Blogs Roundup

April 18, 2013

Arabs are starting to be known more for their tech skills than for their amazing baklava.
10:00 GMT
A Jordanian tech startup just landed over 100K to start a new business and Jordanian born Yahoo! Maktoob has announced the debut of two new web series focused on entertainment and celebrity news for the Middle East!
American citizens are on the case and they've rounded up a cache of incriminating photos with possible suspects.
01:09 GMT
Quite a few pics show men Middle Eastern in appearance and also two who are white: Solid leads or more Arab fear-mongering? Mubarak's release is no surprise; Abu Dhabi expels 20 Lebanese Nationals; and 10 Arab Comedians compete.

April 17, 2013

Sorry buddy but you're just too hot to trot in Saudi Arabia! (image for illustrative purposes only)
11:00 GMT
So, three guys walk into a festival in KSA and are immediately ejected. "You're good looks will tempt the women!"; unbelievably racist tweets emerge after the bombings in Boston; and women in Saudi tell their hubbies to shut up and drive.
It seems the instinct for anyone when there are bombings internationally is to blame Arabs. is this fair?
08:17 GMT
Is it acceptable for the mantra “innocent until proven guilty” to become “an Arab Muslim until proven otherwise” when it comes to any terrorist act in the world? Syrian army secures Damascus with “four walls”; and Top Ten Ways Islamic Law forbids Terrorism.

April 16, 2013

"Resolve and Restrain" seem to be Obama's modus operandi for the Boston Bombings. (Getty Image)
13:02 GMT
On the same days of the 9/11 attack, George W. Bush declared America at war with terrorists. President Obama has chosen a much more reserved approach; thoughts on Al Qaeda; and D-Day over Syria chemicals is set for June.
Already these bombings in Boston rope in Arab terrorists, with one cleric adding fuel to the fire. (Getty Image)
00:40 GMT
Jordanian Salafi cleric Mohammad al-Chalabi celebrates the dead in America after the attack at the Boston Marathon, which includes an 8 year old boy; some already blaming Muslims; and why we should wait for the details before making assumptions.

April 15, 2013

The whole world has spoiled brats but are there more in Saudi Arabia than most?
10:00 GMT
Are KSA kids really worse than most? One blogger says no and argues that, in fact, many Saudi parents are trying; Oh Bassem Yousef, what's next? A life without labneh; and Israel celebrates 65 by themselves, neighbors not invited.
Looking to be the true romantic in the MENA? Go to Lebanon for a class.
04:00 GMT
Advertised as the first ever in Lebanon, so most likely the whole Middle East, this seminar teaches how to "Become the Man Every Women Wants"; Saudi to fund Syrian university students; and an Islamic State Declared in Syria.

April 14, 2013

Citizens toking weed apparently isn't a large concern right now for the Egyptian Government. (image for illustrative purposes only)
10:47 GMT
If you want cheap hash in Egypt, it ain't hard to find. Now, it gets even easier with an online guide to finding the best rates; Palestinians building museum; theft of the Arab world’s heritage; Palestine PM Fayyad Resigns; and even the rich litter in Lebanon.
Lebanese Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui had a close encounter with the rhino kind. (image for illustrative purposes only)
04:00 GMT
Caretaker State Minister Marwan Kheireddine saved Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui from a sure gorging by the snout of a a rhino; Saudi blogs unite! Arabs are waiting for help but should just help themselves; and cathedral violence in Egypt.

April 13, 2013

Israel knows chemical weapons and they're worried Assad might use his soon.
04:00 GMT
Israeli sources expressed a growing concern over the use of chemical weapons on the part of the Syrian regime; rare pictures from the Lebanese Civil War; honk if you hate the Muslim Brotherhood; and Lebanon ranks third in world for wealth inequality.

April 11, 2013

An Iranian scientist promises to take you to your future. Do you believe him?
14:09 GMT
Ali Razeghi, an Iranian scientist actually invented a machine that can take people into the future. See how it works; looking at Egyptian sectarianism through a lens; Tony Blair inventing new religion? and Lebanese students blocked at U.S. border.
Some Arabs are fed up with their fellow countrymen's lack of humility.
04:00 GMT
One Arab blogger had a minor problem with a product but the company would not accept her claims, even though they were dead on; women the key to Egyptian liberalism; and making one's home halal.

April 10, 2013

Netanyahu and Erdogan rule with a stability that could allow their countries to expand.
15:43 GMT
Who's poised for growth? The Turks are expanding economically, the Iranian politically and the Israelis through land grabs to build settlements; staying conservatine in Tunisian universities; and Syrian economy is imploding.
On the catwalk, yes, but donning Google's new glassess in a strip club wil get you kicked to the curb.
08:48 GMT
Sorry, but when you have your Google Glasses on, you will not be able to, to enter to a local cinema or to your favorite strip club; ideas should not be shielded from criticism; more quake in Iran; and divorce in Saudi- who's to blame?