Blogs Roundup

July 18, 2012

When Monaliza Smiled is sure to make us all smile.
14:25 GMT
Fadi Haddad makes Jordanians and Arabs alike laugh and cry about themselves and their city in this sure to be cinematic hit; what is honor and why do so many woman die because of it; and tips and tricks for easier, less stressful Ramadan cooking.
Some behave during Ramadan more differently than they had hoped.
07:23 GMT
One Muslim blogger steps out of line and is critical of how people truly behave during Islam's holiest of months; What WikiLeaks tells us about Assad’s Foreign Policy record; Live Tweets from Damascus; and the liberation of Damascus has begun.

July 17, 2012

The sun will always shine but has Lebanon lost its luster?
11:33 GMT
One once proud Lebanese blogger has officially lost hope in her country; Yahoo! Maktoob launches Ramadan destinations in English; How to work with a Muslim in the office; and the power of the Arab 'stach
Keeping the faith and keeping in shape during Ramadan.
08:50 GMT
Fasting during Ramadan and maintaining fitness are not mutually exclusive; reflecting on one's faith and children during the Holy Month; and a stunning a Ramadan Eid clothing collection

July 16, 2012

Shaimaa Adel to be freed from release in Sudan, but who remains?
16:06 GMT
While Shaaima is to be freed, many others still see no justice in Sudan after Morsi's visit; the common myths about discrimination; a caddy fit for a gangster; a day in the life of a freedom fighter in Syria and racist resorts in Lebanon.
Another story of Saudi driving gone awry.
07:09 GMT
Some Saudi boys play video games that simulate driving, others do it for real, driving daily as chauffeurs for thier mothers; America shifting from SCAF to Brotherhood; Kuwait to get Abercrombie; and Sonos Play 3 reviewed

July 15, 2012

Putin's affections towards Shiite leaders are nothing but business and politics.
09:39 GMT
Why the Russian alliance with Shiite Islam and the hesitancy for the press to address the Islamic elements? A look at many perspectives on the present Syrian conflict; true patriotism; and briefly, what is journalism?
Hillary and Morsi are all smiles and pleasantries.
02:27 GMT
In what was one thought unimaginable, the U.S. is demonstrating open arms to new Egyptian President Morsi; Naomi Campbell is barred from entering Lebanese beach resorts; Nokia's leaving Iran; and don’t forget that most Saudi women are banned from sport.

July 14, 2012

Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss'
16:25 GMT
The Lebanese reminisce about the painter of 'The Kiss'; a more modern painter with an old fashioned theme in Amman; the Al Rawda Mosque is in trendy art design magazine and a look at Rana Husseini's 'Murder in the Name of Honor'.

July 12, 2012

There is video proof of unexploded bombs that are indeed cluster bombs used by the Syrian Army.
13:22 GMT
There is video proof of unexploded bombs that are indeed cluster bombs used by the Syrian Army; images of athletes form Amman, Jordan; and six Lebanese athletes to go to the 2012 Olympics.
Jordanian Cleric Al-Bustanji said in recent interview "I brought my daughter to Gaza so she could learn Jihad."
08:33 GMT
Jordanian Cleric Al-Bustanji said in recent interview "I brought my daughter to Gaza so she could learn Jihad."; The US Sees Russia as the weak link in support for Assad – but is it? Morsi is in Saudi Arabia; and lies in Syria

July 11, 2012

The Church of England General Synod voted in favor of  the Palestinians
13:06 GMT
The Church of England General Synod overwhelmingly voted in favor of a Private Members Motion (PMM) on Palestine/Israel; Ramadan is just around the corner and anticipation fills the air; and an earthquake in London.
If you think he looks happy, wait till you see his mother's face!
08:09 GMT
Words can't express the relief on a mother's face when her son was released after three long years in an Israeli prison; review of the new Spiderman movie; how Jordan’s Appeasement Policy Killed Law And Order; and blacks and white swap lives.

July 10, 2012

Did Morsi know that some of his followers would intimidate the Copts?
12:10 GMT
An Egyptian Christian shares why Morsi was elected through violence and intimidation shown towards woman and Copts by the Brotherhood; explaining the fighting MPs; Asus Zenbook Updated; and Digital Asia Festival now open for entries and delegate registrations.
Bashar and Tlass together during better days
08:13 GMT
The defection of Manaf Tlass is more than suspicious and could be a clue as to what's going on behind the scenes; a bull loose caught on tape; Arabs flock to London before Ramadan, and a simple 'Why?' to violence.