Blogs Roundup

October 22, 2012

Read on to learn how to reach out to the victims of the bombing in Lebanon.
13:00 GMT
With the PM already stepping it up to help those families victimized by the Achrafieh bombing, many are following his lead to extend a helping hand. So can you; Egypt's Viral Gangnam video; an amazing and terrifying story of survival in Syria; and the grapes of Lebanon.
Naturall, the night time is much cooler in Kuwait for staging a protest.
07:45 GMT
In a sight that seems extremely rare, streams of Kuwaitis filled their streets to come out in unified protest against a new electoral law; sad photos and videos from El Hassan's funeral; and is it time for America to bring in the big guns?

October 21, 2012

Will these MEA planes soon be landing in the United States?
13:00 GMT
There has been an American ban on MEA since the hijacking of a plane at Beirut Airport in 1985. Will this soon be lifted? Even a quick look at the new constitution Egypt looks scary; a look at the aftermath in Lebanon ; and a proper sandwich.
Some Turks see the blame for Middle Eastern unrest, particularly Syria, directly lies on the U.S. of A.
08:20 GMT
Both the US and Israel want to weaken Iran and strengthen their own position in the ME. But to do this, first they must weaken Syria; Fascinating Documentary About Anwar Al-Awlaki; Bahrain still committing injustice; and Wissam Al-Hassan joins 'The Assassination Saga'.

October 20, 2012

This was the target of the bombing in Lebanon, but who killed Wissam al-Hassan?
11:35 GMT
There was a lot of talk in Lebanon linking today’s explosion to the aborted plan by Michel Samaha. One author thinks they are not linked; a cartoon to show how deep the hurt is for Lebanese; Raw footage of the second explosion; and who is Wissam al-Hassan?

October 18, 2012

A year later, the passing of Steve Jobs still carries a sting to many.
13:00 GMT
It has already been one year since Apple's founder and CEO Steve Jobs passed away and some Arabs are still in shock; Gamal Abdel Rahim fired aseditor in chief of Al Gomhouria newspaper; and the 2013 Nissan Juke-R production model finally revealed!
A journalist just doing his job in Yemen has been locked up now for over two years.
08:43 GMT
Despite a personal call from President Obama two years ago, Yemeni journalist Abdel Elah Shaye remains imprisoned for telling the truth; Morsi’s personal letter to Israeli PM Peres is not fake; and deadly toxic gas spreads across Kuwait after a leak.

October 17, 2012

How much and how quick do these countries want a democracy for themselves?
12:27 GMT
A recent survey done in over 7 MENA region countries shows that Arabs want democracy but think it'll take time and less religious influence; a push to drive out Assad by the year's end; and Israel prevents some Palestinians from taking the SATs.
A bath in cow's milk is sooo 2011!  Make the switch to goats and stay in the know.
08:39 GMT
Trendy or not, a bath in goat's milk is the new cure all for dry skin. This elixir heals dry heels and balms flaky palms; Polygamy is coming to America; inside Syria's worst areas; and a Lebanese jail had a 62 inch T.V for inmates.

October 16, 2012

This unmanned killing machine has killed so many more humans than actually reported.
13:06 GMT
A new study on drone casualties says the US government must release its estimates of how many people are being killed in CIA drone strikes; why Islamists have received arms shipped to the Syrian opposition; and an Israeli writes a tune about IDF soldiers.
And then there were five. Which of these men is the next Pope for the Coptic church?
08:26 GMT
The final five candidates have been revealed for the Egyptian church's highest position- Pope; evading an Arab mom can now be easier than ever! Rainbow street is used as a gym by one cool cat; and a movie review of Premium Rush

October 15, 2012

Many Egyptians believe they're jets took out almost a dozen Israeli jets during the Yom Kippur war.
13:00 GMT
On the national day of the Egyptian air forces, one Egyptian remembers the air battle between Egyptian and Israeli jets; Syrian regime killing its people with cluster bombs; and why one blogger thinks Facebook is more important than Google now.
Is this new Google phone as fast as they say it is?
08:04 GMT
For all the Google phone lovers, there is soon coming a bigger, better and faster LG Nexus phone to sink your virtual teeth into! Tahrir protesters turned on each other, but why? The latest on Turkey and Syria; and today is Blog Action Day.

October 14, 2012

The Grim Reaper has found a dance partner in Syria
13:00 GMT
A dance of death is occurring in Syria with the Assad regime to soon be extinct and the rebels fighting for their lives; an in-depth look at what makes Salafi politics tick; Lebanese food to be featured in Portland; and the books of Max Brooks.
Is there a chance one could bump into the Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri shopping for veggies in downtown Cairo? An Egyptian mag says yes!
07:21 GMT
Egypt's famous tabloid "El khamis" (Thursday) claims the Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri is currently hiding in Egypt; The Flying Start Triathlon is taking place in Kuwait; an Arab reads Freud; and Lebanese women can now have 60 days of Maternity Leave.