Blogs Roundup

October 7, 2012

Saad El Shazly
09:08 GMT
The Arab world - arguably still in a state of war-- is awash with anniversaries of wars past and today new Egypt marks the auspicious 1973 war; Lebanon's phone networks get with the iPhone 5 agenda; and paying homage to the canon's literary brave new worlds.

October 4, 2012

Tunisinas are proud of their country but still have some major obstacles to cross.
17:18 GMT
The crux of Tunisian turmoil is the people not coming to terms with the role of their religion, drafting a constitution, and getting new jobs; the beauty of an Egyptian flea market; and video of Mad Max ins Saudi and it is for real!
Aleppo is burning and now car bombs are the culprit.
09:13 GMT
Car bombs and golden eggs in Syria-- trying to make sense of the most recent conflicts in Aleppo and how they fit into the bigger picture; deep thoughts on life and what matters; and the Lebanese are surprisingly happy people.

October 3, 2012

Apparently the average Kuwait man is not happy at all.
22:47 GMT
Even the people in impoverished South Africa have more to smile about than the wealthy country of Kuwait; why Lebanese politicians deserve higher wages; and how Syrian forces killed key Christian al-Qaeda leader.
Busted for Bad driving! This pic is going  online for all to see.
07:35 GMT
Thinking about double parking in Beirut? You might want to think again because you will be posted online for your bad driving! Saudi Arabia/Qatar: Dueling Monarchies; London sells human meat? and a Nutella cookie delight.

October 2, 2012

Is MIss Lebanon 2012 more than just a pretty face?
20:14 GMT
One blogger is not at all impressed at the question and answer portion done by the new Miss Lebanon, but he still sees her as an improvement; Intra-Alawite fighting in Qardaha and Five Simple Steps to Rob People in Jordan.
The new Ferrai has a glass roof and literally has owners seeing stars.
07:28 GMT
Ferrari debuted a FF model with a panoramic glass roof at the Paris Motor Show and many a jaw did drop; a little rain and already Lebanese electrical problems arise; honoring the late general Saad El Shazly; and a pervert on the loose!

October 1, 2012

"Keep our kids away from the Islamization of school lunches!"
18:28 GMT
A spoof on politician Michelle Bachmann's renowned over the top Arab fear-mongering that is so funny, Iranian newspaper took it seriously! Turkey bullying people to return their antiquities; and the Angry Arab rants on Jordan.
Gmail is back in Iran, but a greater storm is brewing
16:18 GMT
The ban has been lifted on Gmail in Iran but some feel it is so the government can apply even stronger measures; Ink on the Side nails politicians to the floor with her comic; and Coptic Egyptians prepare for papal election by fasting.

September 30, 2012

The historical souk in Aleppo burns and the people are in disbelief.
19:30 GMT
Someone from inside is blaming the resistance for the destruction of Aleppo, “Our hearts and minds have been burned in this fire,” Syria repeats threat to use chemical weapons; and L’Oreal ends contract with Najwa Karam for praising Hitler.

September 29, 2012

Famed Egyptian actor Ahmed Ramzy was known as a womanizer and heart breaker in many of his films.
20:56 GMT
Today Egypt has lost its beloved original heartthrob of 1950s and 1960s Cinema star 82 year old Ahmed Ramzy; Republicans turning a tragedy into a debate; Saudi's Ameerah Al Taweel – A Champion of Women? and a fruit tree with multiple types of fruit.

September 27, 2012

If your vehicle is stuck and there is no tow truck in sight, call this man! (photo via
15:03 GMT
Some men go bald because of stress but Alex Riachi might lose his hair because he used it to tow a 10 ton truck; this Blog Roundup looks at all sorts of new and emerging cars with the new Mercedes, a McLaren concept car and the Subaru BRZ.
U.S. President Obama defended free speech and at the same time spoke out against hate speech.
08:47 GMT
President Barrack Hussein Obama channeled his eastern and western roots in his UN speech and according to many commentators, he hit a home run; did Morsi overlook the Copts in his speech? How many Copts are there in Egypt? and a new view on solving Syria.

September 26, 2012

Children are being tortured, even to the point of death in Syria.
10:29 GMT
A 6 year old Syrian boy died from torture and being treated worse than a dog. When children are tortured to death, the train is officially off the rails; the street has grandchildren with lice in Egypt; and King Abdullah of Jordan meets John Stewart.
Calling Palestinians savages? Not on Mona's watch!
08:11 GMT
After announcing on her twitter that she was going to spray paint the ads, blogger Mona El Tahawy sprayed and paid for it with a night in prison; Is Iran’s Khamenei set to blemish the Hajj? Syria's future is certainly not bright; and the Angry Arab is sad.