Blogs Roundup

June 5, 2013

Kuwait has dropped to the 66th least corrupted country in the world.
14:41 GMT
The 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index is out and Kuwait is no longer in the top 50; Hizballah supporters are passing out flyers celebrating victory in Syria; the 'Rebel' campaign in Egypt gains momentum; and bigotry in menus.
The youngest female and first Saudi women to top Everest is Raha Muharrak.
08:10 GMT
After almost two years of training, Raha became the frist Saudi woman and youngest arab female to scale Everest; NGO trail in Egypt finishes, bad news results; less than 4 million Lebs in Lebanon; and Turks arguing well.

June 4, 2013

The best way to see Lebanon is to go off the beaten path with a local.
16:54 GMT
All week, a seasoned Lebanese pro offers a plan to make your time in Lebanon the best ever; if Kuwait slogans told the truth; Facebook's hidden message in its notification sound; and Israel is riding the bench while the U.S. shows up late to the game.

June 3, 2013

Former PM of Tunisia Jebali is cautious, but hopeful that Tunisia is going to rise.
23:34 GMT
Are political freedoms, mutual respect, a civil state, an independent judiciary, and the rejection of state hegemony or violence coming to Tunisia? Morsi blames Ethiopia for Nile dam; taking Aleppo not the silver bullet; and things that may you go numb.
Turkey is in the spotlight and things are not looking pretty.
15:22 GMT
Turkey finds itself at the top of the headlines with multiple stories brewing. Along with the strain at and beyond its borders caused by Syria, internally the people have taken to the streets and are calling out the prime minster's abuse of power.
Were Syrian officials shocked when they found one of the dead was female American citizen Nicole Lynn Mansfield?
09:38 GMT
Mystery surrounds the story of an American women who converted to Islam and years later ended up dead in Syria; Jordan has made their media laws official by blocking unregistered sites, and looking at the Turkey-Syria border from the past.

June 2, 2013

Here's the ancient map that up until recently was the U.S. government's view of the Islamic world. (Screenshot of the National Counterterrorism Center’s Interactive Map, April 30, 2013.)
11:00 GMT
Apparently the map of the 'Islamic' world on the Uncle Sam's website was the same one being used in the 1500s; Saudi supports harassing cashiers; Lebanese phones more expensive now; and God plus politics in Egypt.
Lebanese Immigrant Sami Samir Hassoun- a convicted murderer who didn't kill anyone.
04:00 GMT
Being accused by bloggers as not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, Sami Samir Hassoun is now doing time for a fake bomb; Yemen has Syrian women begging in their cities; Geneva 2 is all about 'ceasefire'; and Israel to keep building settlements.

June 1, 2013

Disgruntled Lebanese chucked tomatoes at their MPs to stop them from voting but to no avail. (pic courtesy of LBCi News)
04:00 GMT
Lebanese parliament officially votes to extend its term by 18 months! Unconstitutional, undemocratic, and unnecessary; Egypt's rising young athletes; the Syrian Coalition reunited and grew; and look who's second in the world in cigarette consumption!

May 30, 2013

Will Alicia Keys perform in Israel even after being asked not to?
11:57 GMT
Before Alicia Keys upcoming concert in Israel, African American poet Alice Walker and author of 'The Colour Purple' asks her to reconsider; McCain loves the drones; Saudi takes two steps back; Morsi's Nile crisis; and Burhan Ghalioun shames the Syria Coalition.
The Cairo Opera House is on strike so the fat lady is going to take a break.
04:00 GMT
Apparently the Minster of Culture in Egypt is so bad, the Cairo Opera House was forced to do what it has never done- strike; casualties do not mean instituting martial law; LG Optimus G Review; and most Arabs don't like Hezbollah.

May 29, 2013

Strategists feel that Assad's next prize will be Aleppo.
12:00 GMT
It seems it is only a matter of days before the Syrian Army tries to get back Aleppo and really have the upper hand; hilarious remake of a 2 year-old's conversation; Romainia crushes Lebanon's flag record; and Christian rights in Lebanon crushed.
A fully covered woman pounds the desk of the police while leading a chant in Egypt. (screen grab from YouTube)
06:00 GMT
Led by a boisterous veiled woman, a group of Islamists raided a police station and tried to mimic the chants of the Arab Spring; blogger American Bedu passes; Ammanis blame those darn Syrians for everything; and Armenian food in Beirut.

May 28, 2013

Yoda gives a good example of what it takes to conquer a dictatorship.
19:51 GMT
Syria and Libya were extremely oppressive under Assad and Gaddafi yet somehow people managed to overcome their fears and revolt; Lebanon feels the Syrian heat; whistleblower on CIA is still in jail yet no one is prosecuted for the torture itself.
Hassan Nasrallah announced that Hezbollah is fighting for the Shiites in Lebanon. (image for illustrative purposes only)
04:00 GMT
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah effectively outlined the nature of the dawning Sunni-Shiite struggle that he vowed to win – win against Sunnis, of course; understanding the beginning to the present of Hezbollah; and places to avoid this 2013 in Lebanon.