Blogs Roundup

November 12, 2012

Some films were never meant to be remade-- this may be one of them.
07:08 GMT
One Arab reviewer says about Total Recall, "As the story's last 'twist' belly flopped onto the screen, the one wish that came to mind was for the film to end'; the politicians are not helping the freedom fighters in Syria; and Jordan jails ex-spy chief for corruption.

November 11, 2012

" Nobody moves or the cat gets it!"
14:09 GMT
At some point in time, someone worshipped the Sphinx and Pyramids. Salafi logic suggests that to prevent this from happening again, the best plan is to remove them; being a chaperone for mother in Saudi; and decades of missing Libyans.
Few Arabs can imagine their leaders going for a stroll with an unclean canine.
06:26 GMT
An Arab anthropologist who has long lived in the States tries to figure out why men shower together publicly and this crazy obsession Americans have with their mutts; a Tribute to Bahraini Freedom Fighters Maryam al-Khawaja and Razan Ghazzawi; and a Stem Cell research facility considered for Saudi Arabia.

November 10, 2012

Women in Egypt are not going to put up with being harassed, even if it costs them their lives.
08:46 GMT
One girl did not like being groped so she spit at her assailant. He shot her dead but started a movement by woman that will no longer tolerate sexual harassment; Palestinian farmers turn to organic farming; the Saudi Man's Bisht and a song to stop honor killings.

November 8, 2012

No more porn for the masess in Egypt, but at what cost?
12:20 GMT
This decision to block all porn is based upon an old administrative court order issued in 2009 but will it extend to greater limits of free speech? Smokers should not have to freeze! Sexism In Lebanese Advertising; and what can be learned about the arrest of an atheist blogger in Egypt.
Who is this next leader of the Coptic Christians?
06:28 GMT
Many extensive interviews the once Bishop Tawadros gave before his nomination as Pope give a deep insight into who this man is; Clinton's efforts for Syria collapsing; the highs and lows of arranged marriages; and how Obama's foreign policies helped him win the election.

November 7, 2012

Four more years of photo ops and empty promises is what many Arabs are now expecting.
13:04 GMT
Obama remains. But what will it mean for US foreign policy over the next four years? Will there be any changes to Middle East policy? Two days never to be forgotten in Palestine; Syria today on Twitter; and Egypt used dogs against its own citizens.
Some Syrians are glad Russia has their back. Others are scared to death.
06:51 GMT
Denial is not just a river in Egypt-- apparently it runs right down the middle of Russia's policies in Syria; no group is safe in Syria, particularly the wealthy; Lebanon editorial critical of Saad Hariri mysteriously disappears; and trouble's a-brewing in Mauritania.

November 6, 2012

Obama did not turn out to be the Arab-friendly president Arabs had hoped, but will he still get their vote?
11:58 GMT
One Egyptian blogger says the U.S. election is about choosing the lesser of two evils; 5 Reasons You’re Still Single -- the Arab Men Edition; Bertrand Russell on Rationality and Tolerance; 4 super-bikes race for first; and Kuwaitis & their GMC trucks.
Bond is back and some Arabs adore him.
07:44 GMT
How does a British Bond appeal to an Arab crowd? One reviewer says it is the best movie he has seen all year. Read why he adores "Skyfall"; Erdgoan adding conditions to using the Euro; Hurrican Sandy and Arab Americans; and the Syrian opposition agrees on restructure.

November 5, 2012

Counting your prayers just got a whole lot easier!
13:00 GMT
Counting your prayers with beads manually is now easier with the new, handy, dandy digital prayer ring. Is this the new wave of hi-tech religion? Lebanese politician giving Israel a cut; Mickey Mouse , the Nasserite; and the election is days away- who will you vote for?
The Kuwaiti government does not want a repeat of this protest from last week.
06:24 GMT
The Kuwaitis once again want election reforms but the government wil hear nothing of it. Some say they even paid off media outlets to prevent the reporting about any type of protest; even Mercedes has a hatch back; and playing on Americans' white guilt for votes.

November 4, 2012

Make more unemployed in America than a government doctor would in Egypt.
11:56 GMT
A government physician at his prime in Egypt makes less than someone on welfare in America. Sometimes it just does not pay to be a doctor; growing hatred against the US in Yemen; Pope Tawadros II is the new coptic Pope; and Prometheus Blu Ray review.
The U.S. has orchestrated a face lift for the Syrian Opposition, and it is no doubt paid for in full.
07:56 GMT
The U.S.-sponsored drive to overhaul the Syrian opposition’s leadership is roller-coasting its way to a November 8 finale in Doha; Sinai is a no-go for UK tourists; Saudi Gangnam Style; and Lebanon's Zaha Hadid is Woman Of The Year 2012.

November 3, 2012

It seems Jordan still can't handle the scary holiday of Halloween without someone playing the religion card.
08:37 GMT
One piece of gossip abut people worshipping Satan and drinking blood became enough reason for the police to break up a Halloween party; Lebanese Politics: The Board Game; will female Muttawa in Saudi work? and MB leader gets preferential treatment at the Hajj.