Blogs Roundup

September 26, 2012

Children are being tortured, even to the point of death in Syria.
10:29 GMT
A 6 year old Syrian boy died from torture and being treated worse than a dog. When children are tortured to death, the train is officially off the rails; the street has grandchildren with lice in Egypt; and King Abdullah of Jordan meets John Stewart.
Calling Palestinians savages? Not on Mona's watch!
08:11 GMT
After announcing on her twitter that she was going to spray paint the ads, blogger Mona El Tahawy sprayed and paid for it with a night in prison; Is Iran’s Khamenei set to blemish the Hajj? Syria's future is certainly not bright; and the Angry Arab is sad.

September 25, 2012

The deeps scars of war have traumatized a whole generation of Syrian children.
13:07 GMT
Interviews done at refugee camps reveal the horror that young children have seen right in front of their very eyes; Is the Kuwait PLan B for Syria worth consideration for both sides? and beautiful views from the edges of Lebanon.
The long, slippery slop of censorship in Jordan took a sharp decline in 2012.
07:30 GMT
If the government in Jordan deems a website unethical or guilty breaking any of Jordan's laws of speech then it gets blocked; Does Free Speech have no limitations? Egyptian Salafis are in a bind; and Iraqi-Kurdish film director Hiner Saleem showcases feature film.

September 24, 2012

Is  Manaf Tlas the new face of Syria's opposition?
20:33 GMT
Manaf Tlas was hiding for a spell but recent sightings in Saudi and affirmation from the Turks propel him as the best candiate for a possible new leader in Syria; the best 50 1Phone apps for 2012; a comical look at Lebanese mothers; and Arab leaders await the reelection of Obama;
U.S. President Obama's relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood is being illuminated so much that he has to wear shades.
06:39 GMT
"Jerusalem will be Egypt's new capital!" screamed the Muslim Brotherhood speaker on the advert being used against President Obama this election year; has the Syria State collapsed? NUQAT: Kuwait Design Conference 2012 ; and homemade cheesecake just got a whole lot easier.

September 23, 2012

Libyans want their militant groups to leave the country, now.
20:40 GMT
The majority of Libyans have spoken and they don't want the violent militas in Libya anymore; a two word song is a huge hit in Egypt; laugh with six politically correct videos; and today is Saudi Arabia's 80th anniversary as a nation.
Abdelkareem al-Oqda gave his life filming to atrocities of the Syrian conflict.
12:37 GMT
Syrian blogger and citizen journalist Abdelkareem al-Oqda is yet another victim of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s war on truth, freedom and the Syrian people; young boy missing in Jenin found dead; leader of the Free Patriotic Movement targeted... or not?

September 22, 2012

Are Arabs known to be quite a nosey bunch?
22:09 GMT
Find out why Arabs are nosy; Syrian ladies take food action; how to make a ginger cardamon jam; and a Jordanian blogger defines "a real woman".

September 20, 2012

Stephane Charbonnier is the French artist who caricatured the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in a cartoon.
12:07 GMT
New cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed are sure to provide ammunition for Islamists to fire up people and provoke attacks on more embassies; West Bank protests highlight failing economy; Arab women and tattoos; and a review of the new Ford Focus.
There may not be a Syrian contingent among the Muslim faithful making the Hajj this year.
08:01 GMT
Many Syrians need this trip to Mecca now more than ever but the Saudi government seems to be saying no; the latest news from Syria; the Islamist Theology of Protesting; and keeping interfaith bridges from being burned down.

September 19, 2012

A piece of papyrus has Jesus speaking about his wife.
13:00 GMT
If he was tempted in every way, did that include the trappings of married life? Some new evidence might support a married Messiah; the search for a traffic app in Cairo; Jordan's expansion will lead to water problems; and the new Lamborghini in China.
Find a guy with a beard and a turban, take a photo of him mid-scream and wa-la!  A cover photo is born!
08:47 GMT
Newsweek tried to get attention with it's new magazine cover but being mocked on Twitter was probably not what they had in mind; Many Syrian Christians head for Tartus; Assad now targeting bread lines and hospitals; and the responsibilities of an expatriate.

September 18, 2012

The Kuwaiti women's soccer team did not prove to be a great investment.
12:46 GMT
Apparently the woman's soccer team went to the Czech Republic more for seeing the sites than working on their skills and team cohesion; Newsweek puts on its cover "Muslim Rage" and bearded men raging; and in the grand scheme of things, these protests are rather tame.
The law is official now in Jordan to restrict speech on their internet
04:47 GMT
A sad day for the remaining few who were holding out hope that the Press and Publication Law in Jordan was going to be vetoed; a Syrian Christian thinker makes an appeal to the Pope; gaining favor in Egypt by blaming Israel; and Lebanon and Iran have a chat.