Blogs Roundup

July 25, 2012

Rest in Peace along with your many secrets Omar Suleiman
14:28 GMT
With reported no signs of foul play in his death, this former intelligence chief went to the grave with many secrets from his time with Mubarak; Assad names four new Security Chiefs; and problems with the Lebanese passport.
Tlass and Assad during better days.
07:15 GMT
Tlass says that he is speaking to the people as a member of the Syrian Arab army that refuses the practices of that corrupted regime; a Ramadan craft for the whole family; and a former Egyptian MP shares his plight and hopes.

July 24, 2012

The face of a terrorist?
12:15 GMT
He's not a Muslim nor did he have any political or religious agenda so does this mean he is not terrorizing people? Why are there so many abandoned cars in Syria? The new Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion; and why Amman’s public space stops at 4th Circle.
No workplace snoozing in Saudi this year
08:30 GMT
No falling asleep on the job this Ramadan in Saudi. They have police assigned to check government offices for dozers; Saudi Prince looking ahead after Assad; political unrest in Saudi; and Indian food in Kuwait for Iftar.

July 23, 2012

Ramadan has its share of great TV commercials
11:50 GMT
The advertisers during Ramdan 2012 have delivered with some amazing new commercials; Kuwait has a gaming tournament during Ramadan; Lebanese lads caught on camera taking it easy; and Ink on the Side splits our sides.
Syrian rebels on the aggressive.
07:11 GMT
Aleppo is still up for grabs, part sof Damascus still part of the regime, and Kurds in Iraq are armed and ready to fight; Can Syrian opposition groups see eye to eye on a new government, its political program and lineup? and the Free Syrian Army engaged in guerrilla warfare.

July 22, 2012

Shortly after these protests for equal rights, the orphans were beaten
10:54 GMT
Many are up in arms over the ruthless beating the police gave a group of orphans doing a peaceful protest for equal rights in Jordan; a Kuwait beat boxer; the hard reality after Assad leaves; and an Alawite state in Syria?
This is how one woman started her Ramadan in America.
07:37 GMT
One Jordanian blogger gives a funny account of trying to fast for Ramadan and forgetting some important elements to normal life; Ramadan lanterns in Egypt; a fun Eid Star craft and family rules for Ramadan.

July 21, 2012

Jessica Ghawi is the Lebanese sports-blogger victim at Denver shooting
14:42 GMT
A Lebanese 24-year-old woman turns out to have been tragically one of the victims of the cinema shooting in Denver; Saudi goes all out to keep food and foreigners off the streets this Ramadan; Other Muslim nations ban porn as well as food this month; and the London Olympics athletes can fast if they want to.

July 19, 2012

Staying healthy and safe this Ramadan might be a struggle against the hot elements for Mideasterners
18:19 GMT
How to fast and stay healthy in the heat of Arabia; Ramadan Mubarak; Lebanese at the Olympics; Syria the morning after pill of yesterday's carnage; and Lebanese entries in the Olympics - Go Cedars!
Is Bashar al Assad facing his finish after the Damascus bombing?
09:32 GMT
What now for Syria? Is Assad on his final leg to meltdown now that Damascus is taking the hits? A flash of Ramadan and reckless Saudi driving practices; Unravelling our precious Arab 'honor'; and "My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding".

July 18, 2012

When Monaliza Smiled is sure to make us all smile.
14:25 GMT
Fadi Haddad makes Jordanians and Arabs alike laugh and cry about themselves and their city in this sure to be cinematic hit; what is honor and why do so many woman die because of it; and tips and tricks for easier, less stressful Ramadan cooking.
Some behave during Ramadan more differently than they had hoped.
07:23 GMT
One Muslim blogger steps out of line and is critical of how people truly behave during Islam's holiest of months; What WikiLeaks tells us about Assad’s Foreign Policy record; Live Tweets from Damascus; and the liberation of Damascus has begun.

July 17, 2012

The sun will always shine but has Lebanon lost its luster?
11:33 GMT
One once proud Lebanese blogger has officially lost hope in her country; Yahoo! Maktoob launches Ramadan destinations in English; How to work with a Muslim in the office; and the power of the Arab 'stach
Keeping the faith and keeping in shape during Ramadan.
08:50 GMT
Fasting during Ramadan and maintaining fitness are not mutually exclusive; reflecting on one's faith and children during the Holy Month; and a stunning a Ramadan Eid clothing collection