Blogs Roundup

June 24, 2014

Arabs need to put their products online with ShopBuilder.
22:19 GMT
So many great artists and merchants in the Middle East have wares the world needs to see and will truly want. Put them online easily! An Egyptian broadcaster's bra slips and the people go nuts; and three books that explain jihadism is not Salafism.
Mohamed Hegazy converted to Christianity and was reporting on the persecution of Christians in Egypt when he was arrested..
13:57 GMT
Apparently, new Egyptian President Sisi doesn't have the best interests of the Coptic Christians in mind. He arrested the man reporting on their persecution; Israel using kidnappings to wreak havoc; and Lebanon is not at all secure.

June 23, 2014

"Think Like a Man Too"  is out in theaters now. (YouTube)
22:48 GMT
One Arab movie reviewer was not at all impressed by the follow-up to the Kevin Hart’s 'Think Like a Man' and suggests that movie-goers should sit this one out; the sham in Egyptian courts; Kerry in Baghdad; and ISIS may already be in Lebanon.
Ink on the Side has a look at the different types of World Cup fans.
14:17 GMT
'Ink on the Side' has a go at the characters she sees around her in Lebanon who have taken this World Cup thing to the next level of craziness; did the U.S. really just imagine a conflict in Afghanistan? and see the Kuwaiti beaches left untouched.

June 22, 2014

Lebanon now has some of the largest men and women in the Arab region.
16:12 GMT
Among the Arab countries, Qatar still reigns as having the chubbiest citizens. Not far behind, however, are the lads from Lebanon; Diego Maradona gives the finger to Julio Grondona; and 14 Azhar students to serve 7 years in prison.
 Akram Abu al-Fawz turns bombs into artwork (from his Facebook page)
10:22 GMT
Syrian artist Akram Abu al-Fawz finds old weapons and bombs that were used for the purpose of death and gives them all new life; ISIL keeps on moving towards an Islamic state; and FoxNews using athletes to promote their bias.

June 20, 2014

A shocking video from Lebanon of men beating a dog. (Lebanese Blogs)
19:02 GMT
Another day, another shocking video coming out of Lebanon of men horrifically beating a dog for seemingly no purpose; the US Senate is looking to cut aid to Egypt; and acupuncture is one of the safest, most natural ways to ease pain.

June 19, 2014

Dancing like this is not welcomed by many in KSA.
10:00 GMT
A survey over 500 Saudis showed that the opinion is fairly split on whether dancing is from the heart or from the depths of hell; Amazon announces the Fire Phone; and Brazilians starve while their government burns millions on the World Cup.

June 18, 2014

Facebook introduces Slingshot, a whole new way to look at media sharing with friends.
23:13 GMT
Slingshot, the new iOS and Android app from the Facebook Creative Labs, puts a new twist on ephemeral photo and video sharing; the ISIS boys have a secret playbook; and understanding fully the history of Iraq's Sunnis.
Miguel Layun is a Mexican player with Lebanese heritage playing in the World Cup. (GlamRoz)
15:30 GMT
Lebanon fell short of making it to the World Cup, but Mexico has on their team Miguel Layun, a Mexican player of Lebanese heritage; Obama thinking about dropping some bombs; and Kuwait Airways is downsizing so employees are 'quitting'.

June 17, 2014

Is being Jewish and living in Palestine something to expect in the near future?
21:55 GMT
Dorit Naaman is Jew who thinks Zionism is something that should remain in history and the trend should move towards inclusion of everyone into Palestine; Facebook page calls for hourly killings of Palestinians; and Israeli TV airs in Lebanon.
The brains behind the rise of ISIS may just be Bashar Assad himself.
17:41 GMT
Nothing could make Assad look better than his arch enemies raising Cain all over the Middle East. Perhaps that's why he's done nothing wiht the ISIS; the world's smallest earbuds and a US Iraq War veteran speaks out against his country's politicians.

June 16, 2014

Amal Alamuddin joined Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at Anti-Rape Summit.
10:40 GMT
Human rights lawyer and Clooney fiancée Amal Alamuddin joined Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Anti-Rape Summit; Once again, it seems violence will prevail In Israel; and social media unblocked in Iraq.. for now.
Ink on the Side mocks the typical Lebanese guy and his life experience.
09:49 GMT
This comic is perhaps the most epic, shot-to-the-heart jab 'Ink on the Side' has ever taken at her community. Fellas, be warned- this one hurts; Lebanon to get most of population online in 2014; and some Iraqis are fine with the ISIS.

June 15, 2014

Dr. Iqbal El Asaad is the youngest doctor in the world.
23:39 GMT
Out of Lebanon comes Palestinian refugee Dr.Iqbal El Asaad, the youngest ever licensed doctor as confirmed by the Guinness World Records; Kuwait has a lot of rich people; and June 21st is the day to show solidarity with Egyptian political prisoners.