Blogs Roundup

July 23, 2014

Injured in Zionist attacks, patients sit in Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in Gaza. (AFP)
13:20 GMT
Why the Palestinians should push for membership in the International Criminal Court; Gaza residents spend Ramadan constantly afraid of death as Israeli warplanes and drones roar overhead; The Arab World's Christian community faces a time of harsh persecution.

July 22, 2014

(Image from Allagta's facebook page)
19:54 GMT
A Palestinian artists shares his story of peaceful resistance by means of cartoons; A day in the life of a Palestinian in Gaza; Debates rage in Turkey over how much skin women should show; Is Israel fighting for its existence?
Hamas fighters (AFP)
06:30 GMT
From 1994-2014, how repeated peace attempts in Gaza and Palestine never gave the Palestinians any room to breath; A former Israeli ambassador makes the case for demilitarizing Hamas; Why Israel embracing the Palestinian unity government would lead to peace.

July 21, 2014

The Arabic of the Qur'an is considered by many as the finest ever written.
23:13 GMT
It seems that the mastery of the classical Arabic by the Islamists has proven to be far more superior than the moderates and secularists; Brazil coming to Lebanon for a friendly game; how to help Gazans practically; and Jew-hating at an all-time high in Turkey.
A screaming Palestinian child is treated at al-Shifa hospital after Israeli forces shelled her home in Gaza City on July 18, 2014 (AFP/Mohammed Abed)
06:04 GMT
What do ISIS and Hamas have in common; Did Hamas ever really know about the Egyptian cease-fire proposal; Clearing up misconceptions on Palestine; How Israelis and Palestinians can use the cessation of Gaza violence to push for peace.

July 20, 2014

This picture to prove Hamas has kidnapped an Israeli solider is said to be an old photo. (Twitter)
22:11 GMT
Whether it is true or not, the social media sphere is going crazy with alerts that Hamas has taken an IDF soldier captive; Fuad Massoum for Iraqi President; mope deaths in Gaza; and Sisi mourns with the country over the dead soldiers.

July 19, 2014

19:07 GMT
Drones prove a bane, not a boon, to global security; Hamas sends drones into Israeli airspace; Why using Yemen as a model will undermine US policy in the Middle East.
A do-it-yourself guide to making a tear-gas mask. (From the Disobedient Objects How-To guides)
11:45 GMT
More and more, it seems a gas mask is good to have in the Middle East. For those who don't have one on hand, here's an easy way to make your own; a father teaches his daughter how to beat up her brother; and Turkey blows off Sisi and Egypt.

July 18, 2014

Even before the current crisis, water was a rare commodity in Gaza (AFP).
16:28 GMT
Israel deploys dystopian propaganda to depict Hamas as taking its own people hostage; Devil's advocate: an argument for why Israel is a beneficent peacemaker; How Israel and the West destroyed peace in Palestine; What much of the world's media thinks is inconsequential to inform its viewers about the conflict in Gaza.
06:16 GMT
With the loss of a child, Palestinian and Israeli families promote peace; The lunacy of Israel's self-defense claim; Want peace between Palestinians and Israelis? Don't hold your breath; Tweets and news of Israel's ground invasion of Gaza

July 17, 2014

The UAE will make history if they enter the space race with a mission to Mars. (Image: IBTimes)
10:21 GMT
The UAE is entering the space race with a mission to Mars; Blues legend Johnny Winter passes away; Police still using the banned and shameful "gay test" in Lebanon.

July 16, 2014

(Mohammed Abed/AFP)
20:31 GMT
Genocidal tweets from Israeli teens shows the difficult path ahead for those who want peace; Poetry gets political. Scottish icon endorses cultural boycott of Israel; Peace derailed: how Israel ruined the best chance for peace in decades with anti-violence Abbas; Media dystopia: Israel's semantic battle for PR victory.
Caviar is one of the world's most expensive foods!
08:27 GMT
Wanna eat the world's most expensive meal in a day? What happens when Apple and IBM get together?
Palestinians remove the rubble from a home targeted in the latest Israeli airstrikes in the town of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip November 16, 2012. (AFP)
04:28 GMT
During the current Gaza conflict, an Israeli thinks back to the time a Palestinian saved his life; US foreign policy supporting the double standards in Israel must end; Hamas is putting Palestinian lives in danger by refusing the ceasefire.

July 15, 2014

iPhone 5s is still the world’s best selling smartphone.
15:02 GMT
Why is the iPhone still on top? Who's changing Lebanon's Map? And why are you still single?