 20 2013.
14:15 GMT
Helen Thomas was an Arab icon and member of the White House press corps. She was more privileged that the Yemeni women in our second blog, who are still fighting for a bigger participation share in government.
The perfect boyfriend jeans! (Image: @theclosetclause)
11:10 GMT
One girl says it's now turn for the Little White Dress, another's convinced dungarees are the way to go, while another tells us how to look for the perfect, erm, boyfriend!

July 24, 2013

This Lebanese man was willing to go to war if he had a baby girl. (YouTube screenshot)
12:07 GMT
One blogger writes about the lunacy that exist in her country, beautifully seen in a man who was going to start a war if his wife had a girl; Western stereotypes of Saudis; and sick of the royal baby yet?
WhatsAPP may be overtaking Facebook at the means of communicating with friends.
05:00 GMT
It seems the next step in convenient social media updating is not with your status on Facebook but with a note on WhatsAPP; Lebanese people are killers; a decade in Amman; and a modest barbie in KSA.

July 23, 2013

Will the U.S. cross the borders and send their own into Syria?
09:23 GMT
Four of the five options for America to institute a no-fly zone and stop chemical weapons involved the use of lethal force; Lebanon gov't passes bill to stop domestic abuse; and can Christianity survive in the MIddle East?