Blogs Roundup

May 10, 2012

Does a terrorist group have their own unmanned car just like Google?
03:14 GMT
Panic alert? An org linked to Al Qaeda no longer needs suicide bombers in order to kill; A perceptive, feminist view of how to topple the Iranian regime using sex; and an interview with Yazan Kalifeh

May 9, 2012

And the legend of Carter lives on
14:51 GMT
Howard Carter's memory lives on with Google; We can never thank out teacher's enough; Bahraini cops rack detainees; Apple is finally releasing the iPad 3 in Saudi Arabia; 10 things you never knew about Howard Carter.
Sometimes a tanning can become an addiction
07:32 GMT
Women around the world like to beautify their skin-- some more than others; An Anglo American loves Saudi and defends them; and is it allowed to break a promise in Islam

May 8, 2012

Free your voices and be heard
14:15 GMT
An Iraqi journalist calls out for her freedom; #EgyElections campaign Ads; Apple releases iOS 5.1.1.
A woman sustained 5 million dollars worth of harassment for wearing a hijab
01:47 GMT
A jury sympathized with an American convert to Islam to the tune of 5 million dollars; the establishment of Israel remembered as a catastrophe; and a "You might be an Arab if.." daily quote

May 7, 2012

Iran is not  amused by Google's silence on naming the Gulf
11:39 GMT
Google avoided putting any labels on the Gulf to avoid controversy--it didn't work; A guided tour of the late Coptic Pope Shenouda's shrine; and an Egyptian looks at what France's new president means for him
There is nothing like spring time like in Egypt
09:42 GMT
Spring in Egypt couldn't get any better; Spider man's back folks! The double standards of homosexuality portrayed in a Lebanese cartoon.

May 6, 2012

How do you talk to someone who just doesn't like gay people?
16:23 GMT
With all blogs from Lebanon: A straight Beiruti shares how to talk to a homophobic; Ivy warns mothers of the poisonous women itching for their sons, and a movie review
Palestinian remember the hunger striking prisoners during their times of prayer
10:23 GMT
Juan Cole give a great summary with linking articles of the strikers; Falk laments the lack of coverage by most reputable media sources; and the Egyptian delegation to Saudi is a bit over the top
Sky News is to launch its Arabic channel
02:18 GMT
Sky news joins the global news networks to have gone the Arabic way as BBC, launching its 24-hour Arabic news channel; Job-hunting as one Arab blog-ess abroad observes is driving job seekers to desperate measures; Since Bin Laden's Death; And social rites of passage using speedos.

May 3, 2012

A Glimpse into the best Call of Duty yet leaves fans excited.
12:06 GMT
Famished Call of Duty fans get a taste of first blood; A guide on how to adjust one's negative attitude; and in Egypt, there will be blood this evening
A scene much like this one developed in the streets of Saudi Arabia
06:38 GMT
A giant duck runs amuck in KSA, replacing old bricks with plastic colored ones in Beirut, and 11 Saudi women climb for a cause

May 2, 2012

These guys scored 20 out of 20 on the computer programmer list. How about you?
12:41 GMT
A computer programer shares how to spot his kind; Dark Knight to hit theaters in July. See the trailer! The Winds of Change blow into Lebanon.
A Moroccan tries to sell some sex toys but does not make it far
07:02 GMT
As quickly as it went up, a kinky shop was shut down in Morocco, many Jordanian bloggers speak out against the abuse of women, and the abuse of Hebron is still heavy on one bloggers heart

May 1, 2012

The Egypt Necrophilia Law a bigger hoax than Bigfoot
10:06 GMT
A collective sigh of relief from the blogosphere as it turns out the Egyptian Necrophilia law was not real. Our bloggers explain how it happened and one blogger defends the law.