Blogs Roundup

March 20, 2012

Mother of the Arab feminist female writers: Nawal El Sadaawi is one of the female Arab writers in this countdown. (Image source: "")
13:05 GMT
We highlight the best of the female Arab writers in contemporary literature; Egyptian novelist Sonallah Ibrahim discusses writing on sensitive topics in the Middle East; A book as a docking station? Why not.
A women's spring is a mother's spring.
08:50 GMT
Whenever women's rights are overlooked, there is the constant reminder that this woman is someone's mother, sister or daughter. This mother's day, we take a look at the women's issues taking center stage as of late.

March 19, 2012

The Egyptian woman claimed that she killed her husband in this fashion after years of 'maltreatment' and abuse.
19:29 GMT
After a night of passion, an Egyptian woman cuts her husband into pieces and feeds him to strays; Poverty and marriage- a growing problem; Kuwait's female politician deficiency; Pinning for a cause- one Pinterest user gets philanthropic; These soaps look good enough to eat- literally.
Who would have thought that Facebook and Twitter would jump start a whole other branch of geekery?
08:00 GMT
For those of you dying to know what's the latest on social media trends, here's an update on what's going on from Pinterest to Wordpress; The Coptic community pays its final respects to Pope Shenouda III; From worst to best city, western media can't shift its bipolar opinion on Beirut; Occupy Wall Street in pictures.

March 18, 2012

Frightening statistics, such as at least one domestic worker dying every week, raise questions about the domestic worker situation in the Middle East.
14:00 GMT
The Ethiopian maid, who was beaten in front of her embassy in Lebanon, has unearthed debates on domestic workers in the Middle East; WikiLeaks founder might be running for the Australian senate; The Kony 2012 Campaign- Naive? ; Interview with Palestinian hunger striker Hana Shalabi's sister; Is the Arab Spring good news for Palestine?
The Syrian Revolution- Heading in the wrong direction?
08:41 GMT
From trying to cover up the Assad E-mails to sexualizing the revolution, for what should Syria prepare itself? ; The Coptic Church is already discussing whose next to take over after Pope Shenouda III; More on Lebanon's rotten meats situation.

March 17, 2012

This Lent will always be remembered for the passing of Pope Shenouda III. (Image source: "")
20:19 GMT
Lent can be colored with a tint of sorrow this year. A man of both religion and politics, the death of Pope Shenouda III has caused a sense of mourning across Egypt in the Middle East. As a defender of Palestinian rights and a believer in religious coexistence, he receives a blogging ovation.

March 15, 2012

With brutal massacres, countless bloodshed and the Assads' irreparable image, what's next for Syria this year?
21:35 GMT
Although Syria's revolutions turns 1 today, all everyone can talk about where those Assad E-mails; Blogger ponder the fate of printed books as Encyclopedia Britannica is set to go out of print; Babe bombing- the most fun a girl can have at Salafi rally.
Bashar (a.k.a 'The Dude') and Asma (signs off as 'AAA') are in for a lifetime of awkward moments after their Guardian E-mail leak.
10:18 GMT
Scandal broke when The Guardian sent shockwaves around the world causing a real-life 'Assad-Gate' after getting its hands on thousands of leaked E-mails from the Middle East's least favorite presidential couple Bashar and Asma Assad. From jocular E-mails to shopping sprees, the Assads' already damaged PR image is beyond repair.

March 14, 2012

The Online community rejoiced when SOPA/PIPA were put aside, but not the Lebanese who have to tackle LIRA.
12:35 GMT
Just when you thought Lebanon had enough problems, the Lebanese government is proposing the Lebanese Internet Regulation Act (LIRA). As #StopLira is trending, here's everything you need to know about this new law. Could such Internet regulation laws start trending in the Middle East?
The fine art of tweeting- it isn't limited to celebrities and businesses.
08:41 GMT
Who said Twitter killed the literary art of conversation? Here are 25 Arab authors who are active and creative Twitter users; The show must go on- Yes, we're talking about Egypt's Presidential elections; Politics dampen the groundbreaking Iranian Oscar win; One woman's declaration of independence!

March 13, 2012

Footage from the Lebanese Warehouse, showing the decaying meats.
14:02 GMT
Raw footage broke out on the Lebanese channel Al-Jadeed of warehouses that supply Lebanese restaurants and hotels filled with rotten meats and products; Interview with Anthony Shadid's widow, Nada Bakri; Tajikistan brings Facebook back; A clash of opinions over Kaffiyah Day at Israel's universities.
With their 'V for Vendetta' masks, these anti-establishments movements are growing all over the Middle East.
09:11 GMT
Hacker group 'Anonymous' is targeting Salafists via their 'emails, bank accounts and transactions'; Lebanon's history book ad libs- Insert history into the blanks; Grief over the virginity test verdict; McDonald's gets sexist; Arab uprisings Star Wars-style.

March 12, 2012

Kony 2012- the real deal or a donation scam? (Image source: "")
19:16 GMT
The Middle Eastern blogosphere is opinionated at best. Not ones to take 'outsider' causes, here are the visceral reactions among some Arab bloggers; Israel tries to maintain its PR image to the Christian community; A Zionist Christian preacher comes to Egypt to spread his message.
Egypt's women are the backbone of the revolution. Is it fair that they are treated this way?
09:31 GMT
Samira Ibrahim's crusade for women's rights ends in tears, as the doctor who performed the virginity tests on female protesters is set free; Mohammad Mahmoud Street- an ode to the revolution; Is Egypt's LGBT movement fizzling out? ; A Quran-ripping art performance raises questions about Western liberals.