Blogs Roundup

November 28, 2012

This Saudi with a camera phone may just upload his video online and then comment on it by using YouTube.
04:11 GMT
The government can't regulate everyone on YouTube and Twitter but this may be a good thing: Saudis are helping their image with their posts; the Lebanese have a case of Gangnam; Morsi's Mixed Moves; and why do Americans want to learn Arabic?

November 27, 2012

No carnage like this in Iraq.. at least for one day.
07:37 GMT
In Iraq, more than two million Shia Muslim pilgrims gathered in Karbala on Sunday without a single bombing! FSA forces are indeed increasingly gaining ground against Assad; large protests planned in Egypt today; and Samsung keeps amazing new customers!

November 26, 2012

Some didn't like this picture and the Washington Post fired back at those dissenters.
13:30 GMT
A photo of the Palestinian BBC journalist holding his 11-month-old son’s body was featured on the front page of the Washington Post - controversy ensued; the Egytian city of Tanta is on fire; and policeman smoking inside Beirut’s airport.
Brides of Peace have disappeared since protesting the Assad regime.
06:06 GMT
Shroud in wedding gowns and walking through the souk with signs calling for peace is apparently enough to make the Assad regime remove you from public eye; double standards on Free Speech; and Google shuts down Motorola in MENA.

November 25, 2012

Some think this birthday boy could be the next PM of Pakistan.
13:00 GMT
A very happy 60th birthday to Imran Khan from PTI supporters in Pakistan and around the world; the Annual Classic Cars Gathering in Kuwait; three killed during the commemoration of the Holy Ashoura Day in Yemen, and the first new Range Rovers delivered to the Ruler of Dubai.
Iran wants to be the new face of leadership the MENA region.
07:07 GMT
From giving ammunition to Gazans to offering gasoline in Amman, Iran is really trying to gain influence in the MENA region; anger in Egypt; woman still on a short leash in Saudi; a look at a Shiite shrine; and the Rolling Stones of Morocco.

November 24, 2012

After all these years, Arafat's body to be thoroughly tested for poisoning.
14:35 GMT
On Tuesday, a crowd of scientists, judges and investigators will gather in Ramallah to witness the opening of Yasser Arafat's tomb; introducing Arab Spring Chess; amazing shots of the Ammani protestors; and the MB accuses protesters of not praying.

November 23, 2012

Sacha Dratwa is the IDF's social media guru but definitely not their PR guy.
08:28 GMT
Covering one's face in Dead Sea mud and calling oneself 'President Obama' reeks of ignorance, overt racism or both; even Lebanese doctors can be homophobic; 5 reasons to keep the Ministry of Environment in Jordan; and 'She's Menstruating. Now What?'

November 22, 2012

'Hey, they're making us look violent and unreasonable. Let's burn them down!"
07:42 GMT
Apparently the conservative Islamists of Egypt did not like how they were being portrayed by Al Jazeera and thought torching the place would help their public image; Plane Crash In Yemen Kills All 10 People; Egyptian churches leave constitution assembling; and lowering Syria's flag.

November 21, 2012

The Prime Minister of Israel's Facebook page shows support for Palestine after a little hack job.
11:23 GMT
A group that calls itself the ZCompanyHackingCrew (ZHC) has hacked multiple accounts belonging to Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom; Joe Maalouf sues a Lebanese blogger; take a break from the drama around us; and an Egyptian Bellydancer takes on the Muslim Brotherhood.
Some Iranian missiles defend Arabs, some kill them.
06:06 GMT
No one has yet explained why Iran’s military hardware is used to defend some Arabs in one place and kill other Arabs somewhere else; Islamic State in Aleppo met with widespread denials; a solemn ceremony and politics surround the Papal throne; and economic hardships plague Jordanians.

November 20, 2012

Salafists are serious about God, Sharia and their coffee.
14:26 GMT
Costa Salafists are quite literally, Salafists who meet in Costa coffee shops. Join them for a chat and see how trendy they can be; a call for the ‘flattening of all Gaza’; Haifa Wehbe banned in Egypt and a graph on the balance of weaponry in Gaza.
Google does not come out to play because of its self imposed regional settings.
07:20 GMT
A Kuwait guy actually legally buys an online movies in America and goes back home only to find ti won't work in his region. Google! A solid debate on Israel vs. Palestine; Jordan protests in pictures; and Morsi's role in getting a cease fire in Gaza.

November 19, 2012

An Arab review of The Expendables 2 is surprisingly positive.
12:10 GMT
It’s rare that the second movie is better then the first one, but this one is and if you are a fan 80's movies than you really have to watch Expendables 2; don’t EVER imagine them in their underwear! Hooka banned in Saudi but not America; and the Battle of the Beards.
Israeli settlements have left Europe feeling unsettled about supporting the Israeli economy.
07:50 GMT
In Sweden, the Coop supermarket chain announced that it would stop all purchases Israeli maker Sodastream due to the company’s activity in illegal Israeli settlements; Egyptians loves their smartphones! Over 5k girls under the age 14 married in Saudi; and Palestinians fleeing to Egypt.