Blogs Roundup

August 18, 2012

Strida Geagea sets the bar a little higher for hottest MP with this photo shoot.
10:54 GMT
Appearing on the cover of Gala magazine in a tight white dress is one way a Lebanese MP keeps her stunning edge; the fine print if a Saudi has a child with a foreigner; and hypocrisy shown towards a disability in Egypt.

August 16, 2012

The hill of Ajloun, Jordan. Photo courtesy of "Out Of Hadhramout" blog
19:21 GMT
Enjoy nature and lush greenery by going to Ajloun, Jordan via an amazing set of pictures by a blogger; clan clashes in Lebanon change the stability of the country; and forced abortions in China.
A nip and tuck in Beirut is common, but expected to land a job? Maybe so.
06:46 GMT
No one would deny its presence, but many would differ as to the degree of importance surgically enhanced body parts play into getting hired in Lebanon. Also, a long, painful farewell to the Blackberry. Finally, a brisk walk through the beauty of Ajloun, Jordan.

August 15, 2012

Does a city for just ladies solve any of the deeper issues of women's equality in Saudi?
07:34 GMT
The only solution to finding work for all these educated Saudi women and maintaining the strict separation of sexes is to build an entire city for just the ladies; video of bank robbery in Lebanon; village justice is largely peaceful in Egypt; and a roundup within a roundup.

August 14, 2012

Is it the end of Blackberry?
13:53 GMT
The final days of the Blackberry may be upon us, as the ping and the ding die out; Cause for concern: is there something off in Libya? Robbers stick-up Lebanon's Blom-Bank.
Egypt, meet your new military leader General Abdel Fatah El Sisi.
08:08 GMT
Out with the old and in with the new in Egypt --the new military brass step into their new positions; is the new Libya the same old Libya for woman? and the new Nokia Lumia 900 is a sweet little phone.

August 13, 2012

Spice Girls preforming during the closing ceremony of London 2012 Olympics
14:12 GMT
Viva Forever - the Spice Girls proved that even as 30-something-year-old women, they still have enough heat to light up a stadium as they rocked the Olympic closing ceremony last night. Elsewhere, westerners get a skewed idea of the babes of Beirut. One blogger takes a look at Michel Samaha's legal troubles, while another wonders what to do in Cairo when the lights go down.
"This is what Bashar wants." Samaha whispered as he delivered the explosives.
08:18 GMT
A suitcase of cash and explosives? A pen with a camera in it? This stuff sounds like a movie but it is sadly very real in Lebanon; awaiting Ramadan’s Laylat al-Qadr; and a fun idea for a box to collect Zakat money.

August 12, 2012

Many Lebanese are OK with marijuana being legalized
13:49 GMT
Will we see Arab cab drivers stealing a sneaky spiked puff for their coffee breaks? It may soon be a possibility if the public has their druthers; Who are the highest earners in wealthy Kuwait; and dip into a pre-Libyan Spring read and connect to the story of life under dictatorship through a boy's eye.
One of the 25 videos from Lebanon that await your vote!
08:11 GMT
An aggregate of some of the funniest, most intriguing and wildest videos from Lebanon. Some you're not going to believe! Another look at Samaha's Syrian detainment; The 23rd installment in the Ramadan Arab Nights series and a review of Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter .

August 11, 2012

A computer virus attacking Iranian interests is suspiciously familiar.
14:01 GMT
A virus that is invading Iranian bank accounts look to be the work of a government and not some random computer hacker; a Quranic manuscripts exhibition in Dubai; and the next Egyptian Pope is emerging

August 9, 2012

Driving in Beirut is no walk in the park.
00:41 GMT
Ignore being bumped by another car? This is only one crazy way to get by on the roads of Beirut; the arrest of ex Lebanese minister Michel Samaha bring many questions; and what really happened with Gretta Taslakian?
People are still active in Amman at 4 am? We have the pictures to prove it!
07:50 GMT
Spend an evening in downtown Amman after breaking the Ramadan fast through the lens of a local photographer; Syria's descent into darkness; and Ramadan Orphans Iftar Tent 2012.

August 8, 2012

Egyptian jets over Sinai
11:46 GMT
Today for the first time since 1967 the Egyptian Air Forces sent thier planes, air fighters F16s and helicopters, into Sinai; Iran has a duty in Syria but is stuck in limbo; a craft for Eid and the Quran explained and illuminated.
The staggering numbers of Lebanese government spending may leave many with nothing to cheer about.
06:05 GMT
Lebanon's government only enacted 19 laws last year. Averaging that with the total budget of the MPs and other superflous government spending, the results are shocking; a 3D tour of Jerusalem and an abused Arab speaks out.