Blogs Roundup

April 9, 2013

Christian women are filmed being assaulted and stripped in the streets of Egypt.
14:01 GMT
A video has been making the rounds on social media of Muslim men stripping Christian women in Egypt under the guise of Islam; more on the attack of the Cathedral; energy waste in Lebanon; and the importance of knowing history.

April 8, 2013

Arabs from all over the world reflect on the life and career of Margaret Thatcher.
20:41 GMT
The great former British PM Margaret Thatcher passed away today and many in the Middle East are reflecting on her career. Those of Kurdish heritage have praised her but other Arabs are still greatly disappointed in her perceived Zionism.
Comic Con Dubai was an amazing success and we got the pics to prove it! (image from )
10:53 GMT
See all the pics and video from Dubai's stellar Comic Con and follow the post festival chatter in the comments sections; a fortune teller predicted Messi’s injury; flirting gone awry; and what to do after and if Assad falls.
Lebanon's oil fields may be their ticket to an independent future.
04:00 GMT
The oil in Lebanon gives many hopes for a bright future but the infrastructure and politics may leave these resources untapped; FEMEN should shut up; keep calm and drive in Amman; Bashar Assad at the end of his rope; and Yemen meets the press.

April 7, 2013

Syrian refugees have another crisis looming-- no more aid money.
12:46 GMT
The United Nations is warning that the vast scale of the Syrian refugee crisis is straining the resources of the UN, Jordan and Lebanon; History of emigration in Lebanon; rappers go underground in Kuwait, and a Facebook OS, sorta kinda.
Prince Michael Jackson just may have found his princess in Kuwait. (Getty Images)
04:00 GMT
Prince Michael Jackson was photographed going bowling with a Kuwaiti Princess. Let the rumor mill start to churn! Coptics being kidnapped in Egypt; Saudi about to be the Lebanese 'Master of Puppets'; and three Lebanese referees sell out.

April 6, 2013

The Lebanese have been, for better or for worse, stigmatized with an elitist pride of their heritage.
04:00 GMT
It seems the superiority complex many Lebanese feel and exude actually has some merit since one of their own proved they are the axis of all life; Where is Syrian humanitarian aid money going? and Syrian, Iraqi jihadi groups said to be cooperating.

April 4, 2013

A spoof of Putin bare-chested is one of the many highlights from social media on #toplessjihad day.
10:54 GMT
In a clash of the tit-ans, feminists are taking things to extreme to protest Islamists and thier beliefs that they own women's bodies. Specifically, they protest to honor and support Amina, a Tunisian girl who bore it all and is now missing.
For Saudi women, this new bike law is just more of the same.
04:00 GMT
Before the law in KSA, women could only ride in restricted area. Now, women will only ride in restricted areas; the Nokia’s Lumia 920 turns heads; Dangerous travel: Countries to avoid; and Col. Riad al-Asaad is an asset to the Syrian Opposition.

April 3, 2013

Spring is here and politicians want votes-- time to play the religion card in Egypt.
12:40 GMT
The Islamists and the MB resorted to using religion once again in the elections in order to win the people back to their side; Virgin Radio Lebanon on air; and three men hanged publicly in Kuwait for fist time since 2007.
Afghani President Karzai points to the West whenever things go wrong in his country. Could he be right?
07:48 GMT
The policies and action of the US Military in Afghanistan are the reasons this country is completely screwed up; next two Iphones have Jobs' input; Spring Breakers won’t be released in Lebanon; and Iranian tourists arrive to Egypt.

April 2, 2013

Google introduced Google Nose for any sucker willing to fall for their April Fools bonanza. (image from YouTube/Google)
11:00 GMT
Google had a field day on April 1st and pulled out all the stops to make sure everyone got fooled. See all of their pranks here; Lebanon is like a bus with square wheels; color in Jeddah; and the strong and weak points of the Syria players.
A new web service follows Syrian war videos on YouTube soon after they're posted.
02:56 GMT
Syria Comment Announces a new web service that maps and aggregates Syrian war videos by tracking a large number of YouTube channels; don’t spy In Saudi Arabia; Independence of the Egyptian Judiciary; and women speak in Yemen.

April 1, 2013

Is Israel trying to hide its racism with a “darker” Beauty Queen?
12:22 GMT
The latest Miss Israel, Ethiopian-born Yityish Aynaw, says it’s about time a black woman wore the crown. Is it? Fight your fears; Kuwait now the fattest country in the world; and more pics and video from Guns and Roses in Lebanon.
"Jews of Egypt" speaks of the once vibrant community of Hebrews living in Egypt.
04:00 GMT
"Jews in Egypt" is being shown in Egyptian theaters and of course people are equating it with neutralizing relations with Israel; Amman has new German films and all sorts of art this week; and Muslim fashion by homegrown Kyrgyz designers.