Blogs Roundup

March 17, 2013

When it comes to kinky web searches, the Lebanese have quite a top ten list.
05:00 GMT
After careful observation, the Porn MD has observed the Lebanese like their porn kinky and messy; Yemenese women are not who you think they are; Syria is about to get worse; and over one fourth of drone strikes on Pakistanis kill innocent bystanders.

March 16, 2013

Diego Maradona suits up for his club team in Dubai. (image courtesy of Figo 29)
04:00 GMT
Argentinian football icon Diego Maradona is in Dubai and recently participated in the “7 Up Dubai Government Entities Football League”; did the Muslim Brotherhood hijack Syria's revolution? Morsi and the police; and why must religion be patriarchal?

March 14, 2013

Kerry will meet with Assad to see if it is even possible to have a reasonable dialogue.
21:07 GMT
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will first sit with al-Assad to test the water before asking the Syrian opposition to come to the table to negotiate a transition; and a look back at the last time America tried to help in the Middle East.
If the Duchess of Cornwall is thinking about slipping over to Israel for some sight-seeing after her Jordan visit, she better think again.
08:29 GMT
Britain's Prince Charles is on a visit to Jordan, Oman and Qatar. But stepping foot in nearby Israel by any member of the British royal family is officially banned by the British Foreign Office; a funny look at Lebanese plumbing; and the beauty of

March 13, 2013

One ticket to paradise- fight for Assad, jihad is your right! -- Mufti of Syria chimes. (image thanks to )
10:30 GMT
The national news in Syria used to take the revolution uprings lightly. Now, two years in, they show their desperation by lauding the mufti's Jihad declaration; Saudi Arabia is running a little behind; and the MB is dragging the culture of Egypt back daily.
First they crashed a wedding and now it seems Wilson and Vaughn will be interning at Google.
04:00 GMT
Vince Vaughn, known among Arabs for his Lebanese heritage, returns with Owen Wilson as two interns at Google; closing windows for peace in Palestine; Saudi students flock to U.S. universities; and an Egyptian politician admits lying, keeps his job.

March 12, 2013

The Syrian embassy in Lebanon must be experiencing fatigue after 2 years of refugee influx.
10:00 GMT
One the upcoming two-year anniversary of the Syrian revolution, Lebanon must face the fact of their long term Syrian guests; lessons from Egypt's student elections; finding a Dr. in Dubai just got easier; and Iraq has 10 years of Arab on Arab abuse.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visits KSA without addressing human rights abuses. (picture used for illustrative purposes only)
04:00 GMT
U.S. Secretary of State visits Saudi Arabian brass but ignores the human rights activists given lengthy jail sentences; Egyptian army opens fire on protesters; Kuwait's first ever base jump; and the best breakfast in the world is in Lebanon.

March 11, 2013

It seems the Nile is now running straight through the minds of the Syrians still in Damascus.
09:47 GMT
There are still many families living in Damascus thinking all of the hustle and bustle of the 2 year revolution in Syria will just blow over; Karazi puzzled the U.S.; KSA adopts guidelines against child marriages; and Syrian blog counters accusations.
Prince Charles and Camilla have big plans in the MIddle East this week.
04:00 GMT
The Royal regals are hitting Jordan, Oma and then plan to get spoiled rotten in KSA by their Saudi royal counterparts; more on the "convert" in Egypt; Ultra concerns in Port Said; and chivalry is not dead on the streets of Kuwait.

March 10, 2013

Even the fully covered face the wrath of sexist men's wondering eyes. (image courtesy of mokh libnene)
10:08 GMT
So, rape and assault. There are still people out there who still believe that women are to blame in incidents of rape; Lebanese women go on hunger strike! Release Khalid Al Natour from KSA; and the security dynamic is changing in Egypt.
According to the UN, young Palestinians in Israeli captivity have not  be given their rights.
04:00 GMT
Israel must reform its system of military detention for Palestinian minors after an in-depth study by the UN showed they systematically violated Palestinian minors' rights; the horror of rape in numbers; and why won't Saudi men use protection?

March 9, 2013

Nonviolent protests are not winning the war in Syria, but armored vehicles and body armor to the Syrian opposition might help.
05:00 GMT
The UK is to supply armored vehicles and body armor to Syrian opposition forces in a bid to end crisis; the latest on Port Said; Algeria's foreign policy is not working; the new head of the CIA and his drones; and more about Arab women on International Women's Day.

March 7, 2013

A sad ending for a thief trying to nab some copper in Lebanon. (picture for illustrative purposes)
10:00 GMT
A copper robber risks it all for a little cash and paid the ultimate price- a horrible death by electrocution; the UN is part of things heating up in Syria; the controversial leak behind the MOI in Egypt; and 'Doing Business in Lebanon for Dummies".
Hugo Chavez loved the idea of Socialism and hoped to see it practiced purely in the Middle East.
04:00 GMT
Hugo Chavez loved his socialism but seemed unable to see that Khamenei, Ghaddafi and al-Assad were not as pure in their practice; expats in Saudi must play by KSA's rules; vintage cars in Kuwait; and the U.S. Ambassador to Jordan tweet-less?