Blogs Roundup

January 29, 2013

As long as these two don't have different religions, the Lebanese muftis say,  'Enjoy the wedding!'
11:37 GMT
Mufti Rashid Kabbani claims that anyone 'who supports the legalization of civil marriage, even if it is optional, is an apostate and outside the Islamic religion.'; life in a bubble is scientifically futile; Canal provinces defy Morsi, weakening his authority; and Dire Straits sings about the Arab Spring.
So long flat screen, hello curves!
01:10 GMT
Samsung Electronics has unveiled the Curved OLED TV, breaking the barrier of innovation in home entertainment; Israel admits Ethiopian women were given birth control shots; Saudi Men Making a New Fashion Statement and mor eon Egypt's clashes.

January 28, 2013

Will three parts make a whole, big mess in Iraq or bring peace at last? (Image courtesy of
11:00 GMT
The idea of dividing Iraq in three for each ethno-religious group -- Kurd, Sunni Arab and Shiite Arab- has gained momentum; Is it possible For Hezbollah to trade its weapons? Obama on Syria; rape in Tahrir and Myriam Klink running for election.
Blogger Brick in the Head has designed what he sees as appropriate symbols for the Jordanian parliamentary candidates.
06:20 GMT
Jordanoholic calculated that less than 20% of Jordanians are represented in the new parliament and this has got to change! Brick in the Head has designed new slogans for the candidates and the good news is that 19 women were voted into the Jordanian parliament for 2013.

January 27, 2013

Sometimes, the best thing to do is have the faith like a child. (image courtesy of essential baby)
10:00 GMT
While some think toddlers are only to be taught, one cartoonist shows us the Zen wisdom of simplifying life like a child; fresh blood in Syria's Azaz; Levante borders becoming unglued; Ahmad Al-Assir’s visit to Faraya; and a review of Lincoln the movie.
Anniversary in Egypt sees more adversaries than jubilee.
04:00 GMT
On the two-year anniversary of the Arab Spring, Egyptians were not so much commemorating the fall of the Mubarak regime as protesting its successor; trial of the month ends with capital punishment; and civil marriage is a majority opinion in Lebanon!

January 25, 2013

If Old MacDonald had a farm in Syria, it would most likely be destroyed.
21:25 GMT
Syria’s farming sector now in “tatters,” the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned Wednesday; Iranians make a motion sickness gum; a call for aspiring writers and film lovers of the Arab Spring! and debating the Saudi exception.

January 24, 2013

Helen Hunt gives an amazing performance as a sex surrogate for a paralyzed author.
11:00 GMT
John Hawkes plays a poet who is paralyzed neck down by polio since his childhood and asks the church to grant him one wish-- coitus; to beat or not beat one's spouse? Who are the Salafi-Jihadis? and Israeli products in Lebanon.
The polls are closed in Jordan.  The people have spoken; some by not voting at all.
02:00 GMT
Relive Jordan's election day as this live blog 'sought to curate and document Election Day, including the good, the bad, and the interesting.'; Syria is beyond repair and here's why; and who do the Circassians vote for?

January 23, 2013

Nathalie plans to rack up the votes in her run for Lebanese parliament.
10:00 GMT
Nathaly Fadlallah, owner of a modelling agency in Lebanon, lately announced she’s going to be a candidate in the next Lebanese elections; Obama’s Inaugural and the Danger of an Iran War; and letters from Syrians outside of Syria.
Jordan's elections show no hints of a Brotherhood presence since they are boycotting.
07:06 GMT
Many of the parliamentary seats in Jordan will be won by ‘independents’ who support Jordan’s monarchy and not the Muslim Brotherhood; the making of the Kuwait Fireworks Guinness World Record; and a documentary about America's covert wars.

January 22, 2013

When it comes to who wins the elections in Israel, most Palestinians could care less.
10:00 GMT
Finding consensus in Palestine's fractious politics is often difficult, but there is one thing virtually all Palestinians agree on - it doesn't matter who wins Israel's election; Egypt's sinking schools; and Obama's failure in Syria.
Another 4 years of drone bombings in Yemen is nothing to smile about for President Obama.
04:00 GMT
Yemeni blogger Afrah Nasser offers a warm serving of congratulations dripping in sarcasm to President Obama; Is Lebanon a Federal or Unitary Republic? Have you tried horsemeat? and Qatar buying up Egyptian land.

January 21, 2013

Gay Arabs: Is this an oxymoron or is such a thing true to Arab culture without the West to blame?
10:00 GMT
“Not Quite the Taliban” poses an interesting and different perspective on the ability to mix culture and religion with the impact of Western influence; Christian center opens in Iraq; Facebook likes are like votes; and fashion police make an arrest.
Jordan elections coming soon and  according to some, things look a little better for democracy.
04:00 GMT
While the system looks much like the elections from last decade, significant reforms makes Jordan's 2013 elections hopeful; thriving startups in Jordan; more parodies on the Orthodox law video and the Brotherhood may have gotten something right.