Blogs Roundup

December 31, 2012

This year's hero's  name means 'Morning Dew' and she's a doctor in Syria.
12:00 GMT
Nada and many other Syrian medics now face an uphill struggle to attend to the mounting casualties of the war; a Syrian admires Oscar Wilde; Review: The Man With The Iron Fist; and the year's most annoying noises.
Jordanians enjoying grilled meat and time with friends through the lens of Amer Sweidan.
07:17 GMT
An amazing look back at the daily lives of Arabs in 2012 through the lens of Amer Sweidan; Libya offers the first Coptic Martyrs outside Egypt in the modern era; Inside the Saudi Kingdom - A BBC Documentary; and stop killing hyenas in Lebanon.

December 30, 2012

The disgruntled masses in the Middle East have been praying for change for years.
11:59 GMT
Look back at a jam-packed year of risk, drama and passion for the masses in the Middle East, looking for change and demanding justice; too much attention to fatwas? and no one wants Russia's help in Syria.

December 29, 2012

Maliki and Ahmadinejad may have something up their sleeves for Syria.
10:49 GMT
Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki’s drive to sideline the country’s Arab Sunnites risks fragmenting Iraq and embroiling Jordan; a powerful poem of by a 'kafir; Asda Story 2: Evolution coming soon; and party guide to Lebanon's New Year.
If Saudi clerics have their way,  men will be back in these shops selling bras to women.
05:21 GMT
Saudi clerics declare that if Saudi Minister of Labor does not stop allowing women from working in retail, they are going to pray that God gives him cancer and updates about minorities in Syria and Egypt.

December 27, 2012

An easy to read explanation of Egypt's new constitution. So easy, a baby penguin could understand it!
11:59 GMT
If you want to understand what all the hubbub is about, read this fair look at Egypt's new modus operandi for the government; fed up with the cut and pasting of the Quran; and foreign organizations banned in the KSA.
For Corvette lovers, this drawing of the new C7 is worth a thousand words.
04:00 GMT
To all the American sports car enthusiasts, apparently you've been good because Santa just gave you a gift-- first looks at the C7 Corvette; no winners from Egypt’s constitution vote; and the Iraq-Iran tandem is filling GCC’s shoes in Jordan.

December 26, 2012

Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess who led the Pharaohs in war and a symbol of confidence for many Arab women.
13:00 GMT
Liberal Egyptian blogger Mona Eltahawy waxes eloquent about women's rights but some see it as cheap porn. Is she helping or hurting the cause she's given her life to defend. This and more about the Arab women's fight for equality.
"If you said Yes like me , you would not be expelled from the garden !!"
04:00 GMT
Doaa El Adl mocked those who claimed that a 'Yes' for the constitution was a religious duty with a toon featuring Adam and Eve; Kuwait is the17th most positive country in the world; and May Hariri is a poor dancer and a worse loser.

December 24, 2012

All over the Arab world, many are blogging about the Christmas holiday.
23:09 GMT
Each day, Al Bawaba features a potpourri of blogs from all over the Middle East. On this special holiday, many share a common theme: Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
The Lebanese are always looking to party and Christmas is no exception.
08:18 GMT
Enchanting Decorations were starting to appear around Lebanon since mid November… People couldn’t just wait to celebrate! Merry Christmas from sunny Dubai; “Washington doesn’t care about Syria,” and freedom of expression gone in Egypt.

December 23, 2012

This silly video proves that social media can do whatever it wants.
13:01 GMT
One Arab blogger chastens the mainstream media's inability to embrace social media, using the reaction to "Gangnam Style' as a primary example;Wells FArgo hacked because of anti-Muhammad film; and rich Jordanians overseas.
A woman goes buff for a puff in Beirut airport. (picture for illustrative purposes only)
07:10 GMT
On the heals of an Egyptian blogger baring all, a Ukrainian woman lights up the Beirut airport with another nude Arab protest; what IS a job fit for a Saudi? Arab Christians protest in and with peace; and the Zaytoun Official Trailer.

December 22, 2012

Haifa Webhi makes all the world's men stop and stare
10:59 GMT
When Rina Chibani fails to get Lebanon the Miss Universe title, leave it to Haifa Wehbi to put Lebanon back on the map; new trailer for Wahlberg and the Rock; and more regional news.

December 20, 2012

Doomsday tomorrow. What does Islam have to say about it?
16:57 GMT
Shiekh Mustafa gives his Islamic interpretation of tomorrow's pending doomsday; Syria’s choice between oppression and darkness; and what did the Lebanese Google in 2012?