Blogs Roundup

August 7, 2012

Arresting members of FEMEN during the protest
06:57 GMT
When Ukrainians protest they do things a little differently from the Arab Spring - for a start there's no hijabs (or much other garments) in sight! Topless women say no to Olympic Islamic entries; Assad's Twitter death rumors; Egypt's new Sinai crisis.

August 6, 2012

A woman wipes away a tear in front of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin where at least one gunman stormed the mass and opened fire August, 5, 2012 Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
12:10 GMT
It's not international terror a more homey kind - and the target is not Arab or Muslim but Sikh, reminding us of the 9/11 'confused' aftermath that targeted at least one Sikh Indian (for his 'turban-head'); A Saudi advises foreign girls: Leave our boys alone! Movies to pass your Ramadan fasts; My daughter will not play with Barbie!
Oussama Mellouli
06:59 GMT
Honor killing from England to the Middle East is a sickness; Another defector from Syria bites the dust; Food in an 'instant' on Instagram!

August 5, 2012

The Junkyard
10:22 GMT
In with the old, out with the new: Junkfood in a new light - check out Lebanon's junkyard eaterie; satire on Lebanon called "Power of the tire"; And the high school exams in Jordan that got traffic stuck and fireworks ablaze, criticized.
Nasser Al-Attiyah of Qatar picks up the Bronze for Skeet - but Arabs want more, says Mahmood
06:35 GMT
Arabs suck at London 2012, says one blogger asking the question 'why'; Lebanese filmmaker offers Arabs something to celebrate; Syria - the less news we're hearing the more concerned we should be; and keep up to speed with Arab progress at the Olympics - catching up with last week.

August 2, 2012

Mount Lebanon
13:10 GMT
Kuwait shake-up in the a.m.; Some sweet recipes for Summer and Ramadan; Celebrating Saudis athletic women, from Olympics to beyond.
Hillary Clinton: You're not welcome in Egypt
08:27 GMT
Christian minorities in the new Brotherhood state of Egypt rally around boycotting Clinton -- suspicious of the US; Sudan blows up but noone's that interested; How a female quota for the Lebanese cabinet is actually a Lebanese philosophy; And welcome to manhood academy.

August 1, 2012

Joe Maalouf
13:05 GMT
After a sting operation on 36 men in a Lebanon porn cinema known for gay cruising, police apply anal probe tests. TV presenter Joe Maalouf accused of homophobia, closet homosexuality and moral misconduct in outing Arab men. Is this institutional rape akin to unlawful virginity tests in Egypt?
The ultimate 90's room!
08:42 GMT
Back to the '90s for a blast from the past; Saudi Arabia's 'naming' rules - why it's complicated from Maiden names to family names; Blessed is the time 'off' work when jobless; Freedom of internet in Jordan - what's the story?

July 31, 2012

21:21 GMT
Ramadan as an unemployed hermit is not so bad, says our Muslim in Canada; A cautionary tale against rocking the boat! Jordan's film buffs are a common breed in the Kingdom - how come?
Destruction in Aleppo
10:41 GMT
While our minds are on Aleppo "the mother of all battles", we shouldn't forget the whole of Syria where people are suffering; Catching up with Sudan's protest, electricity and music; You've heard of memorable opening lines of books, now try end-lines.

July 30, 2012

Edward Maalouf
18:59 GMT
Have fun with our set of Arab countries described by a leading British broadsheet in six words; Truly scrumptious: an ode to a favorite Ramadan sweet!; Lebanon's Olympics for fun and for real.
Mustache for two
10:05 GMT
Find out 'how' Syria is Iraq and where midwifery fits in a blogger's spoof of New York Time's Thomas Friedman; Getting arts and crafty in Amman; to be romantic or not to be; and start climbing the stairway to success!

July 29, 2012

Ramadan Nights
13:36 GMT
Keeping up with Ramadan TV, here's a tale from the Qaran featuring Hagar, Sahar and Egrama; the 'blessings' of unemployment; and staying with Ramadan, a look into the fascinating Taraweeh or night time prayer -what is it all about?
Hijab woman
07:40 GMT
Al Azhar confirms HIJAB is not a part of the religion; Aleppo battle as Turkey’s gateway to Syria; Israel Replicates the Nazi Attitude to ‘Enemy’ Children.