Blogs Roundup

July 3, 2012

More testosterone than ever, these movies will kick some serious tail.
07:26 GMT
As if the world alone isn't offering enough violent drama, Hollywood gives us these two heart racing, explosive sequels; all things Syrain found in one news blogs; reciprocity in Lebanon with Europe? No way! and more MAMNOU3!

July 2, 2012

Are taxi drivers really that bad?
12:43 GMT
A blogger stuck with taxis goes off on a 8 reason rant why these guys are not his idea of a good time; Kuwaitis reign with social marketing, UAE diplomat Dhahi Khalfan starts a fight with Egypt and N2V Invests in iAraby
Kate files for divorce on Tom's birthday and some cry foul.
08:23 GMT
Blow out the candles and sign the papers Tom, you're on your own now; the unknown advantages of going to the American Embassy in Saudi, and a Popeye rolex with it's own comic and a 32K price tag.

July 1, 2012

On the big day, this flag was torn
13:36 GMT
On one of the biggest days in Egypt's history, the military flies an old torn flag. Was this on purpose? The Drobo Mini & 5D bring more portable storage, a debate on outsourcing ; and pranking some friends.
Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake is a cut above
08:55 GMT
Although it may look like a station-wagon version of the CLS, the Mercedes-Benz Shooting Brake is completely unique; another Saudi Woman drives and this time, she's getting lashed! and hoping and praying Morsi stays true.

June 30, 2012

Lebanon signs up its first female cops for street patrol duty
23:42 GMT
Lebanon lets the ladies out in police uniform to patrol neighborhoods as Beirut sees its first female cops; Can a non-Muslim host an Iftar? Egypt's swearing in and that inaugural moment for Morsi; and what's afoot if not revolution in Sudan's capital?

June 28, 2012

Is this really the place to have a child?
12:22 GMT
There are petitions to stop this woman from having to give birth in a cold, hard prison cell; Google Nexus 7 is coming; to boycott or not Circus de Soliel in Amman? and why you don't smile at children in America.
Post Morsi, some Egyptian men still feel justified in groping and stripping blonde woman.
08:18 GMT
Being groped was just the beginning, these animals "pulled my blonde hair – a beacon of my alien identity" and almost killed her; memories of the greatest basketball team ever, the Dream Team; Viper a Zionist app? and Mangos are here!

June 27, 2012

Are gay and Arab still terms never to be joined together?
10:59 GMT
An Arab American accidentally tells his parents he's gay on his 31st birthday and it does not go over well; Jordan is still trying to go nuclear but is it feasible?; and should the ruins in Lebanon be preserved, even though they are everywhere?
Rabbi Eliyahu once said kill one million Palestinians to stop rocket attacks
07:08 GMT
Notoriously racist rabbi to head supervision of Israel’s ‘Red Cross’; Insha’Allah is not an excuse to break your promise, and a review of Will Smith's newest film Men in Black 3.

June 26, 2012

Copts are on their knees praying for protection under a Brotherhood President
11:52 GMT
As Morsi presides, "Some Copts will immediately start to advocate for our rights, but in vain. (Egyptian) Muslims are deceiving"; Peaceful protests for Women's Rights in Amman, Google Exec loves Israel; and Saudi Education minister dogged by scandals
Samsung revealed in the UAE their lightest, brightest laptop ever
08:10 GMT
The newest laptop by Samsung is slim, trim and full of ram. See its unveiling form the UAE; the lestest from Egypt and their new governance; a bear trapped in a Saudi pet store; and British Airways great little app

June 25, 2012

Is religion part of the Lebanese conflict or not?
12:26 GMT
The clash between Shia and Sunni can not be explained away in Lebanon; a cool new vest, literally; where to eat in Amman; and how man should be more like pizzas
Morsi wins and the world takes a puase and a breath
08:03 GMT
It is official and we have the Egyptian reaction, which is one of pride and trepidation; 'Gulfies' are heavy because of Americans and their love for war and fast food; witchcraft in Saudi; and a comic to start your day.

June 24, 2012

A Kuwaiti Lamborghini getting towed and many are happy
12:27 GMT
The rules in St. Tropez apparently are not the same in Kuwait as a Lamborghini gets towed and people cheer; Palestinian refugee camp unfairly targeted; Syrian military leaders want Assad out; and Iftar for non-Muslims