Blogs Roundup

June 3, 2012

Want to visit the Holy Land? Forget it if you're a proud Arab
10:42 GMT
At the Israeli border, it is guilty until on a plane out of the Middle East for these two American sightseers: they're crime - being Arab; No love for Israel when it comes to concerts: More boycotts planned; and Mubarak still packs the theater

June 2, 2012

Trash art in Dubai
07:56 GMT
Modern art gets messy in Dubai; the trial of Mubarak is just another football match on TV; Palestine is the place for your modern beer festival and are the Christians to blame for betraying the revolution?

May 31, 2012

One of these guys had a better year than the other. Who was it?
13:31 GMT
A blogger has found a objective way to once and for all determine which footballer is the best; Ever heard of Drippler? 1.5 million people have downloaded it; and should the revolutionaries give in to Assad or be helped to defeat him
If we could turn back time-- these are the Top 20 things to know when we were twenty
11:45 GMT
Get a six pack on your stomach when you're young? Is this one of the top 20 things? Lebanon is about to get into a big mess by firing some government workers; and Toyota is making a splash in Kuwait.

May 30, 2012

This camel may soon be served with fries and a coke in the UAE
14:40 GMT
The meat of a camel is going on buns and the menu at Smoke House in the UAE; More people are using Arabic than English on Facebook in the ME; those in Houlah are honored by a song
Copts and Other Christians in Egypt have to make a difficult choice for their future when voting
12:02 GMT
Old Regime vs Islamists is the choice Egyptian Christinas have to make; a turning point in Syria as France kicks out Syrian diplomat; an offensive picture about Saudi women, or not; and Lebanon's silent killer is in most homes.

May 29, 2012

Yamli sells licensing deal to Yahoo and the world becomes a simpler place
17:52 GMT
The people who made searching the internet in Arabic font possible meet Yahoo; an aspiring Emirati director gets his big shot at fame; Vibram five finger shoes reviewed; and free Bambuser accounts for activists and journalists
Do Arabs have first crack at the newest of the elite smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy III ?
08:21 GMT
Available now in Middle Eastern markets, the newest version of the Samsung Galaxy is quite frankly, amazing; a rumbling in Mali; Egyptian elections are causing depression; and memories of calm summers in Damascus

May 28, 2012

The 'Dos and Dont's' of a Men's Locker Room are very different from country to country
13:12 GMT
An Arab who actually supports the Full Monty at the gym and tells others to get over it and stop staring! The Muslim Brotherhood hacked; and the difference between men and woman illustrated in just one picture
Just another letter by the UN in response to a horrible, heinous massacre in Houla.
11:03 GMT
The UN is writing letters and people are continuing to die. Read their latest ineffective response to the Syrian violence; a video look at the aftermath in Houla; and a trending clip of a Camry crashing in Saudi that is so graphic, it may not be real

May 27, 2012

The religious police went a little to far in Saudi and criticized a woman's nails. Bad move.
12:00 GMT
Caught on Tape: A Saudi woman stands up to the religious police and wins! Stream Arab music free in the MIddle East thanks to a company in Lebanon; Arabs Got Talent got it wrong with one contestant; and Canon Rumors
It seems that in Syria  only the poor and their families are really being hurt by the sanctions
07:17 GMT
When it comes to sanctions against Syria, the fire power still finds its way in but the food does not; take a look at how each candidate is doing in Egypt; and Iran can't buy a friend in Lebanon even if they try-- and they have tried

May 26, 2012

Egyptian election officials open ballot box before counting ballots at a polling station in Cairo on May 24, 2012.
23:32 GMT
Check out the latest news about the elections in Egypt; Summer in Damascus; A tour around Duke’s Diwan in Amman.

May 24, 2012

Is making a Christian wear a hijab like making a Muslim wear a cross?
14:00 GMT
A Christian Arab woman won't wear a hijab and gets canned from her job; Arab countries still lacking freedom in the press; Converting from one Smartphone cult to another; and Syria showing signs of Internet freedom with Google
Egyptian women voting
07:48 GMT
Ladies that vote and how they did it; is it the stupidest transition in history?; Egyptian women making history not just at the polling stations; is Muslim Brotherhood contender Mohammed Mursi more CEO than president?