Blogs Roundup

December 11, 2012

The youth of Egypt are saying no to thugs, as they perceive the MB as pushing them around with the new constitution.
17:25 GMT
Egyptian revolutionary youth have begun to launch a “No for the Constitution” campaign online and on the ground; Yemen's Prime Minister lashes out at protesters; Kuwaitis pimp their rides; and Lebanese films offer 'The Attack".
Over one million Emiraties duped by online spammer and scammers.
06:00 GMT
The UAE will continue to be a target for cybercrime attacks for businesses and individuals in 2013; "The Secular Idiot’s Guide to Syria’s Jihadist Groups"; all the New Year's parties in Lebanon; and a funny look at Secret Santas.

December 10, 2012

Viber has been called out and many Arabs are dropping it out of suspicion.
11:58 GMT
Hezbollah has renounced it and Lebanon has banned it as well. Is Viber really the Israeli Defense League's latest tool in spying on Muslims and other unknowing victims?
True Love is found by self-promotion on Facebook's paid ads... or not.
09:30 GMT
One Arab was going to visit Beirut so he advertised on Facebook to find a lover .. who would spit in his face? Syrian militias establish a new command; and Yemen reaches out the special needs children with a marathon.

December 9, 2012

Many Egyptians don't see President Morsi's new constitution as any different than the first.
21:53 GMT
Apparently the opposition to Morsi is not easily satisfied as they have whole heartedly rejected his new constitutional compromise; Health Care Options in the KSA; and a comical look at a doctoral student's life.

December 8, 2012

Is Assad really planning to use WMDs or is he another victim of Western propaganda?
21:25 GMT
While some intelligence agencies are really picking up signals of WMD motion on the ground, the dramatic “mixing sarin and putting it into bombs” may be propaganda; a Q&A about Arab and American culture; and why did the Brotherhood protest at the palace?

December 6, 2012

Gay marriages in Israel? How about gay divorces too!
13:21 GMT
"The irony is that while this is the beginning of a civil revolution, it's based on divorce rather than marriage,"; Morsi's Twelve Days of Christmas; violence and death in Yemen; and where is your country on the corruption index?
iTunes for the Lebanese might just work!
06:51 GMT
The main Lebanese to use the new iTunes store will be those who long for the sounds of home but ar living abroad; easy to make Stuffed Grape Leaves; why being Saudi can be confusing; and Kuwaitis enjoy their flashy motorcycles.

December 5, 2012

Magdulien Abaida help liberate Libya but now must run for her life.
10:20 GMT
Like other activists, Magdulien Abaidas was concerned by what she saw as the growing influence of Islamic fundamentalists; be careful of what you tweet or blog in Saudi! and one of our featured blogs wins a global award.

December 4, 2012

Breaking News: Morsi forced to leave his own home in Egypt.
21:35 GMT
Egyptians marched from Tahrir Square to President Morsi's house and caused the newly elected president to escape in a motorcade. Follow all of these blogs for up to date coverage.
Christians in Egypt are scared of the Sharia elements within the constitution.
13:01 GMT
Egyptian president Morsi dismissed questions about the legitimacy of the constitution given the withdrawal of Christian members from the assembly drafting it; Bahraini milkshakes; and a Saudi film student shares his perspective on how change can come through film.
Saudis are about to get their iPhone 5s.
06:00 GMT
Mobile internet and fixed line operator STC announced on Twitter that iPhone 5 will be available in their store on Friday the 14th of December; Angelina Jolie and William Hague to fight warzone rape; What do Islamists want in Egypt? and questions for the Muslim Brotherhood.

December 3, 2012

Most thought Saleh was run out of town. Not so fast.. he's back!
12:43 GMT
Why is Ali Abdullah Saleh still active in his media appearances? Why is Saleh (a dictator) still in Yemen after a relative popular uprising? a draft for a Syrian social contract; and Riyadh is not what it used to be.
Can this man be trusted with a nuclear bomb? Henry Kissenger says no.
06:00 GMT
Along with concerns over an unstable Middle East after Iran goes nuclear comes the rumor that America is working on a deal with Tehran; a poetic look at the politics of Egypt; and rare birds being hunted in Lebanon.

December 2, 2012

Catcalls and indecent proposals are far too common on some Arab campuses
12:00 GMT
'All the incidents of harassment involved the use of vulgar language, various forms of grabbing, and several vile propositions'; Obama’s escape from the Middle to the Far East; a Syria news roundup; and dismantling the Muslim Brotherhood's revolutionary image.