Blogs Roundup

June 6, 2012

Are Arab woman subject to whistling and harassment like they were (and are)  in America
11:36 GMT
One woman has had enough of the sexism in the Arab world and she's got some incriminating evidence on video; this writer see things out of control in Syria; and the regime is coming back in Egypt with force and pomp
Madonna shakes things up in Abu Dhabi but may have lost some fans
07:54 GMT
Apparently all the Twitter complaining about Madonna was no more than a few tweets and the media blowing it out of proportion; 'No Soup for You' chided the Soup Nazi; and has Jordan made any real changes since the BBC report on child abuse?

June 5, 2012

Is America really only limited to signs and banners to stop Bashar Assad?
11:09 GMT
An Arab American writes about the conflict of wanting to save the people in Syria and the inability of America to help; an American girl takes on Saudi and loves it! Tamr Hosny is not thrilling everyone with his new song; and Fisk's Flaws
Madonna and Mubarak might be equally despised by Egyptians now that she's performed in Tel Aviv.
08:53 GMT
After Tel Aviv, Madonna will sing in Abu Dhabi -- Will Mubarak’s face appear there, knowing how much the authorities love him in UAE !! Travel Ban to Lebanon is just fine for some women; and a movie review of Snow White and the Huntsman.

June 4, 2012

This Palestinian soccer star has become a pawn in the game of Israeli politics
15:40 GMT
On June 3, Palestinian national soccer team member Mahmoud Sarsak completed 80 days of a grueling hunger-strike; a miracle in Lebanon.. kind of; an Arabs Got Talent update; and a Syrian writer sees the pros and cons of American politics
The driving Saudi woman is back in the news for being an agent  of change
07:53 GMT
The Saudi woman who drives received an award for creative dissent and most Saudis are not impressed; eulogizing the life of artist Muhammad Tommaleih; 'How to Get Stuf Done' by a procrastinator; and a new recipe for Italian Bread

June 3, 2012

More Arabs are going to the Internet for their goods and wares
15:04 GMT
Aramex has seen a 70% increase in shipments due to the growth in online purchasing; an ex-pat vents over his journey to get an Egyptian ID by describing the process, which includes a monkey; Attention computer geeks! More Metal Gear soon!
Want to visit the Holy Land? Forget it if you're a proud Arab
10:42 GMT
At the Israeli border, it is guilty until on a plane out of the Middle East for these two American sightseers: they're crime - being Arab; No love for Israel when it comes to concerts: More boycotts planned; and Mubarak still packs the theater

June 2, 2012

Trash art in Dubai
07:56 GMT
Modern art gets messy in Dubai; the trial of Mubarak is just another football match on TV; Palestine is the place for your modern beer festival and are the Christians to blame for betraying the revolution?

May 31, 2012

One of these guys had a better year than the other. Who was it?
13:31 GMT
A blogger has found a objective way to once and for all determine which footballer is the best; Ever heard of Drippler? 1.5 million people have downloaded it; and should the revolutionaries give in to Assad or be helped to defeat him
If we could turn back time-- these are the Top 20 things to know when we were twenty
11:45 GMT
Get a six pack on your stomach when you're young? Is this one of the top 20 things? Lebanon is about to get into a big mess by firing some government workers; and Toyota is making a splash in Kuwait.

May 30, 2012

This camel may soon be served with fries and a coke in the UAE
14:40 GMT
The meat of a camel is going on buns and the menu at Smoke House in the UAE; More people are using Arabic than English on Facebook in the ME; those in Houlah are honored by a song
Copts and Other Christians in Egypt have to make a difficult choice for their future when voting
12:02 GMT
Old Regime vs Islamists is the choice Egyptian Christinas have to make; a turning point in Syria as France kicks out Syrian diplomat; an offensive picture about Saudi women, or not; and Lebanon's silent killer is in most homes.

May 29, 2012

Yamli sells licensing deal to Yahoo and the world becomes a simpler place
17:52 GMT
The people who made searching the internet in Arabic font possible meet Yahoo; an aspiring Emirati director gets his big shot at fame; Vibram five finger shoes reviewed; and free Bambuser accounts for activists and journalists
Do Arabs have first crack at the newest of the elite smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy III ?
08:21 GMT
Available now in Middle Eastern markets, the newest version of the Samsung Galaxy is quite frankly, amazing; a rumbling in Mali; Egyptian elections are causing depression; and memories of calm summers in Damascus