Blogs Roundup

September 16, 2013

Human Rights Watch have published a report on the arbitrary detention of children and their ill-treatment in Bahrain. (Image: Wikipedia)
11:44 GMT
Human Rights Watch have revealed a shocking report: Bahrain security forces routinely detain children without cause and subject them to ill-treatment that may rise to the level of torture; A new website helps Kuwaiti children find their parents who left them when they were young; Syria's supernatural love story: Ladder to Damascus.

September 15, 2013

Will it be possible for Arabs to unite as one nation and rise up again? (Image: Shutterstock/Bahri Altay)
13:00 GMT
An inspiration to Saudi and Arab women, Haifaa Al Mansour directs the first film to ever be shot in Saudi Arabia; Once upon a time Lebanon used to manufacture trains; Will Arabs ever go back to their glory and rise up again?
One of the men executed by Syrian rebels in a location outside of Aleppo. (Image: Youtube screenshot)
10:47 GMT
One photojournalist was an eyewitness to four public executions by Syrian rebels in a location outside of Aleppo in August; U.S. Senator John McCain terribly concerned by the US-Syria agreement; What does Israel make of Syria's chemical weapons and Iran?
Chef Gordon Ramsay can land in your kitchen any time you like with a newly-invented hologram system. (Image: Facebook)
07:40 GMT
Wouldn't it be fabulous to get cooking tips from the world's top chefs? Now you can project holograms of world-famous chefs right into your kitchen; 17 talented Lebanese women cook for 600 top world foodies & chefs; The yummy Shake Shack finally opens in Beirut.

September 12, 2013

Cinderella: One of children's most-beloved fairy tales. (Image: Facebook)
12:36 GMT
Are fairy tales good or bad for our children, do they represent reality?; Lebanon's latest fabulous all-honey products store; Get ready for Halloween next month with a cool set of skull-shaped cake pans.
The US have decided against the strike on Syria. (Image: Facebook)
08:11 GMT
Although the Syria strike is happening no more, Assad is still in power and more innocent lives are taken away daily; Obama and Putin have different pleas on the Syria topic; Why the UN should step in and interfere in Syria.

September 11, 2013

Foreign women in Saudi have been granted the same rights as Saudi citizens if their children are Saudi. (Shutterstock/Rahhal)
13:54 GMT
Foreign women in Saudi have something to celebrate this week as they're granted the same rights as Saudi citizens, on one condition of course; Curious to understand the difference between Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus the Christ?; Learn about Putin's secret KGB chess tactics to outwit the US.
The Rafik Hariri University Hospital in Beirut. (Image: BGUH)
13:46 GMT
It's a real crisis, the UNHCR in Lebanon announced that Lebanese public hospitals are out of beds; The women's football team in Dubai is looking for a sponsor; Saudi gym managers paint over "haram" women's pictures on foreign gym equipment instructions.

September 10, 2013

An MP opened fire using a AK-47 on his colleague in the Jordanian House of Representatives in Amman on Tuesday. (Image for illustrative purposes, courtesy of The Jordan Times/Hassan Tamimi)
15:51 GMT
Hardly keeping it parliament-polite, a Jordanian MP shoots at a fellow MP in Parliament; Egypt needs another revolution to fix its economy; What does the Human Rights Watch think of the chemical attack on Syrian children.
The savvy creator of Cronuts has introduced a new dessert: "The Magic Soufflé." (Image: Getty Images)
14:50 GMT
The creator of the famous Cronut has now come up with The Magic Soufflé; What has Victoria Beckham come up with for this SS14; "Electro Rock" give you something new to sing about.

September 9, 2013

The International Olympic Committee opted to host the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo rather than Madrid or Istanbul. (Image: Facebook)
13:57 GMT
The International Olympic Committee opted to host the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo rather than Madrid or Istanbul; You can now make your own movie in Beirut for FREE; Fender introduces their latest hot collection of basses.
Lebanese woman kills her husband and chops him up in their home. (Image: Shutterstock/Rangizzz)
11:05 GMT
With the help of her two children, a Lebanese woman killed her husband and chopped his body into pieces; Internet that's so slow that slow gained a new meaning; What do people really think of the war in Syria?

September 8, 2013

The lion which was arrested in Bayan, Kuwait last weekend. (Image: Twitter)
17:00 GMT
A lion roaming the streets of Kuwait was captured yesterday, and it even has its own Twitter account; Old tires turned into fabulous tables; Today marks International Literacy Day, do something to help.
An increasing number of Arabs are believing more in evolution and less in religion. (Image: Shutterstock/Livinglegend)
12:35 GMT
The number of Atheists is increasing in the Arab world; Bad conditions in Lebanon on the rise; LG's latest hilarious prank in Chile.

September 7, 2013

Obama leaves the Whitehouse with daughters, Sasha and Malla (image Getty)
11:24 GMT
Obama might want to keep his cards close to his chest and his daughters closer as Iranian officials threaten to rape his girls; A guide to the moderate rebels- who apparently are gaining more ground than their extremist 'allies' in Syria; US poll on Syria reveals more unpopularity than support.