Blogs Roundup

October 21, 2012

Some Turks see the blame for Middle Eastern unrest, particularly Syria, directly lies on the U.S. of A.
08:20 GMT
Both the US and Israel want to weaken Iran and strengthen their own position in the ME. But to do this, first they must weaken Syria; Fascinating Documentary About Anwar Al-Awlaki; Bahrain still committing injustice; and Wissam Al-Hassan joins 'The Assassination Saga'.

October 20, 2012

This was the target of the bombing in Lebanon, but who killed Wissam al-Hassan?
11:35 GMT
There was a lot of talk in Lebanon linking today’s explosion to the aborted plan by Michel Samaha. One author thinks they are not linked; a cartoon to show how deep the hurt is for Lebanese; Raw footage of the second explosion; and who is Wissam al-Hassan?

October 18, 2012

A year later, the passing of Steve Jobs still carries a sting to many.
13:00 GMT
It has already been one year since Apple's founder and CEO Steve Jobs passed away and some Arabs are still in shock; Gamal Abdel Rahim fired aseditor in chief of Al Gomhouria newspaper; and the 2013 Nissan Juke-R production model finally revealed!
A journalist just doing his job in Yemen has been locked up now for over two years.
08:43 GMT
Despite a personal call from President Obama two years ago, Yemeni journalist Abdel Elah Shaye remains imprisoned for telling the truth; Morsi’s personal letter to Israeli PM Peres is not fake; and deadly toxic gas spreads across Kuwait after a leak.

October 17, 2012

How much and how quick do these countries want a democracy for themselves?
12:27 GMT
A recent survey done in over 7 MENA region countries shows that Arabs want democracy but think it'll take time and less religious influence; a push to drive out Assad by the year's end; and Israel prevents some Palestinians from taking the SATs.
A bath in cow's milk is sooo 2011!  Make the switch to goats and stay in the know.
08:39 GMT
Trendy or not, a bath in goat's milk is the new cure all for dry skin. This elixir heals dry heels and balms flaky palms; Polygamy is coming to America; inside Syria's worst areas; and a Lebanese jail had a 62 inch T.V for inmates.

October 16, 2012

This unmanned killing machine has killed so many more humans than actually reported.
13:06 GMT
A new study on drone casualties says the US government must release its estimates of how many people are being killed in CIA drone strikes; why Islamists have received arms shipped to the Syrian opposition; and an Israeli writes a tune about IDF soldiers.
And then there were five. Which of these men is the next Pope for the Coptic church?
08:26 GMT
The final five candidates have been revealed for the Egyptian church's highest position- Pope; evading an Arab mom can now be easier than ever! Rainbow street is used as a gym by one cool cat; and a movie review of Premium Rush

October 15, 2012

Many Egyptians believe they're jets took out almost a dozen Israeli jets during the Yom Kippur war.
13:00 GMT
On the national day of the Egyptian air forces, one Egyptian remembers the air battle between Egyptian and Israeli jets; Syrian regime killing its people with cluster bombs; and why one blogger thinks Facebook is more important than Google now.
Is this new Google phone as fast as they say it is?
08:04 GMT
For all the Google phone lovers, there is soon coming a bigger, better and faster LG Nexus phone to sink your virtual teeth into! Tahrir protesters turned on each other, but why? The latest on Turkey and Syria; and today is Blog Action Day.

October 14, 2012

The Grim Reaper has found a dance partner in Syria
13:00 GMT
A dance of death is occurring in Syria with the Assad regime to soon be extinct and the rebels fighting for their lives; an in-depth look at what makes Salafi politics tick; Lebanese food to be featured in Portland; and the books of Max Brooks.
Is there a chance one could bump into the Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri shopping for veggies in downtown Cairo? An Egyptian mag says yes!
07:21 GMT
Egypt's famous tabloid "El khamis" (Thursday) claims the Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri is currently hiding in Egypt; The Flying Start Triathlon is taking place in Kuwait; an Arab reads Freud; and Lebanese women can now have 60 days of Maternity Leave.

October 13, 2012

With fears of an epidemic spreading through Mecca, Saudi steps up efforts to keep the Hajj healthy.
13:20 GMT
The Department of Health is pulling out all the stops to ensure as much as possible that no disease will be spread during the upcoming Hajj; Injustice remains for those killed in Tahrir; and a book review of Syria: The Fall of the House of Assad, by David W Lesch.

October 11, 2012

Clockwise: Razan Zaitouneh, Ibn Rushd, Samar Yazbek and her book. Image source: Mich Cafe.
14:05 GMT
The international community honors two Syrian free-thinking women; One blogger remembers the blues of TV sitcom 'Becker'; A look at the latest news from the Syrian rebels.
"Camel Battle" during the Egyptian revolution.
08:56 GMT
No justice for those killed in the revolution as defendants from a key battle are acquitted; can Kuwait and Iraq handle their snake border issues?And no more excuses, now is the time to eat healthily.