Blogs Roundup

March 3, 2013

The web is buzzing about the newest Assassin's Creed IV, a first person shooter game.
11:41 GMT
The debut trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was leaked ahead of the game's release it and has left gamers in a cold, giddy sweat; Cairo raided by locusts; exploring the implications of a single National District in Lebanon; and trash removal a sure sign of elections.
This is Dr. Salwa al-Hazzaa-- a successful opthamologist, new Saudi council-women, and subject of extreme bigotry by some of her religious leaders. (image courtesy of
04:00 GMT
Saudi clerics went to twitter to voice their opinons of the female council members, calling them ”the filth of society” and ”prostitutes”; more ME documentaries for Westerners are needed; Facebook blocks the Free Syrian Army; and MB of Egypt crave America's approval.

March 2, 2013

This poor Syrian boy pours out his heart in the wake of the shelling of his neighborhood and family.
04:00 GMT
A young Syrian boy speaks from his heart after seeing most of his family destroyed from a nighttime shelling by Assad and his military hooligans; educating Syria's future 'rulers'; Manaf Tlass goes back to the grind in Moscow; and a funny spoof of the Lebanese finding America.

February 28, 2013

U.S. Sec. of State Kerry said the U.S. is making a major policy shift in Syria.
11:00 GMT
More non-lethal aid – body armor and night vision goggles – does not merit the headlines that suggest the US is preparing a major shift in its policy; Salafi policemen protest in Egypt; the other face of Hezbollah; and a Lebanese Christian family’s Sunday lunch discussion.
Egyptians are using their Harlem Shakes to protest the Sheiks yelling "Haraam!"
06:45 GMT
In the words of Twisted Sister, Egyptian and Tunisian students aren't gonna take it anymore. On Thursday, Egyptians will gather outside the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in Cairo, and on Friday Tunisians will meet at the Ministry of Education in Tunis -- and then dance the Harlem Shake.

February 27, 2013

Terror strikes in Luxor, Egypt as 18 tourists die in the worst hot air balloon accident in Egyptian history. (image courtesy of 2oceansvibe)
10:00 GMT
As the ballon shuttles down in flames, those watching can only pray to God and cry, "Why?"; where do the 25 million in Saudi get thier food? Scuds killed 71 Aleppo children last week; and the quote abuse on the Internet has to stop.
Recognizing and/or labeling people as 'Liberal' in Lebanon is not so black and white. (image courtesy of crispme)
04:00 GMT
Why it is wrong to reserve the words “secular” and “liberal” for people who are outside the Lebanese political system; “Argo” as Orientalism and why it upsets Iranians; President Mohammed Morsi losing fans; and a cool map of Arabic dialects.

February 26, 2013

The ultimate red card for any football player is a lifetime ban. Two Lebanese players got carded.  (image courtesy of epl talk)
11:26 GMT
After the discovery of something gone awry in Lebanese football, 24 players turned out to be involved. Two of them will banned for life; Easy TV Subtitles via Google Translate! and Egypt’s first dedicated e-commerce training program launched.
Most two year anniversaries are exciting. For the Shiites in Bahrain, it is exasperating.
04:00 GMT
Last week saw the commemoration by the opposition in Bahrain of the 2nd anniversary of its protests, demanding a move toward constitutional monarchy and rights for the Shiite majority; how to help Syria; and helpful tips to make a honeymoon sweet.

February 25, 2013

Syrian actor Yassin Bakoush was killed by a targeted strike in Syria while in his car.
09:10 GMT
Perhaps one of the most well known actors from Damascus, Yassin Bakoush was targeted inside his car and killed today in Syria; Palestinian prisoner Jaradat dies in Israeli cell; 100+ things to know before marriage; and the all new Beirut Social Media Awards.
Albawaba wants to keep the Egyptians' voice-piece alive and well-- support the Egypt Independent.
04:00 GMT
Even the boldest and brightest voice of the people in Egypt needs more than just passion and good will to keep the presses printing; the Harlem Shake appears in Jeddah; and Arabs in Jordan celebrate films, long for citizenship and call out misappropriated NGO funds.

February 24, 2013

Some of this year's Leading Male Actor nominees look like they're straight from the caves of Afghanistan. (image courtesy of )
10:11 GMT
A Lebanese blogger says this year's Academy Awards are anyone's for the picking. He gives his favorites and challenges the reader to guess as well; KSA goes green-- kind of; civil marriage is still not seen as such in Lebanon; and Tripoli's hospital gets an armed guest.
A house divided cannot stand, so the Christian minorities in Egypt are finally coming together.
04:00 GMT
Heads of the five largest denominations – Coptic Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, and Anglican – created the Egyptian Council of Churches; Russia, U.S. and “Friends” get SNC slap in the face; and Yanni is coming to Lebanon.

February 23, 2013

While most rich Gulf countries are not welcoming the MENAs refugees, Jordan's King Abdullah says, 'Come and rest in Jordan."
07:25 GMT
Jordan became THE HUB for its war torn neighboring countries. Many of them, Iraqis and now Syrians, settle in Jordan, whose hospitality was and will forever be a safe haven for refugees; Syrian opposition says Assad out of any deal; and Tunisia - a nation in mourning.

February 21, 2013

A slight by Amanpour has Saudi Princess Basmah a little miffed.
11:00 GMT
"What really matters at the end is authenticity, not glamour or Amanpour! " This is one of many tweets from the princess who was bumped from CNN for another; Port Said is heating up fast; the week Lebanon went secular; and a fake Hezbullah fighter gives an interview.